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Göod Kpws trova Washington City. ÜEtARTMEhT ÖF BTATE, ) Washington, Aug. 23, 1875. f Wii,son Sewino Machine C'ompany. Cleveland, Oliio : There have been received ut. thia department a 5IEDAL and a diploma awarded to Wilson Sewino Machine Company, as au exhibitor at the Universal Exposition, held at Vienna in 187.1. I will thank you to inform me what dispoeition you denirè to have macla of thein. Ihe dejiftrtment will deliver them to such ageut as you may sugge3t, or to Adams Express Company, addressed au yoit may indícate upon the return to the department of the iuclosed receipt, dnly sigued. Wlicn the same are delivered in either way the responsibility of the department will termínate. Your obedient servant. W. HuNTEit, Acting Seeretary. Safe, Permanent and Oomplete ! - Wilhoft's Tonic cures Chilla and Fever, Dumb Chilla and Bilious FeverK - those Titans that Will their thousands where this remedy in unkoown. It cures enlargement of the Spleen. It cures Hypertrophy of the Liver. It harts no one. It cures all types of Malarial Feveis, and is perfectly protective in all its eiïccts. Try Wilhoft's ToniCj tho great infsllible Cliill Cure. Wheelock, Finiay & Co., Proprietors, New Orleans. FOE SALE EY ALL DlïTJGUISTS. A CR0C0DILE race on tho Mie is to be tlie event of next month in Egyptian sporting circles. Hon. Joseph FarewetjIj, Blayor of Kocldand, Me. ; Isaac M. Bragg, Baiigor, and Meesrs. Pope Bros., Machias, Me. lumber merchante, fnll iudorsed tho Skrridan's Cavalry Condition Powdert, and have giveu the proprietor hberty to [use their names in recornmending them. The most astonislmig cure of chronic diarrhea we ever Heard of is that of Win. Clark, Frankfort Mills, Waldo connty, Me.: the f acts are atteated by r.zra Treat, Üpton Tieat and M. A. Merrill, either of ivhoru might be addresscd for paiticnlars. Mr. Clark was cured by Johnson'ii ArtoOyne Ltnimetd. At a Kentucky wateiing place tlie waiterB glide over the dinüig-room floor on parlor skates. How to Get a Home. Beo advertisement. THE (TUK OP CONSIWPTIO&, COl'UIIS A.M) COLUS. Tile iïreat virtnö of iliis higcIíl-íiio is t!)at it lipens the mattoT jmd throws it out of the System, purifies the blood, nn(l thus effocts a cure. ScnENCE's Sf Wf.kd Tonic. nii te:-: Cuhe of DróÑctBÍA, iNDTOKSrroN, Etc. The Tonic produces a henlthy action of the stomach, creatiniï an appetite, iocming chylo, and curing the most obstinate cases of tyiltgestlqn. SCBESCK'3 MaNDHAUK PlLLS, FOB THE CURE OF I.IVKB COMI'LAINl', ETC. Tiiese Pilis are alterativo and produce a healthy action of the liver without the least danger, as they are frse from caloinol and yet more efficacious in restoring a healthy r.ction of tho liver. Titese romedies are a certain curo for OonsmnpUon, as the Pulmiuiic Syrup ripens the matter and purifies thé blood. The fifadeake Pilla act upon the liver. crea li! ;i healthvbi!-, und re'move all diseaseeóf the liver, olt.-n it CAUAeof OónsuinpUon. Tbo Soa. Weed Tonic Wes tone and Btztongthto the Ktomach, makes a EOod pijrestion, and euabïasthe organs to fo;ni goodblopd; und Unís oroates a healthy ciroolafion of healthy blond. The oombined action .,1 these niliiitu-s, iib thus expi:iiiiTl, wül cunt overy oase "i ' onsumptlon, if taken in time, and the useof tUe mediolnes perseverad in. !;■. Srh'Muk i.s profassionalty at lúa principal office, conrer Si.vth and Atch Btreota, Ptiiladnlphia, every Mouday, wheve ;iil lettexs for advice must be addressod. Schenok's medicines for .-:ilo by all Drnsglstg. nBUfVHBiPV RnfïKi'cl stockings nud protrnd pf ■ f_ij nK tie3 ;ire not seen on tha foet tl tj 1 U W 5fl i SII-VKÍ4 TIPS ygTTSyjp3 are worn. Pavent s riïnieniïjor pj w lL Jl?tj1 this, they last twice as luns■DMBBMBna Also, try Wire Cjuiltcd Soles, Sv)inrf!iir.;í for üvtuybüdy. gMCTjqpPWgff"3 Cable Screw Wireff Boots and Shoes, elegant, (] Lirablt;, BïiwMUtfwlMn easy, and keep tho feet dry cifi VB W mP a Also, try Wire Qniltod I Soles. ËBtseaKatffaBtaitl WAJITED AGÍENTS. Samrrr, and Outfit V. littttr thun G ij. A. (JOU i. TUR t 00.. Cbioxo. ; T 4 f - P Q C per day Send for Chromo Catalogue. (JíiWlJfeO.I. II. BtTi'FonD's Sons, Boston, Mass. EVERÏ P.UIIIiT WASTS IT. Monejrlnlt Hom by Asent. Addrcas M. N. LOVBLJ, Erte.Fa. ON SATARY only. Agimls wanted, Malt inf remate. ASdrera, O. B. Chrlstlan, Muiïmi, Ohio. J8T _A.JL -B-iSg gth Kt. Louis, Mo. wkvwMj nnd Rtoipbina lifïblt absolufely and ■ lili lilla sprt'rily cured. Vainless ; no pubicity. Lllfl iit-nd stamp for particulara. l)r. Cariw ' ton, 187 wVehington St,, Chicago, IU GJip BgB Jimtoïï. ÁGRICULTUR5L iNÍPLESÍEftT. nilIÖAGO SCKAPER 4 BITCHER CÖ., M laSailS. ! AWNlfíiio, TEÍNAS, TRINES ÁNü CORDAGE. ■ GILHURT, IIUJBBARD 4 CO., SU fa W fWtó W &. , BAKING POWDER AND EXTRACTS. DB. PRIÜE'S, Steele A M'f'rn., 201 203 S. Water, (JMcago, 204 N. 2d, St. Louis, 244 Main, Cinclnnatl. BANNfRS AND CLASS SHOW-CARD WR1TERS. ÍÜNÑ ÖRÜM, S18 W. Medison. BOOTS AND SHOES-AUCfiÖS flN eOBIMISSlON. JAS. P. McNAMARA CO., 27 E. Washington. CANNED FRUITS AND CRYSTAL LAKE PICKELS. i F. A. WAIDNER, 45 and 47 River. COWINUS üRlVE ÍND WEkk PUMPS, 4c. DOWNKK & WOOLNER, 98 and 100 Franltii ' . CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE. AliRAM FEENCII 4 CO., 101 ind 103 Wabash-aT. ENGRavÊR, SEALS, PRESSES, STEEL AND BRASS STAMPS, STENCIL TOOLS AND STOCK. D. . 5ÍÁÍÍ9ON: & Soütiï Clarlt. Í.NÜRÁÍÍERS. 8. D. CHILDS, JR., 4 CO., llöFranklin. ENGRAVER, DIE SINKER c MANFR. OF STENCILS. L. BOCHE, 171 B, Kandolph. FLOWERS AND STRAW GOODS-SPÉUIALTY. DAIjV, HENIIOTIN 4 CO., 144 and 146 Wabash-av. FURNITURE. A. L. l'AJ.F. BRO., 200, 202, 8U and 206 Randolpb. feRSS"! SEEfiS. ALBERT DICKINSON, 117 Kinife. GUNS-CUTLERY MANUFACTURERS. W. E. SPENCER 4 CO., 64 State. Send for price-list. I HARDWARE AND CUTLERY-WHOLESALE. EDWIN HUNT .t SONS, 58 and 60 Lako. HEAVY HARDWARE-WHOLESALE. KIMBARK BROS. 4 CO., to H MibUlgu-aT. HOTELS. WOOD'S HOTEL, 116 118 Ftfth-av. Enooh Wood, prop., late proprietor of Wood'a Hotel, State-st. BREVOORT HOUSE, 143 and 145 E. Madison. On tho Europoiin plan. II. M. Thompson, proprietor. METROPOLITAN HOTEI-$2.50 per day. Cor. State jt Vnbh'n,Bieof old St. James, opp. Field, Leiter 4 Co. ÜflDEN Firstclaes in evory particular. Barber 4 Forrey, prop'rS. Uor. Wftsi'ïniïton and Franklin. "W'OOD'S HOTKL, 34 4 36 Waghincton. O. Sarids, prop. Prico $2 por day. ü. S. Palmer (late City Hotel), cierk. LUMBER. fHE PB8HTÏOO CO.-Groen Bay Lumber. North Pier. W. E; Strong, Preo't-ï C C. Hempstoad, Seo'y. MNFRS: ÓF VVARWiCKSHIRE AND COLOMBIA SAUCES,IMPORTED CATSUPS, FLAVORING EXTRACTS. LEWIS 4 CO.. 163 E. Kinzie. Scnd for prico-list. REAL ESTÁTE. JAS. B. GOODMAN 4 CO., 73 Dearborn SAW MANUFACTURERS. HBNRT DISSTON 4 SON.N.W.coi.Randolph 4 Market kkflM MACHINE CCMPANIES. HOME S. M. tó., ís!íon, (Tiark A Go;, 141 S1t. WASHIWG MACHINES. For Circular etc., .".í"! CALKINS CHAMPION i Waber Oo , 207 (;Urk. Aaem; vanted everywlierè. WATCHEI, 1IWELRY AND JEWELERS' SUPPL1E3. ÖOOSWBLL, WEBlitt 00.. 106 od W7 BUU. Ajf„ Hf a day at home. Samplci worth $1 Wilt íílü IiO (pU fr-6. STIN8ÜN 4 Co., Portland, Me. K1Q a4avthoiüe,Atrta}. ÖüMH nftd term ?Sl!f.i'. "Address 'ÍRÜE A CO., Aligii, Malnt, AÜteSTgi 3(S tejOUlW Q'lt cilROJitOS, monntcd, ïi7,e Oxll tor Si; 10 '-' S'u ftrfcri ioi9.ty,ip the world. Nnüonal (Jliroiuo CoVSitiivStfSii. STAR OP THE WEST, the best Strawbcrry. Millions of tref 6 and plante at Pomona Nursery. Send lor Uireular. WM. PARRY, Cinnaminson, N. J. OHIf ("X CflTrlTnCO IIWAV to keep them SWlCI rUIAlUtö t!lr(lin tbü winter. frtfonriatioii of eir-at valr.e in tuis paliiBttlW . Jtr -iil, PO -ts; !'. rJNDMR WOOD, LaTn-Biib, Haaaur ISTnrrATíO NTÍTand' iíXr'PRs'to'íil. ' "ïïiêlS .im InewJitiVBleas.flour. Samples fret). C7Ï.1NJ xíej v)Li VJiiJUnl PAi,ti 3ii.r. ïlii VOIjVKR for on); ':.- Immense sale. Circular Frec. WESTEUJi GfülS WOKKS, CHICAGO, 1IL , n. n A MONTII- Aeentswanted euerywhers. IL 'In il Business honorable and firat class. Par nilül ticulars sent free. Address WORTil 4 WaVV CO.. St. Louis. Mo. TUD CA3C CWcrsoSnburbanLotsat $100 each, ruil Ö H LC 1 915 (loVn and 3 monthly for balance, witllill a short dlstance of City Linlitj, wlth liourlv traini and ctipap far. ScnJ fflr clrcillars. IRA BKOVN, H2 LaSallet,, Chicago, liï. PGÊö, P. Rowell & CoJ CLARO BOOKPÍÑG. gSS? Prlce SI. OO, postpaid. Send for Circular. W. S. CIjARK ál CO., 143 Race Street, Clncüjnatl, Ohio. $1 50 per Monthis mado by Aiïents selling our nplendid asaortmpnt cf NKW Maps and Picturas. Ctitnloguo Sae. E. O. BRIDOMAN, 5 Barclay St., New York, and 17'J West ith St,, üincinnati, O. THIS Paper 13 prlnted with Ink made by O. B. Kan 4 Co-, 121 Dearborn Street, Chicago, and for sale by us ín large or email quantitiea. OHICAÖO NEWSPAPER UNIO, 114 Monroo Street, Chicago, Hl. AGENTS WANTED foroSai wÍSch'B NIGHT SCKÏES I!V TÏIE BIBLiK andaniatxniticfnt NKW 1ÍOOK iust from Press. Address, J. C. McCÜKDY 4 CO., Chicago, 13. GOLD and wS; desirins a gpod HOME AD PORT UÑE, will ubtuin PAPERS and IFOKMATI() huw the same m ay be seoured, by addressin, with flamp inclosed, Rosan Jt Oo., Box 144, Hutcbinson, RenoCo.,Kan. FT "TW 4 tl TT ?K1 Iïroadway, New Vork. ♦ J 1 1 ApJtli niiinufactm-erof MOLID GOLD JEWKLÏlY'-f 'nvy (ieaciiptiiin. Tiie stock ia large, ver' choice, and is oft'ttred at retallat trade prioos to keep onr wuikinen goiP2. Büls under $16, P.O. order in ad vanee. Over $15, O.Ü.D. privilege to examine. Catalogues free. DOUBLÉ YOUK TRADÍ Druggists, Grocers and Doalers - Pur China and Japan Teas, ui eealed packages, Hcrnc-toji cana, boxes, or nalf chests- Groteer? prico. Send for circular. The Well Tka CoiiPiilï. 201 Faltón st„ N. Y., P. O. Box 4560. CINCINNATI DOLURWIEKLY STAH. Au Independent Family fewspnper. 8 Pages. 48 Cohmins of Keading. (fei Per ÏEAIl. Specimen Copy FHEE. CHX Free of postage. AddroBS Tlic " STAH" CO., (i ixinnal i, Ohio, "S7 A TT Wíl BSTTlllT ■WantedtolearnTolegraph. Y flESIniSw IÏt D lH ing and take offices on new iüüksj mm JSSfftaL1iE from $-1(1 to $100 per month. Paiticuliirs tnniled free. Addrees N.W. TKLK(iRAPH INST1TÜTE, JaneeviUe.Wia. Milliís vy Aoudemy, Cliestet, Fa. Ort't; Sepfc. I SUi. Civil Kiighifeiins;, t)w Classics, Englfob and Military Axtthoi-oughly taubt. Fot oiroular apUy to Col. THKO. HYATT, Fresidont. Shot Gruns, Rifles, Revolvers, and Sporting Goods of every doscription. Larpo discount Ui Clubs and Oash Buyers. Send stamp for lllustrated Drice list. Adiiress Circilt Wrstrril Slipply Co. F. H. H1LL, Manager, 63 9th-st., Pittsburisn, Ps. ACENTSWÁNTED AH mon out of employment can make largc waíjes selling BpukalPê Maps, Chart, Píotures and Frames. Tne latest and best seMiiiK Mups and Chartt m tlu country. AddrB tJie prouiietors, O. 0. Haskell lí Co., H Lake-sL, Chicago, i W8) B.SEÍPI!BBBSAGEXTSFOU TUK I SÜ W i IS St best-sellhiff Prizi. Pkct Ull 3 r Hm ta tüc norM. ItoonÍTS a KSKl.mK ir, Sht-ets Paper, i 15 Envelopes, GoMun Pen, Pen Holder, Peiicil, Patnl j Yard Measure, jind a Pioce of Jewelry. Sinwld Packagö, j with e!t-;tní Vi'r.ti, uopt-paid, H-" cpüts. (.:íicular free. 11KIDK A CO., 7B9 Broadway. Kew York. H0Y TO GET A KOME. SOWA LAN OS. H(O,CO0 ACRES. Rích Soí),e'od Clíinat, eicelliaWatftr, t-rowing Wpttls nncntí, iood Schools. We offer the Lanas of the Stom Oitj and St. Paul K. R. and tlm Mc(JreK"r nd Misso-irl ! R. R. at 4 to $■ mbt ncre, on easy paymaoU ! 'i'wo yavs rent v. i! boj .i 'nrm. Applyto DAVIUSÍ-N &ÍAÍ.KIKS, B. B. Trfir.d OtSoe Sibls. Osceola Co., Iow. Piensa ií antl ProfitaTjlc Employmeiit.- i "Beautiful!""(niaimng!""Oh,howlov(ily!1"l"Wlmtaro ! thoy worth?" feo. Sucli are excliüTititionsliy thnse whoBeo t theWge elegant Dew Ohromoa pioducciihyt be Kuroiean í and AmerjesnUi) ruino Piihtisliii-Co.Tlicy trenll porfect gcmsof art. Noíjt.c can usist tholrniptatiun tobos v.lwn f;-(ííiiL; theí.'lironinK. It reo,uirís no talKinsr to stll the ', taces. Ün-y speakfor themselví. CoQTassers, AnUÁnd ladiesand gentlemen uutof empïoyment.wuiflnd tliistlie best opening pvr ciiïered t o nul ki ilion ty. Forfull parttoulnm, Benq stamp for confídentlal iwouLr, Adilress F. GLPIASON A CO., 7Sy Mraliiní:ton St., Boston. Mass H. F. BURNHAM'S watér"wheel Vus8#lectel,4yearsngo,andi".;t t; workinthe Patent OImí, Washington, D. O,, and tms provl to be tbe líst. lÍBizesmode. Prl-es loivci t.AH any othor tirst-olaes Wheel. Pemphlet free. N. P. BURNHAM, York. Fa. - b vm Cfreat Central %ñU 1 LL,i CHICAGO. ' ,;í5r4jSu Muïet, between Wadi ! Kton Modioon -; i ■ taSiu i'K-it un. : iaMBfl. PÁSSKNGKK ELKVATOR. XSajascSÜítHHBW J. wilson, i'ropr. KANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM, 23 & 25RANDOLPH St., CHICAGO. _,.- ' - --_ Tbia new Tru53 is worn ■gBHftk niili perfect romtort nlght WyyT J a o iptBB'1iu ' dny. Adjipt Itsfilt to 9fH L Ln 1 lu BMevfr.v ínotlon ot' tile body, ■K. T H TT S B SiietjMniiiKinptureundör tbe ÍBT- , " p Imrtlst oxprciseorsevert'Rt jFv7 EÏastic Trïss ïo NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sent by mail. Oall or lead ior Cllrcular and be oured. AGKENTS AVAIKTTED FOB PATHWAYS OF THE HOLY LAND keiilg Föll Döscrfptfnn of Palestina, lts History, AntiSptf M, IrtHabitnnts aftii Ci'iln, nccordinR to the Grent Pi5orT r'rtiy rfta'tö by the Fiiift&tine Kxploring EipeditiotiB. It I SJt: Sntid fnr onr eitra tarm t" Acents, and 8ue wui' it fté''lïs ;artcr,tiiiit any other Dook. UATIONAI, FDBM6HIHG CO., Cüicago, 111., Ct St, lonin, Mo. i - - t F. AF. TJioc&Co., ertxtrt, JíLLS5towí? í''1-''"! Sea Fomii Kies J%gjB -nl.rtf:i'iiefnrtion." It te excellent W35ii5vJr t'riu lis St Mnniford, Lv.iVyK SeaVouil pv)rfilL Óur sn!e 75SL2i om iimnonsiv Kverjliufli pris' it." ! iBBWf ) "'t Tti.-iki-s Kr IRk-hiT, fkWiiESv AYln'.-r, PuTftv, Sw.eeter, and Maï O-PyK Whcïesomfi thnnafrj ctlrur way." I CygS The vreiae&' tbii to eell you ever jfrT " ' ■"■ Dunne S-, New York. BestiflilefuFliL Mi SeSï fc "1 Brush. yi 1 &KtfSendforSamPleaílít fTt-,_g Mr 7 Brfinch Ofiicea ati'l FnctohXtZrali- '&i'& rlm-oM Wi-st treet, New SSHÜKeíS Yurkl ílíflolitllTliíi-rt-st, 'jQ&tSsS&;y Sf. Lmiii ?■!"., 1 West t4US0''' TsiíKteñ-6t,Chlca3U,Ill, ,C I ""' Voi.t.'sEl.EirT#ioBELTsaBd V í ;J ; " ir ffanrt pre üttoraea by tbe V x J jA i""-11 errüirent jhyuiciaoi in XÍirOv Ill'inali'l,'lii'lll;.k-Kl.llï.r'.Ml"-i-VvAJi . iiluint, dispepsia. kidiieyatd-T# '&Sr" .a-c,iu -lii-s.rniim.iiiTvt -n disf 9&r orUer,fits.fcinlo coniplaints l :H ïi"i vtnis nti! uebility, ■ Vir mul otlicr i'lirntiii: ilisfni-s ol K therheit,lieail,liver,tonucli IS I I F E ftil! particular, by Toiw EVERY BOQX ACCNT n the land shonld jt QMe 9mlforoircii!j-rs, audtaki holdoi ouroew worK, Ir ab is tan 0Rf THE LAND OF THE ARAS1AN NEGHT8, By COL. WW, PERRY FOGC, th an INTKODu'tion by BAYARD TAYLOR. Thcmort fiiscinati7ig book of travel rablUBea. Aonm Jumno Kvkhv wiikkb. ;CObeautlf!iHllustrations. Tintel pper. EloKantly bound. Pncclowto meet the times. T EXCELS ALk. OUTFIT FREE to all Ihnt will worh. Write tor Uitiy tratetl Circulara, and largc termü, (o nearest oDiee. Kl'STlN", GILMAN & CO., tiartfvrd. Ct., Chicago, JU., or í.'ícíii O Mmmèm UMBRELLAS. í PHIL.ADEL.PHIA and NEW YORK.-The Qualitiea marked with their name are confldently recuHi mended. -,___._ „,víí llsntifncíiire all kinds of fjIÏTLERY Sa 8-8TpÍHW5 UUÍ jUUllU I ivi'IIV " or Cullnlold Knlfe. -.. ■■ ■' The most Durable WHITK DEN CU'l'LEKYCO., on tbo Bkrte. Warrar.toii luid sol.i bv nll dc.ileí in Cutlery nnd by the MERLDEN CUTLKRT CO., 4'J Ohambsrs Street, New York. jSmith Organ Co., BOSTON, MASS. These Standard Instrumenta Soid by Muaic Dealers Everywhere. AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY TOWN. Hold tbrongbout Ule United Stitej os tbs NSTALLMENT PLAN: Th&t U, on a System of Monthly Paymenía. Parch&serB cliould ule for tbn Smitb Amebica Obqah. Oat.ilofniea ad íuU pr ticaiars on applicfctloa. Pi:!i'PtfÍI sos-Sí y ' 1 1 s c g'RsSS-S f ■■ ÍS - itft!lil?o fii llUlSa lililí. Volhing Ukc ít in madioiue. A taiurj to th j yalate, i puinless evactumt, a Ken"e Btimmaitt t-otbe olroulaUon. a prepiratory preparation, an antl-biliom ' medicine, a stomachio, a diurctio and an admirable gen er.ü alterutive. Öucli are the ucknowledgeti and daily i proTen properties of Tarrant's Effervcsccnt Aperlcnt. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. TheWonders of MouernCliemistry, Samparillian grills ihSteCliangcs as Scen and feit m Thtf ïa"i Occur aftcr Using a l't Duw of DE. RADWAY'S 'M Sarsaparillian Resolvent, TUE GEEAT BLOOD PUKIFIER. 1 Good ifdrit. disappearanee of weakness, lmpiot, melanchoty ; tíícTGaBO and hardness of ileah and ma 2 StrèiAith increases, appetite improves, reltói fot food, Ho more sour eructationg or waterbrsh. Rood digestión, culis nd undisturbcd sleep, awaken fresa and T Disn ppearanco of spots, blotches, pimples ; the ikin loo'ks cleat and healthy, the urine changed fromiu tabu! and cloudy oppearance to a. clear sherry orimba u'(tr passes freely from the Maddei throttgbtl ureth'ra without Dain or ecalding , little or no sediment; no pain or weakïiew. 4 Marked diminution of quantity and frennencj oí inf'oliintary weakening discharges (it afflicted tlutwij), witil dfsfotvof permanent cure, lncreawd Ktrerurlh Blhiblted ifi M secreting glands, and functional hii. Ttt'Snge MS cyeS, .nd e,, thy saffron appearanoe ui the ekin coanged toacleir, livelyand healthy color. 6 Thoso snfferinK f weak or ulcerated tan m tnberc!s will realize great beneht in eipcctoMBy freolvi!.? toiltih phlepn or mucoua from lunp s celwfbSWiehi or windpipe, throat or head: tod" nf the ÍW af of coueh -, general jr.crease ■ "limg thronghout i!" .f mi etoppago of raW s;SlB, pains andfeelinKf wnkel around the an U,kK shouldms, etc. ; cessaflon M jM and chills, Ben-t o' taken, new signs ff tefummg henltb will PP!2'J2iï soreB, syphilitic sores, chronic i" diseases gnouillr d8.n?rcar5ra where the system b.s Jj Mercury, Quicksilver, Corrosiva SuWii.-vaí-Jthe. pal couítituent in the advertisod Samipa W, w ed in soroe cajcs with Hyd. of Potnssa) hat ' ."Smï" od and become deposited in the bones, .v"Siïr causing caries of the bones, rickcts. Epinal c -g. contortinns, white swellings. vaneóse veins, "?j. SVRSAPAR11..L.1AN will resolve thig posits and extermínate the virus of the disease fm svBtem. . 9 H those who are taking these medicinesfortbeoiii of Ohronic, Scrofulou, or SyphiUtic diseases hem slOT raay bè the euro "feol better," and hnd ttog eral Iwalth improving, their flesh and weight inorsjffl „r even kepin? Ita own, it is a sure slgn that th. . cBJ rrogressiníí. ín these dtaeasos tlie pat ent f'' Eetter or wore-tho virns of the disease is notiMclm, ifnot arrested and driven from tho ld,itwül JpMj treaso in health, strength and tlesn. . IM The great powar ot this remedy is d'M"" 5 H.immation of the Bladder and Kidneys, in uu cs! of Leacorrhea and Utenne diseases. .,;,.,„ In tumors, nodes, hard lumps and evphüoid i drom and vonereal soro throat, ulcers, and in tobU of the lungs;in gout, dyspepsia, rhcumatom, net; in mercurial deposits-it is in theso temblé form f sease, where the human body has becomo a cofflP"" I rvck. anrt where every hoor of eilstenco a WJ i vböixlnthis great remedy challenges the Kl?ïïb inSia niration of the sick. It is in snch ses,J mfehthnoídta?-kin diseasesthat ever, onc-J ! less troubled with, a few doses will ■"'""f'S,!. ; few bottles in the m, aggravated fom, won I" Thïïo aiücted with chKic diseases f ho„Wffb a pa=kago containins on doze,n Ir,1"1 SrWper dozen, or jft5 por half dü. ''en xles, or 1 m tie. Sold by druggUta. RADWAV'S READY RELiff ■WILL. APPOUD INSTANT EASB 1NFLAMMATI0N OT TOE KIDNETS. V INFLAMMATION OF THE KLADDE, . INFLAMS1ATION OF TUK BlWÍ CON-GIOSTION OF TUK UJ SORF. THROAT. DIFFICDLT RBATHIG, PALIMTATION OF THE HE ART. „„i HY8TEWCS, OROI:P. DIPHTHEJU (3ATAKRH. INFLUENZA, : UEADACHK, TOOTHAOHF,. MUMPS, NEURALGIA. RHHUMATISM. Thaapplioationof the READY RKMB "Si ! part or parts where the pain or difflculty ei" ' ufford easo and comfort. .,, nitm I Twenty drops in half atumblerof water wil, inM momentí, caro CRAMPS. SPASM8, SOTO gK I ACH, HEABTBURN, SIOK HBABAOHBj." Í RHF.A. DYSENTERY. COLIC, WIND Ei BOW RLS, and all INTERNAL PAINS, , o D! Travolers Bhould always carry a bo!Hf "l „,,w WAY'S REIjIEK with them. A lew 4rop3 o will prevent Bicknesa or pains from chango oí ww ! IT IS BETTER THAN FRENCJtt BRANDT 0B BITTERÍ1 AS A STIMULANT. f Prlcc 50 Cents. Solí by DruggistsDR. RÁDWAY'S . bwoluik run Porfectly tastelesg, elegantly coated with s"cci, JjS purgo, regúlate, purifv, oleanso and sirenKttii'n. WAY'S PILs,íorthooure ..f lldi,s"rd0ISïïwS Btomaoh, Liver, Bowols, Kidncys. liladder, ner Disoases. Headaohs, Oonatipstlon. Cosrivenoss. j"". Uon, Dyipepai. Billousness. Billius leter, "'"[U,, : ti.inof the BÓwel Jlles and all I'"-nBomt",LecuicInterna! Viscera. Varranied to effect a P1.1'1,, Purely Vegetable, cuntainingno morcury, mme" deleteriütis drugs. u.„„ trnia CSObserve tl, following symptoms resulüM Disorders of the IHg&sUve Orgaas : .. ninain Constlpition, Inward Piles, Fullneffl "f "',", , hom tho Ili'ia, AoMlfar „f tho Stoinaoh. N:ui--ea. "S?"J,,ch, Wsgnst "f Food, Fullii:ss or V,-iK!it In SSSS Sonr ErucUtion, Smkinf or FlirlterlngatUie ''""ñjy. Stomach, Swlmmine of tho llead, lI''""-"lLJ53n floult BréltMtiR, Fl-.utorimt at the Hcart, l b"nDV Buffocating Sonsatins when in a LyinK rojra"FeMI nesauf ', or Web beforo the '{(„tkm, 1 and Dull Pain In tho Hpad, Deflciencyof rcl?f Si' Veltowness of tho Skin and Eyea, I'ain 'n„' ' irerU r:hi.ts, f.lmlia, and Sudden Flush' -s f Heat. Kom ''liowaososofnADWAY'SPILl-S rfLg systom from all the above named (iiwniers. r" Ccata pr Bax. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. Read "FAIiSE AIVD TRIE." Send or.e letter-stamp to RADWAY Híírma'1 3a Warren strrrt. lïew or!t. i"'011" wortii thOOMBds will bo Friïtyou. nEUCËWELLÜÜl Ocmp.nj offers tl. 000 to nny o., ill "JS ino ti. th, m u boring a !0inch dl. "ïïff „„„f, „n,i in kim upand pasjins "„'ï y CUA" AjeoUwmtedio every BtaW. $25 PER DJ eS . AENTEED. ASPÏg IUi- " " iSii. ï 0. N. U. WHKN WRITIN ADVKKTWE piense ajr -o ir tl '""" ta tnt papcr


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