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Love And A Mule

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The Newark Evcnirtf Courier, a newapriper remarkable for its veracity, says of ons of its citizens : " He ross early and fulrcd. dawn his niovning cwp of coffee, is ït hlajife dêpeiidefl Upo lus Ifafte. Then he rushcd to the deiïvéry windov.' óf tlie po;.o,uC:, .an(1 inquired for a letter. The clcrk hauded liim á perfumed missive, direoted in n fniv round hand. He iippsd opeü otn end of file önVeidge wítil hislead-pencll sharpener, rtnd oömmöndöfl io reid f?s ho crossed gjröaa str.eet toYt&A Mttfket 'iVhat to h::.i wëfe tlio country ■wrtgons, v,it! tneit lriadaof beeta afl inhbages .? He read : ' Ás Í sit by the open Wi and hear the wa,ves thunder upon the shore ' There he stopped suddenly and tumbled into a basket of squashes, as if a thunderbolt hp.d been laoncbed at ihe scat of his thirty-inch pataloons. Tho,t was where it Kfniek. ' Hc'.'-o, mis'■■■. Hay, ckn't yoit keep ttWaJ frOnJ tnat rhewl?' pmg jBtrt.S bi-on.ed jgrieiútnrist from CVldwell. ' HeJg .yötu-self tosqua?h,' 1 éüañ opcif 1 v7 PïBncis' stüdents from the tonsoi'iid chami)ers oí the rüarket building. He gathored up his girl's letter dïippiug with blaik mud, siu-veyed the photograph of the muie's foot upon the base of his pantaloons, and limped disconsolatsly away. The courso of true lovenever did run smcoth." TAle of a Btsd, - A little vild bird flew into tl i o gveat diuing hall of the tíránd Ünio'n fíotel át Sdíátóg, añd could aeitter flhêLrte r-ay oiit nor he Ittïed to ytiiety by the kiiiflly éiidcafors of the servante, though the entrances and the lo"vcrpart of the windows were nearly always open. The heavy upholstery of the upper hnif of the windows prevented its only chance of escape, so after fluttering bewildered amoug the forost of chandeh'ers for six days, gnetrte nll the time feastiug at the tables below, it at lengtli diod of stai'vation and vas picked up on the floor.


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