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Spain will send over, clnring September and October, 22,000 troop? to fertilizo the soil of Cuba. Moodi' nnd Sankcy, the evangelista, will open their fall canipaigli in Washington at the lst of October. Thk cable announcus that eeVen more Cardinals are to be createel at the next Consistory. Bis of thein will be appointedfrom ftdly, and one - Arehbishop of Rennes - from France. The two children of Prof. Donaldson, the lost aeronaut, iv from u divc#oed wife, whom lie marriod in Ronding, Pa., and who is still living. The children re at ] r jsent being well cared for in Buffalo, N. Y. The Professor always evinced much aflection for his little ones. A new wondor hns been discovWei in California - a rival to the fatllüus Yo Seinite Yalley. Tilo löw valley son Kings river, is forty-ftve miles in length from east to west, and lias an average width at the bottom of about lialf a mite. It lies 5,000 feet above tb sea, nnd its walls, whieh are about 3,000 feet high, are very preoipitous. Commentixg iipon the fact that ftt o recent trial in Fitchburg, Mass., tlie plaintitï put one of his eara in as evidenoe - it having beon bitten off by the defendant - the St. Louis ïte&tbliccto is cruel enough to sny : "It is interesting to imagino a Chioago man tima mutilated onering to produce the sanie evidenee, and the Jndge detailing four poliwmen to brirg in Üie ear." Ir tho telegraph ís to bo belleved, Gou, Sherman is the fastest tra veler that over packel a U'iivoling-bag. A dispatob from San Francisco, dated Aug. 31, pnntcd in the Chicago Times, annoiinces liis ai-rival on tliat day in Portland, Orgoii. In the same column of (He Times is another telegram fvonl Montreal, nearly 4,000 miles away, announcing the General's arrival in the Canadiau metropolis. Wonder if he was propellöd by the Keely motor ? The " Irish giant" and prize-üghter, O'Baldwin, is said to be dying of consumption. Nearly all the noted professional pugilists who have had sharp experience in tlie ring have died of lung ilisease in one form or another. Tom Sayers, John C. Heenan and Aaron Jones "went to grass" in this v'ay. What a pity these athletea, ïipon whom nature has lavishcd such magnifleent bone and sinew, should waste the precious gif ts in worse than brutal business. Ralston, the siiicide-banker, has more birth-places than any man we have heard of lately. Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and MassaclmHotts, have each put in a claim to the honor of having given the great financier to the world. George Alfred Townsend says he was born in Ohio. As George Alfred is the greatest falsifler that has lived siuca the days of Ananias, we forthwith ignore the claim of Ohio. As between the other three States, "yon pays yourmoneyand takes your clioice. " "Italian Crimes" - "Mnrderof an Eiiglishman at Naples for a Trifiing Offense" - "Trial of Brigands in Viterbo. " Such was the caption, in flaming black type, that greeted the eyes of the Chicago Times readers, the other morning. Upon porusing the article, however, what must nmst havo been tlie astonishment of its thousands of readers to find no mention of " Italian crimes," but simplj' a tame account of a Spiritual seance in New York. Evidently the Chicago Times' types were on a big spree that day. Or mayhap, the foreman belongs to a "whisky ring." A Mr. Quinn hasbeen giving illustrations in Chicago of the Paul Boyton life-preserving apparatus. It consiste of two sections of inflated rubber for the upper and lower portions of the human body, ingeniously fastened at the waist so as to render the suit waterproof. The apparatus is inflated by projecting tubes, the exit of the air being prevented by thread-buttons of brass. " Mr. Quinn entertained large numbers of sight-seers on Lake Michigan by attaching a Fail to the aukle of his rubber outfit, and steering with a páddle he held in liis hand. In this manner he floated over the bois. lerous waves as securely sta (hougli aboard the staunchest craft. The inflated portion of the apparatus being in compartments, he could vary his position from the horizontal to the vertical at pleasure. Accompanying him was an inflatcMl rubber bag, containing the morning paper, cigars and matches, luncheon, and the same black bottle which accompanies a)l well-ordcrcd excursioiiH, all of which he appeared tf enjoy with more gusto than the obsi!vis on the stcamers. Tho apparatus is ingenions and novel, but we do Bot believe it can ever become of general practical utility. The Turkish insurreetion is gaining strength daily, and even now tho rebels have obtained such a foothold as to threaten the very exist.uice of the Ottoman empire. It is apparent that it does not lie in the power of European Emperors to stop the flame of war, even if they desir;d to do so. All the disaffected elemente in tlie whole Europoan domain of tho Siiltan have risen against him. In Turkish Albina tho Christinnn have robellod and thrown open tho prisun ; in Larissa, almost at the dor of Constantinoplo, the inhabitantt; have refused to pay their taxes ; in Thessaly ana Ëpitufi tbene is great entkusiasm for war, and the (iiveks are all clamorous for hostilities. If the insurroction continúes to spread, nearly the whole of Sclavoua will shortiy be wp in arms to asaert its indopendence of Turkish authority, and suceess is by no means irlribal)le. The robols are admirably situated for resistance to the encroaehments of au invading ariny. Their mountain retroate may be said to be abnolutely impregnable, for tho insurgen) s have uu immens:! advantage in perfect ramiliiiriiy witli their Hurroundingw. The Bank of California was a private bank, eliaitered by the State of nia, and issúed no notos. It had a p&icl Hg capitel of $fi,000i000 rtiut í'i varyinfi EftttB 16,000,000 to í-íC03,000. Ib luis been identifie'd witMIW !■:■■. ., 'ói the 8tat,t It WnS fctaded in 186, and i'Iglualiy intended to secure tJDf) business of the miiip t L ütfuera boC11U3 riehi y.Vul thtñr anibition found i'OW and other íield.s for oporation. It grasped control of the conaaeroe "! tbe Pacific coast. It seonrftd a B9Oü0ol of tlie quicksilrer pfodrtetíwnv it ri'iU'Ved iiito the brtWHasS oí biying ïninihg Steík, uul played bnll or bear, as ciréumstancns demanded'. H feitended ite 'öpeiateói1!? o Oregon, Britisli Columbia, ttitd even grasped tlie control of tlie fur trade in Alaflka. It erected itself into a financial despot, It OOfitosüed tfae gfaíll market ; it ilichited k aU tÍHí;tiiVVbah]v; it regilrttH? ('.-e Iftteè óf discount mil me íettüs On which loaiis ' e. It cï'ushed Aèrohtö and bankers remorse!)8j. It, in one way or the other, controlled the trade with and Ohinn, and the importatioii of tf8. Tlie wl)ole coast trade and tlmt wifit &)ê fwiíibü Islamls M "'!!■ r is eommand. It was ttiVersaliy feared and hated, but it defied all opposition. lts business wíth England was imminso, and it liad also lnrge transactious witli Frailee. Jt nmiíí' the foreign exehniige foï Califrtrnist nn'A all the Piwillc States, and for tile Sfttóii Wioh lslands, and the Japan and China trad döne through San Franciic!. It liad correspondents and financial agents in all comitries, and thei'e is scarcely any kind of business oí.' ftofïis in which it did not dbbld. Italöd went extensively iuto lïólitics. It violated 6Ë the legitintate Inws of mnübg} afed !'.;w paid deariy for rae pèfiatty.


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