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Ann Arbor Market. AS ABBOB, Thubmdaï, 8ept. 8, 1S7S. Appleh- 50c por bu. Bf.ans- $1.40. per. bil. BtJTTin- 20c. Beef- Í6@7 per hundred. Cobn - 60c. per bu. Chiokenb- 30@50c per pair ; dreased 12c perlb. Eoos - Command 12c. Hat- $12@15 per ton. Labd- The market stands at 16c. Oatb- Old, 40c ; new 28c. Pork - $7.OO(a!7.6O per huudred. Potatokp - 20 centB. . Tubnii'S- 25@S5c. Whüaï- il.3flliil.45; new, il 15(8)1.20. WEEKLT MABKET REVIEW. Grain Market. The rapid ftuctuations in the prictie of grain are iudicated as au unsettled feelíng as lo the futinv of the inarküt. These fluetuations are shown bj the prices paid for extra white wheat i the Detroit markets ;it the dates naiued below : .Tune 25, Í1.26 August 9, $1.09 July 10. 1.32 " 18, 1.49 ' 20. l.:J8 " 17, 1.41 Au. 2, 1.42 " 20, 1-81 ' 3 1.17 ■' ü. 1.46 " 4 1.62 " 30, 1.47 " 5, 1..16 Srpte'r 8, 1.32 During the past few days there has been a decline, although the decline in the Detroit market seems disproportioned to that of other points. That there should be a decline at this time is quite natural. The good prices ruling twenty days ago, no doubt, stiiuulated farmers to sell before the busy time of seeding carne on. Henee, fall itocki W'-hether the prices will continue as at present, or go lower, is a probleni in whieh farmers are interested. There are pretty good reasons for beUeying that prices will he bettèr between this and the first ol .(anual -y. The yielil in l'urope is far froni bcIng suMsftictory. Alter the close of the ports of Northern Európe, the mipply IVoiu that quarter will be out off antll ripring. and the state of the erop will quite likely restrict the fall receipts from that quarter. While, therefore, the liberal receipts of the past month may have furnished a plentiful present supply, November and December will be kely to develope a demaud for stock to carry ïroügh tlie Winter The Mark Lane Ehpress (Lonon), of the 6th inst., has this to say on the subject : 'i The new samples of wheat show great variety. he quality is much inferior, and in some cases ery poor. The erop is short as a whole, and large iiportations will be necessary. In Germany haresting has gooe well, and prices were generlaly asier, although for future delivery, most on or bove present rates. In Belgium prices varied, bui nostly downward. At St. Petersburg prices are ower. In the neighborhood of Dantz most of the larvest has been completed under the most favorae circumstances. The new product is of fine qualty and good weight, although the total yield is )■- :w that of pi-eceding years." Detroit IUarkctn. Wheat nn Wednesday still further declined ; exra white ut 81.31. No. 1 at Ï1.27, and amber al J1.25. orn weak, at 67(a68c. Oats lower, with sales of ixed at 38. Apples, choice, $2.50(i.2.75 per bbl, immoo to fair, fu@tM ; inferior tocommon, %%2. Jutter flriu, with good to choice at 22S23, with a ïade better aometimes obtained for extra, Cheese )U@11U. Dried apples firm, at 8(39; peaches ■Iiu.iti.' Eggs steady, st 14@14K Potatoes quiet abootSfie. Beef cattle are rather dull in competiou with Western eattle. The outside figures lor hoice buichersis $4.75 at the Central yards, and 4.50 at King's; inferior qualities as low as $2&50, leep, 70 to 90 pounds, per cwt., $8.50@4.2S. Fat ogs, good weights, S6.25@7.75.


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