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Currenoy lias been going into tho mtenor quite freely d uring the past woelt, indicating fin cnrly Buurketiag if ofops. Money tu hhnndant ahd iioi+owers with goód roHatrraí bavfc Mo diílic'iityih bUíu'MMt; luUfe. Jiales 7 10 per cení., ace'ording to lime atid seciuRy. ! Bhhds Jirm shrt tteady üt foVmer qttotatieiia. 'i.,r,v,UftTJrr.. The graiii markets have attracted considerable attention írom speculators and operators gennrnJly, nud'iniite a extettsiVe tusitihsi fAnOaetS. Valúes liave beeu so-newhat j regular on the who'.e rango, but tbe clcsing quotations show sume improvement 011 wueat and oat, .lthougli tho fino weather for the growiug croi preveuta ay1% material ad,Ya)i(?e o'y petviúttem imjWvBBi'Srlf W ihe cül'n mai'kêt. The September shorts havo beeu jnaking j.iOVloivu íl' úuñu contracta, and at the close of the week the tr.iding had eettled mainly in the October option. The receipts of all kinds of grain . except coru aro increasiug, while the shipmentH j were Bomewhat larger, especially of om. Th bulk of shipinoüts of the lalter were of coin receivcd On mcütred Ot' fflUtUring Cffntreot" "f optiniis and forWarded by the recftivPr. Tho demand flom August shorts forfeed wheftt up to M.17-W eaHj i" tlié WwE, tuit h.martséU closo'u eer imtier Jös8 aóitvuy in thb de= mand. Üats were fairly active on speculative account. Bye and barley quiet. The followiug tablo shows the i rices current at the opening and close of the past week : Opening. Ctoaing. No. 2 sp'g wheat, cash @$1.13 @,1.14=; No. 2 sellerSeptember 1.139,;@l.l3% No. ascller Oi't'ilh i . . gl,! No. 2 cotn, cash ( JSü .(;■ @ 4sS So. 2 corn, seller Sepl @ .Bi I cé -C2'í i. 2,1-i'H. scllo.ront.. @ .63 (d .62 , JH; 2 dttS, c?s "'t ,3J No. 2 oáta, b. B?pt. ... @ M .34;a@ .33 No. 2 oats, B. Oct W .S3,'í @ .34 !„' ! No. 2 rj-e, cash @ .81 .. .Ti1., No. 2rye, eeUerSept. .78 .79 (ê, .78 No. 2 barley, cash.... @1.10 1.08 @1.09 ! No. 2 barley, s. Scpt. .. @1.08 @1.08 j No. 2 barley, s. Oct . . . @1.01 (gl.W I No. 3 barley, cash (S, .9 @ .Rj i-RnnucK. Tradi in butter during the past week wai again ouly liodëfate and ttanmotioas tverb coiiiinpd mnii'iy te Ifas local fcrade Th ; vals dnHn( tho week werft ratlir mPagor, i ticularly of clioioo, of wliieh the supply at the prfeBbnt tirae is vëry llght. TUe advies ïlcived frotn the Eufeí continué un favorable and tho demand on sbipping account consequently was limited. For ; tho better qualities of butter the demand continúes good, and prices ruled lirui, but medium grades were but littlo called for, and for these it was found difticult to mako sales. There was no chage of importance in prices. Beana under a light demand ruled dull and very quiet. Prices were unchanged and c[uotations range at $1.7S@l,80 pet1 brl for good to i prime Eosterü mediums, and ïl.00(iïl.75 for ' Western, accordmg to quality. There was , nothilig of consequence done iu beeswax - ■ table at 26@38c for prime yellow. The reporta reeeived from the country in regard to broomöorn were more encouraging, and holders were more disposed to realize. There was rather a weak feeling devoloped, though no pai'ticular alteration was exhibited iu values. We quote lmrl at 103@12o for No. 1 to extra, such as can be worked into a choice hurl broom 10@llc, 1 and good do 9(t')10c, crooked 6@8Jc. The . rivala of berries irere fair and they consisted mainly of blackberries, for whioh there was a ! fair demand wheu in prime order, but there j werE soïue re'ieivBd that were commoiï 1 lots On the murket which were slow sale, The market closed at if3.50(rtN4.00 for choice sons. in sixteen qusrt cases, $í.G8@8.25 for Lawtons, and 1.00@l.(iC for wild, accordiug ] to quality. Tbero bas been some accumulation in the stock of cheese but there was no improvement in tho demand and the rnarket was a shade easier. Quotable at 10c for prime raptory in lot, and at lic in a retail way; : mon ranged at 5c@9o. There were some new ] craubemes on the market but they were not desirable and eould not bo so'.d. IJried fruita were steady and tirm, though the amoant of business trausaeted waa light, Easteru apples quotable at about 10c whtn choice and repaoked. Halven peachesii) mat llo, and blackberries quotable at about lic. There was no sale for dried peas and prices were nominal at $2.00(ú)íi2.50 for choice green and $1.60@ I 41.75 for manowfat. The supply cf eggs was ampie, but thero being bo many lots in bad order, buyera were rather reluctant about purchasing. The market closed at 18%@14o for guaranteed in cases: lots in i tuls and barrel were almobt unsalable. l'rime i live geese fcathers wero a Hhade firmer. butthe other kind remain unchanged; quotahle at 52('!53c for the above-nametl kind, 25c for turkey tai], and 3(.i)5c for chicken. The ceipta of all kinds of green frnit-s wero more tlian surlicient to supply the. demand, and the maiket ruled dull. A good many cousiguments were reeeived in poor order, and these in a good many instances had to bc thrown away. Apples ranged at 50c((ï42.00 for poor to fair, a.25@2.75 for good cooking. and $S.0O@S.50 tot choice eating. Peadhès sold all the way from ' 10c to í 3.00 a box for Bastera, and tho market , cloeed at about i"2.00(7!2.50 for good to choice. The majority of tho pears offered were in poor order, and for this reason sales were exceedinglyslow. Quotable at .2.0UCii2.50 for Eastern in good order in "'-bu boxea, and 75c@ í(1.00 for };-.;-bn boxea. Flama quiet at íjl.OOfá j 1.25 for baskets of danuous; wild wero unsalablo. flrapes sold at 5@10c per ft, accordinir to quality. The game reeeived was in very poor order, and but few lots soljat remunerative prices. Choice of all descriptions was in fair demand. l':aiiio chickens in good ; order sold at i-2.00(((:2.50 per doz. ! Hidfta wero as active as tbe offcriugs j would admit and former pricea were maintained. Quotable at 8Jc for green salted, 13c for calf aud Cc for daiiaged. Iloney was i unaalable. There was a fan" demand for choice nutmeg meions at f 1.00@1.25per crate, but tbe bulk of the offenngs were green or else in poor order. Potatoes remain dull at l'uv f 1.00 per brl. Sweet potatoes sold slowly at 3.5ÓC'3.75 per brl for yellow Jerseys, 3.00 for yellow Illinois, aud from 20@10c in onethird bushei boxes. Veal was dull ajad prices were rathor weak, receivers generally being anxious to keep their stock well closed out, on account of the warm weather that prevalled. Sales ranged at 4@8c for common to choice cai'caases. Vegetables were also dull, and the offeriugs of all kinds were in excess of t!ie mand. Prices were weak, as foilows : 50c per bu for tomatoes, 1.00(1.50 per brl for onions, 75c@il.00 per doz for egg plant, and tl.00@ 2,00 per doz for cauliliower. COOPERAGE, LljTMBEB AM) Wt)()U. There was no business of cousequence doing in tho market for cooperago. is'otwithHtanding transactious were limited a steady tesling ]revailed, and theve wan no change to note in prices. Quotutions range at $t.lS3@1.15 for pork barrels, tï.8$@1.48 forjard tierccB, il.'.M) (n)2.10 for whisky bárrela, and 45(55c for fiour barrels. Thcro was a good uupply of I ber on the market and there the deinand was also very good. Prieta wero Bteady at the folloning quotations: Joist and scantlin;,'. tR.OO@ 8.25; boards and strips, $"8.00(316.00, accordiug to quality; thiuglea, !}:2.00(J2.70; and lath, Í1. 50. The niovement was a.gaiu very light iu wood, and tliere wan no alteration to noto in values. Quotable at #8.00 per cord for hiokory, $7.68 for maple, f (i.00 for boech, aud ■■Ï5.00 for slaba at tho yards. SEEDS AND HIGUWINL.S. There was quite a brisk movement in timothy during the weck, but prii'es under largely iucreased offerings were a shade easier. The ármala consisted largely of common qnalities, but the offerings of really prime were light. The nr.irket oJoáed at 'ï2.20(a12.50 for poor to good, and í2.50(,2.(i() for prime. Clover was very quiet, and light sales of primo medium were roported at $8.08. l'lax was atcady and in fair demand. Sales at il.40r1.50 for fair to good ernshing. The other liimis w-re entirely nomina). Highwines wero quiet, and the market olosed a shado easieJC, nalea being at$J.lf P1ÏOV1S1ONS. Thnre wtu more interest developcd in this piatket cUjfW t'10 ee't h past, ahd tfaösaC.-■ ; . ■ ■ ' etter trices, woafier. Tlio markct w:. looaj Reculativo inÜneiuvu. ,;Eliél,ioejptB 61 o o Lp riiyfrti and , for tiièse prices were generaily ïhaliitainea. Mos pork was in good deniand and oloneJ lirm at í 21.00 c;b1i and aeüer September, and L20 85 sellor October. CaaUlard dosel at 13.00@ lü.in, gelleï Beptember at $12.95@13.00. and scller Oetobf.r at .l:ï.u5. ïeiegrapliic Market liep„ NEW YOHK. Beeves 8 00 @13 00 goos-T-Dresscd 10 (S, 10% íVtton ; IV.fy 15 i'jüdiin- áíiperflne Wéáicín... . " M Wheat-No. 2 Chicago 1 28 g i Cokn n @ 77 Oatb .r)7 0 59 llïK B8 (g 1 C6 Ponit- Now Mess 21 2.1 @J1 60 Lam- Steam l;)i@ 13;; ciT. I.curss. ■n'nttóT-Ko 2 H-rt 1 O 1 4H (V 'kn- á HU..ÍÍI.... ft!. W 9 ■ i :; : "■- @ Si liïii- Kn. 2 73 $ 75 PoitK- Mess 2100 @2'.M) I„MiT 1ÜÜ 13 Hoas 7 H- (3, 8 10 Cattle 5 25 (8 0 iiö MILWAUKIiE. . Wiikat- No.1 121 @ 1 22 ' No. 2 1 14 rii Ooitx- No.2 61 @ R9 Oats- No. a ■-... 8 @ 3(i .d0 @ 81 liARLF.Y- 'So. 2 Í do (SIC CINCINHATI. Wheat- Old Ucd 80 @ 1 :m ConN 70 (3 73 Oats 80 @ 50 Ete @ 82 Pouk- Mosb 20 75 @21 00 Labd 13 (i, 14 TOLEDO. WÉÍ-Eítt: Ml @ 1 3 Al uei .; 1 líl (5Í 1 30 CottN 5 @ 67 Oats 38 @ 40 DETROIT. Wheat- Extra 1 Í0 @ 1 41 No. i White i 3iva i iyt i .'o Q Wliltc 1 28 @ 1 2il Mnhft 1 28 @ 1 2!) rrBI : : . ■ ; ;.:..,;.. 73 ' BáÍB : '■-.. 97 ca sa Ji.uu.KY- ttö: 3 f 1 23 Pobk- Me? @22 00 CLEVELAND. IW-eat- So. 1 Ríí : @ 1 54 So. anea ...i ■. @ 1 23 tkms , U 7fi Oats 2 @


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