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A LAnoREit namcd Davis was rccently mur dered and robbed by trampa in thc wosds, near ! Danville, Vt Pfttftek i'.eardon, of Saxonj ville, Mas-., last week shot and killed his wife I and luen shot himself dcad. A SINGCI.A1U.Y tragic suiciae was enacted at New York tho othcr day. Signor Pietro Vianni, a prominent Italian artist, whilo reciting a poem at a picnic of his fellow-countrymen, suddenly drew a revolver from hls pocket and shot himself through the templa. The Congress ttotel, at Bharo SpHngS, N. j Y., a popular ettnimer refrt, lias been destroyed by fire. ïobb, $100.000 There was a high-toliüd wedding at Nesport, R. I., last week. Charles Joseph Bonaparte, grandson of Jerorue Bonaparte, was mnrried to Mbs Day, of Boston. Soov. t!o defaulting State Treasurer of New Jersey, has had a trial. The exact amonnt of his deficit is asceitained to le til. 116. The Justico held hira In $78,080-, No bail was offered, and ho waa fitlly eommitted There 'm nüw strollg grounds for believing that litUo Charlie Ross is alive aud may yet be rostored to liia parents. Mrs. Mosher, the wife of Bill Mosher, the abductor of the child, virtually acknowlodges that the child is living, but does not know his present whereabouts. The Pennsylvania State Normal Seheol, at Bloomsbnrg, has been dest.royed by flre, Loss, f GO, 000. . . .South Deerfield, Mass. was visited last week by a dísastrous conflagtation. Property of the estimated valuó of $500,000 was ! destroyed. Tilton's woolen mili, at Cavendish, Va., was destroyed by fire last week. Losa estimated at $170,000; insurance -f100,000 Threoof the Schuylkill county (Pa. ) Commisaioners have been convicted of malfeasance in office and sentenced each to two yeara' imprinonment and $1,000 fine It is announced that Tilton has abandoned all hopee of a new trial in the Beecher case, beeauee he{Tilton) ettnot raise the fuuds to conduct the prosecution Tlie population of Maseachusetts, aoording to the census just completed, is 1,640,000 A disease similar to the oíd epizootic has broken out among tlie cattle near Avon, N. Y. Forty died within two weeks. THE WEST. The Secretary of State estimates that the State will have 55,000,000 bushels of surplus ooru for exportation The funeral of Wm. C. Ralston, at San Francisco, was one of the most imposiug pageants ever witnessed on the Pacific coast. Among the raourners were delegations from all the military and civic societiea of 'the city, as well as representativos of all the manufacturing concerns in which the deceased was interested. The entire city waa draped in mourning as a token of respect for the lato princely banker. The Board of Supervisors of San Francisco ref used to pass resolutions of respect to hit meraory. Sixty-three Clücagoans died during August under circnmstances suffit'ientlj' suspieiuus to require Coroner's inquests Thieves eutered tho residence of Gen. Auson Stager, in Chicago, at mid-day, bound and gagged the servants, broke open the silver chest aud carried off its conteuts The Bank of California has been reorganized.with D. O. Mills as President, and will immediately resume business. Seven million dollars have been subscribed to üde the bank over its present difnculties, of which Senator Sharon, D. O. Mills, Michael Reese, E. 3. Biddwin and J. Jt. Keene contributed $1,000,'000 each. GnoRfiE A. Smitu, Brigham Young's ehief leutenant, is dead. He was Second President of the Mormon church Col. C. B. Wilkinson, editor of the St. Joseph (Mo.) Hcrabl, and Iuternal Reverme Collector, who was some timo ago arrested and placed under bonds of tl5,000 for embezzlement, has not been hcard of for some time, and it is saidlie has tled to Canada or Europe. Creditora have attached all his real estáte. Tuf. wheat erop in Minnesota, lowa aud Western Wisoonein was badly damaged by the reeent heavy riiaa .... Au excursión train oí six cars on the Atohison and Nebraski railroad was thrown into the diteh a few days ago, near Brenner Station, Kan., and three persons killed and eight or ten badly wounded. The accident was cause! by tho spreading of tlie track. Tlie train was conveying persons to Atchison to attend Hie bridge celebration. Oobdon, the Black Ilills adventurer, has backed out of the suit v.hich he comnieneed with so much flourish against the military authoritiea at Omaha for false imprisonment, and paid the costs of the litigation A fire at Virginia City, Nevada, lant week, deutroyed $125,000 worth of propeity The jury of in(jiu'st in the case of Ralston, tho San ï'rancieco banker, relurned a verdict of accidental death. It ïiow transpire that tlie failnreof tho Bank of California was not caused so mueh by a conspiracy on tiie part of its enemies as by the rascality of the late President. The directora of the inatitution authorize tho statement that Balstoa's defa!cation will amount to betweeu three and four millions of dollars, and that a large over-issue of stock has also been discovered. The directora, for a mysterious reason, decline to let the public know what particular uko was made of this large sum of money. . . . John N. Edwards, of tho St. Louis Times and Emory S. Fostcr, of tho St. Louis Journal, fought a bloodless duel last week in Wiunebago j county, 111. One round was fired at twenty I paces with navy revolvers, the búllete whistling I hirmlessiy in the air. Ed'.vards demanded another ahot, hut Foster declined. After considarable parle; the affair was amicably settled, the belligerents shook hands, the genial Bourbon was produced, and the agrecable termiuation of tho tronblo generonsly tOMte I. The difticulty gre-.v out ol' the Jc-it' UaviH Winnobago counly controversy. , ", ,. Another aeronaut has met with a tragic death. A ui calling himeelf Prof. Ariel, traveling iiHi .'.o'.ni aíiewsloJi it a hotair 'balie o:i at Jacfcson, Mi'cli., last, fteV-k.. 'lu de'iooiï Sefctüteü ti 81 ètiifciegoi: : i. .yiíruiia bridge, and the oooupant, to save mmself, Jfflnped toto 1.1 iq water ■ad m drownad,. . . '■ Th m"lrj gtríállopijer VüW hMiiSl ,,p agam. Millions of them have receütly bren secn travcling over Central and Sonlhera Illiuoia in a southcasterly direction. Fortr.nstely they can o bnt Kttlc tanate tbs crujís ib'.'! aeaMOu, but iliuiinge in fo bo ; tiebdod nest -voat in'ocaüfipa tuey lh'ïy j aUgi,'. ui . tiiiü urne. M.:. Fisiteb, aii Aldermsn of St. JPati), ivaw [ reetóitly 'expcl1 :d íroiii the Cite" Cobni! iior ao ig bvi''b5 illju appropriating to bis own uflc HO?r.o inojtcity pxii'cbai. ed by the city - the propiir-y beiug seYentj'-flve busliela of oats. THE SOUTn. Tii:: .'' Miea ürtnt't'f and He L7hten fi?i" ameWM, pf NnstiVillê, TeuH., tiie to oldest i d&jly pitótis in the SóiUliwp', lm-- Sfiei ; so(lr..ccr, i :.r, iiow enjoya the luxury of a penuy paper. . . .Four cliildren of Mr. Mier. of ! tion parish, La., were recently poiaoncd with Frenjh worm lozengca, and died in a few houra. Di-.VTi'irEwfrotn ïaüooOUy, Mtap.gWe brief iii'.i : tpKrfetit aifionlita o a riot between neHl'Uc::. a' a poHtical meeting in that plaee: on the 2d inac. Cne of the speakers donounced some one as a Ihiof, the He was given and ehooting commencod. Fif ty shota were fired. Several were woundad, and Diok Mitoliell, ate Republicaü candidfite for Mayor, Was )tiíledv .vá Vf. H. Footo, 'z prom.ioeï colorea poiiticiail, WA rntírteü-y woliildcd. íiie dispatches state that üo wiikee were engaged in the affair, but it is added that they were armiug. Anotiiee dishonest bank ofílcial lia been detoctca in hiH nefarious Woi'k -tliia Ütrte at i I.ouisville. A fe'V möïnin;S i;o fconia fthfeBi, tellet of íh? Plahtef' ííí.tiiiniii Banít, went to I a pohcö Btatiob itt that 'city, and', pretenduíg j tha't ho va)3 uiiab'le to, 'ariicülate, wrote oh the slate ihat his ivïftï hitA bc .11 uiiioroioi'mcd and lm had been taken to tlie bank an1?. forced to open cho vaults by fonr men, who bad robbml the bank. His clothes woro blpod.y ftd ht blblted eve'tJ vo"ív.íí. iLs etory was not i . and after somo sharp cross-questioniug ho confeesed that hehad stolen themonoj', and ! conductei tho omoei-3 to the spot Vhen i 1 had it conoefvlodi Pndet 'lie íioor oí a priitílt gyiunasium, in the rear of his residenee. Here Mie whole of the plunder, consisting of f100,000 in eaflh and $10,000 in bonds, was j found wrapped in a sheet and buried nnder the B&wdust. Ho gave as a reason for the crime that ha had been speculating pud loflt tilonoy. A dIoI'atch from áandel'sville, G., sa.ys tho j trial of Corday Harria-, the nêgró accuBed of i attemptiüg to inBite infturireetfött aHíonK aré i blácks ia Washington Silla Btirke Counties, resftle d ib. a verdict of acquittai. It thus turus out that the alleged insurrectiou was only a big t ecar.- Louis llebm, the LouisviUe bank teller, confesscs that he had been robbing tho bank for some time, and covering the thefts by falsc cui.iea On Friday, tbc 8th day of ! tem'cer, the good eitizena of Foit Smith, Ark., ■ werc rgaled by a eight that never beforo met j tho view of any other people Withbl tl'e f (l'ted i Statrain Urne of pea?e tiamely, the simuJt meous ] hanging of sík üiürdorers oh onegallows. The Pulp-üs wore John Whittington, white, aged 31; Daniel Evans, white, aged 20; Smoker Mankillor, an lndian, aged 19 í Samuel Fooy, a halfbreed Indian, aged 26; James H. Moore, white, j aged 17; EJmund Campbell, a negro, aged 20. Two thousaud people witnessod the ghastly j spectacle. All of them died "game." MuiiE race trottbléa aro reported in ' Bippi. Durig the frogfess of a cflïsïea i ifl meeting ai Clinton olí the 4th of Septeiiibei, a iSliilo man in the audieilce c'alleci oné of j the spaakars a liar, which led to an ! inat1; fight. Over a huudreá shots Mere fired. and ihree whites and four blacks were killed, ■ and a largo number wounded on both sides .... At üie recommendatiou of the grand jury of j Washington couuty, Ga., all the negroes dictod for complicity in the alleged insurrection have been discharged from cnstody. . To'jchino the l'iot betttee'n whites and i blftet at Clinton, MÍ85,, a presa dispateh from Vicl:br.rg gives the. following vBmoti of the origin oi' t!ie row : Theïe is a law prohibiting the cale oí liquor iu Clinton. Youllg men frottl j ItaySlond brotight a bottleMvith them, and wbilo speaking was going on, Martin Severly and somo of his friends went off a short diatanco to take a drink. The negro Marsbal for the occasion approached them and forbid their drir.king. Thia order was not regarded, when the ::egro attempted to t.ake the bottle öut of j Sevoily'a hand. Severly flnally struck the j negro over the head wlth a botUe. Senator Caldwell (colored), started to settle the diffioulty, and was followed by some 20 negroes, j whom he ordered back, bit abollt 100 more i came rushing up, When aome one fired a shot, i which was followed by a general firing and stampede. WASHINGTON. J. II. ïiiAïCHisn, Comminsioner of Patents, has resignod .... The government ha paid the Elgco cotcon claim, amounting to $2CG.000. following is the stateir.ent of tho public debt "or the month just closed t six cent. bonds $l,t)8S,8t5,.r)50 Five per ccut. bonds 023,032,750 Total coin bonds $1,708,898,300 I.awf il money debt $ 14,678,000 Matured debt 17,961,260 Lgal tenders 374,31 5,r65 Certi .os oí deposit 64,780,000 Fractie nal curreney 41,137,018 Coin certifleates 17,618,00 Tclal without interest f 497,851,084 1 lal debt $2,239,388,644 ïöial interest 26,!)la,7H3 Cash tn Treasury : (' $71,117,272 ('u "ncy 4,)2,:05 Spoui..l deposit ]ieUl lor redempüon of oenifieftted of dc-;iosit Bl,780,000 1 ';:! in Tivasnry $ 140,409,638 Dobi lesa cash in the Treas'.iry $2,125,808,78!) Dccieaae of debt during August 1,683,010 Dectease Bince June 30 2,879,936 Uoní'.3 icsucd to the Paeifio Railway CoipaaioB, interest payable in lawl'ul money: Principal outstanding $ 64,623,512 I Interest acomed and not yctpaid.. .. fi4í,235 j Interest ])aii by the United Staten 28,202.807 Interest repatd by transportatioa of mails, eto C,30í,047 lï:Jy 'e of interest paid by the United Stoies 21,8l4,7üO Tue Secretary of the Ti'easury is sanguine that the Syndicate will take all the remaining 5 per canta, by the lat f next November. In Mee 'J.icy do the negotiation of tho new iy per l cents, irill bo at onoe begun. (ESKH.1L. Ti:e reporta of disasters on the greatlakes for tlio ptesent season ehow that they already outnjmbor the unusually dieaatrous seaaou of 1874, a::d aro largely in excoBa of the wrecks repoiLed o:: ;ho oeeau. Hoh. Gieon Welles has writteu a long letter ie .".dlcr.tion of Admiral Farragut's fame j íLti tli.: nero of New Orieans. Thesb is a prospect of a row bctween tho United States and Great Britajn. An American vesse .'aa recently aold iu liritinh waters in violaiiou of American law regarding suoh salea. A demand was mado upon Great Britpm for tli o .'(.'turi) of the vendel to this country for aeiznvo, but the liritish governmeut refnscd to compv. The United States) government ha j there.'oro given ordera to seize the veseel if ever found ín American waters. A i.Oi.1) robbcry is reported from Huntington, West Virginia. Tlivce men f-ntercd a bank at ' nOOU, and, pliaing justuls at the head of tl.n Cudiiw; oompellcd iiim tn open the safe, from whleh they took 15,000 and decauiped The New -ork and Erie ISauk, ofBuffalo, N. Y., has napendeú. POUIICAL. A DIsrATCH from San Francisco, dated Sept. ! B, savü. "Tlio election returns como in very slowly, but it is snre that tho Demócrata have j carrica the State by a pluralityof nearly 20,000, i and b majority of about 10.000. Tlie city goveriiir.u::!. is m:ünly Democratie. " Tbx Jeniocrats of (Jaüfornia'have olected their State ticket by about S0,OO0 plurality. FOKKK1N. The reported rovolution in Hayti turna out 1 1 ) 1 1 B ! ;OZ. Peaob ouoq moro roigan in the ttouth Arnericu btates of Colombia. The eommnnders of tie gSVcrninent atnly Iná tÚé SïmVof th■ra!!- iiou-clad war steamer iiiiguard inn oí the! jtrODgeetpf the na'y- haH been e-mik in Ui l-ínt'H-l' Ctisiinal i-vo!liii; m Wüiïtëil inother war veisel. . . .The amüveivary of the! surrender of Sodio Sopt. 2) was observcd througlíout Geimany aa a lioliday aud a áag of ,'oneral rejoioin, TüH I-nnrlon Tinta nrgí6 !ho te''rct-enco Df ttttftt ,3ÖiUÜU IB ti.'' ifbr?ejíoViuia'i troubles .... The Cliiucse governrueut íh pi-eparing to Hend dvplomtic representativos to Iho Iqadiug "(vostnvn naüoiiH. Ar.cordinc; to the . tii. y Vvill vv preceded by a roving mission, Bimilav to Burlingarae'B, ander Mr. Hart, ' Inspector of Customs. Latto Enropean advices otate t.hat tiic leaders of the TurlÚMh IbfelHTBCttoa liavc agrecd upon a mftotfésto, dentwdlfiií tbB isdeptdene of .-fryiria utidftr, t Cbrii EtaD Prinop, tn he. DhoasB froi I 'vüípIíc. Aávices from Spain state that KB Engullí steamer has Hucceeded iu landing at liótrico a large cargo of war material for the I CarliMts, neluding four pittM of artillery, , 5.G00 rifles, and 100 caaes of cartridges. The LoJidon Mark j.toir ■.' M of Sept. 7 says itife btilkt tiUt Ewopeao tlfciai ïtop bas been gatliered m good. order. Tho erop is short as a whole, and tbe qualtity inferior The Germán pilgrimago to Loui-do3 will not take plac3 thisyear.


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