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NEW AJERTIMENTS ü CLARK, Justicc of the Peace, Notary PuhEi lio and (oiivpvaiiccr. Will Joan money for othen un real estáte seeurity. THE ANN ARBOR SAVÏWGS BANK _Ann Arbor, Michigan. Roceives deposits of One Dollar and upwards and iillow.i Flve percent. interest ou all deposito il-iikiíiiiug threé nioiitlis or louger. Interest Compounded Semi-Annualljr. Also buys and sells U.S. Bonds. Gold, Silveraml Interest Coupons, and New Vork, Detroit and Chicago Kxchange. Alsosells Stght pmtts on Great Britaik, Ireland, (íekmany, or any wther part of the Euro]ean Continent. This Bank is oiganised under the General Banking Law of thia State. The Stockholders are indiviihially liable to the aniount of their stock, and the whole capital is security for depositen, while with Banks of issue, tbe capital isinvested for the security of uill-holders. This fact niakes tbis Institution a very safe dcpository of nionies. Married Women eau deposit subject to their own drafts only. iHoiiey to Loan on Approfed Securities. DIRECTORS : s. smith, c. Mack, w. W. Wnn, li. A. BEAL, W. D. Harrtman'. IL UISCOCK. '. Dbubsl. OFFICEBS: X S. Smitií, Pivs'r. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't. C. E. Hiscock, Teller. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having beon nade in the conditions of H eerUiin mortgage made and eacecuted by Aobert C. Lindsey and Jeruah J. Lindsey, of Saline, Miohigan, to Charles II. Wallace, of the sume place, dated December ninth, 1862, and recorded in ;he ottiec of the Register of Deede for the County of Washtenaw, Michigan, in Líber thhty oí montages, on page 114, on the nineteenth day of De ïember, A. D. 18(12, at 11 a. m. of snid day, which mortgage was duly aaeigned by the said Charlen H. Wallace to l'omator.k HUI, of Lodl, Wcahienaw County, Idichigan, whi(-h iBHignment was duly executedon the twenty-sixth day of July, A. D. 1875, aud recorded in the offioe ot the aaid Kegisterof DeedB on the 8th day oí Septerabt-r, A. D. 1875, on which moitgage and the note accompanying the same, thcre ia olaimed to be due two hundred and r;ixty-six dolliirB and ten centtj, at the date i f thia notice, for principal and interest, and thirty-flye dollars in an attorney fee, provided for in said mortgage, by which default the power of Bale contained in n:üd mortgage has become operativo, and no procedings in law or in olmncery having been oommenotd to recover the debt secured by sairl laortgage or any purt theroof: Notice ia herebj given thiit said morteage will be t'oreclosed by the aale of the raortgaged prernises, to wil: All that tract or pmcel of laud situated iu the towiiship of Saline, AV"ahtenaw County, Michigan, known, bounded and described a iollows, to wit: lieing the northeast quarter of southweat quarter oí biïc tion (20), in townahip numbrr four (4), south of rantfe five (5), east, and containimj forty acvea of litud. Snid wftle will take piuco at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in sau ('otinty, {that being the place wheie the Circuí Court lor the County is heldj on the fourth day o December, A. D. 1875, at eleven o'clock in the fore Doon oí aaid. Datcd September ith. 1875. COMöTOOK HILL, D. Crameb, Assignee ot' .Mortgaee. Attomey for Aasignue. 1&47 $20,000'in Plises! L2tfc Annuul Gift of Premi mus To the subseribf rs of the DETROIT Commercial Advertiser Vi ín postttrelj takc place at tlie DETROIT OPERA HOÏÏSE, ON Wednosrtay, gept. 29, 1875 BUBSCRIPTION PKK'i: : IiicliHliti:: particlpation in our Premium A.wardJ Half-yeurly ( mos) - - 1.50 One year .... 8. 80 WM. H. HU UK, Publisher, Detroit, Mich. flotjeT The Quality of our Flour UAUi: A SPECIALTY J. SWÏFT c& CO., of the late flrm of Deubel, Swift & Co., offer tu the public a llrat clans braud of Flour. Order for FLOUR AO FEED! niay be left at the Post Office, in our Box. niarked J. M. Swift & Co., or at the mili, whioh will be made a specialy. DKraVEBY FREE-TERM8 CASH. 152Snl6 f. M. SWIFT Sc CO. THE NEW .KNULAND RANGE wiili Klevati'il Hol Closet, comhining all thelateat, mo8i valuable and ei oical luaproveniönta in Cookiug RangeB. The nrw MORNINC GLORY beoutifullT mounted, and acknowledged tobs one of the leadfng flrJ olasa Cook Stoven. THE WOODLAND COOK A dsw ftrei clasa WoodStove; fora ïow prloed Btove it caniKJi be beat. Ii hasall the modern Improvements, The sbove stoves ;ill havi' the u- l'ntcnt Diffusive OvenFluea, by whlch the oven ia rareto be erenïy heated ut all blmes, maUnx them the mofti perféci Bakers in the marïet. ie LEVER CLOTHES WRINGER Isa perfect bucoom. Every lady who use a wringer shoulil gel one atPPi Tnoee 10 feasona forgetting Weed's Carpet Bweeper irt' yot good onrs. Hai.vani.kd i kon Ton. kt Ssts, are oertaloly the atttrt durable. My Portable llalli Tubs are the best and cluiapcsi and should be Indispensable. Those metal Water Fliten every fninily should get one at O. J. PKASE'S. 46 Sumii rlIn Street CONTINENTAL UFE INSURANCE CO. id Jéáji3 c-fAnnual Statement, JANIJARY 1, 1ST5. 1 umulatei Assets, - $,$55,828 Li-.tbililies, iiif Iiküiii; reserve ,84Í,846 Surplus belong-lng to Pol! y hoUl'rs 711,982 Anuual Iiirome, - 2,820,313 itnioiint of InsuraiKf Ín forte, $54,998,941 i Tiiríy ayi of ffrnre alloved on I'uyineut ot' lieucwal. No restriction on Travel. Prompt aud liberal in payraeut of claims. Claims paid In 1874, $600,000. Total deatli claims puid in last eight years, 8 .OOO.OOO, G. A. WATKIN, 1JSJ No. 10 Hmk Block, Detroit, MaUttger for Michigan. JOHN SEAKS, Dist. Ag't, Aun Arbor, Mich. "OINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY _AND - PLOUR & FEED STORE. We keep conntantly on nauil, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC., FOR WHOLESALE anu RETAIL TUADK. all iilno keep a Bupply of DELHI FLOUR, J M BWIFT & CO'S BEST WHITF, WÏÏEA 1' FLOUB, aYBFLOÜK, BUCKWWHKAT FLOUK, (JUKN MEAL, FLED, At wholeile and retml. A general stook of GROCERIKS AJtD PROVISIONS constantly on hand, whi.-h will be sold on as reasonable term n at imy other house in thiseity. Cashpaid fot BuUer, ESgg, nnd Cnuutiy Produce geuernlly. . BTT (íoods tlülivered 10 ny part of the city wlthOttt BinsGV SKAROrr. Ann Arbhr, Jan. 1. 18J5. 1514tf "" FOR SALE. ADKSIH AIll.i: OOWACUB "iih vfi-y fini'ly shaded prajnda, near i He ünirerslty, lio vacaut and will bu sold verv low. Enqolre 01 a. b. pusáooi i. EDWARD DUFFY HAS JUST RECEIVED AN Kntire New Stock Of ifnori conaimlng of Teas, Coffees, SUGARS AND SYRÜPS, Bought in NEW YORK from first hands FOR CASH, and is offering them at a VERY 8UGHT ADVAMJH over New York Oost. Aiso a fullline of LADIES and GENTLEMEN'.-i VVEAK in BOOTS & SHOES, AH of whicli he is offering VERY LOW FOR CASH. It paya everybody to buy their good for Cash. Cali aud examine kmkU and (rices, aud I WILL INSURE SATISFACT ON Goods delivered to any part oí the City freo of charge. KDWARD DUFFY. " Mnyaard's Ulook,' cor.Msin and Ann treta 1534 Ann Arbor, Mich. CBLISS&SOÑ7 are now ready for the SPRING TRADE witli an Elegant Stock OF New Goods coneiating of CLOCKS, WATCHE8, JEWELBY, Silver & Platea Ware anda eriag them at prioee never before offered in tlie markett Something new ui TEA. SETS and at a great reduction from former priesa. K9Renieiuber we liave tbe I.rfe[ Stock in tle tit . Cali aud see for yourselves. REPAIRING NEATLY AND PR0MPTL7 DONE. C. BLISS & SON. 1522 HsievTarrival OF SPRING AND SÏÏMMER GLOTHiNG. WM. WAGNER is .1 UNt RecelTed A F9IME STOCK, Wbich MUST and will be sold at PRICEís TO SUIT THE TIMES Also a f uil atocle of Clotbs, to be CUT AND MADE TO ORDER. Style and Work warranted to suit. Also a Full Line of Furnishing Goods. CA-LlTand C. WM. WAGNER, 21 South Main 8t. Ann Arbor. 1496 5ïgL A Lecture Qpr TO YOUNG MEN. Just Publishtdt in a Sealed Envelnpt. Price tix cents A Lecture 011 the NaturTreatment and Radical cure oí Seminal Weakness, or Spermatorrhoea, induced by Self-Abuse, Jnvoluntury Kraisbions, Impotency, Nervou Debihty and Impedimenta to Marrmge; Conauíuption, Epilepay and Fits; Mental and Fhysical Incapacity, &c. - By ROBERT J. CULVER WELL, M. D., author of the " Green Book," &c. The worldrenowned author, in thit admirable Lecture, clearly provea from his own experience that the awful consequences oí Self-Abuse may be ertectiiully removed without medicine, aud without daug-erous surgical operation, bougies, instrumenta, rings or cordial ; pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sulferer, no matter what hia condition may be mny cure him8elfoheaply,privately and radicall. jtfgThis Lecture will prove a boon to thoumndt and thousands. Sent under seal, in a plaiu envelope, to any adare, posl-paid, on receipt oí aix cents or two poatage atainps. Addresa the Publishers, CHAS. J. C. KLINE & C'O.. 127 Bowcry, New York; Post Office Box 458G. ( ' IMU M. I,w AND BUSINESS A-OBisrc-y. ROOT & QRAKGER, having seoured the exclusive use of ROOT'S ABSTRACT RECORD 1500 KS for the county of Waahtenaw, which tbey have carefully revised, posted and períecttii, and having, with au extensiva ana reliable correspondenee, upened a General Business Agency at No, 6 West Hurón Street, in the city of Ann Arbor, will atteud promptly to the sale, purohass and leasing of real estáte, the loaning of monoy, ':ullections,negotiationB, contracting and conveyanoinv, Life and Fire Insurancea, and to the practioe of Law in tbe varioua CourU of tbi State. Ann Albor, May 1, 1475. TRACY W. ROOT, B. F. GRANQER. r WELLING HOCSES FOR SALE. A large and very well built brlck house, with two ur more lots. Two largru framed houses. Also a good sized brick house and frame huuge ; aud a smull frame house on a Lood lot, intended for adding afront. For sale on fairterms and a reasonable credit. Alsoother buildings, lots, and property. MONI3V WANTED-80 many wUhing to bvrroto money applj to me that I can readily obtainfor ir.iidfrsgooA aatisfaetory inveötraents at ceu per cent. luterwt. E. W. M0ROAN. Ann Arbor, Anril 23, 1873. 1423tf FTVE ÖEÏ8E FEATHJLK8 FIRST QTTA.LIT'XUonitantlyonhand andforialebr BACHf ABEL.


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