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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Escape From Slave...

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■AmHkrstbirg, Match I-?.. l!-. A pulilíc meeiing of" t!ic ciicns oí Amherst urg, Canalla Wcs!, mot in Union CnfípPÍ", to iear an nddress (rom Lcwis Kichardson. n iugiivo from flcnry Clay. oí' Aslil m-í, Keniucky, - t half pasi 7 o'docU, A. Af. ilic houw? va. :nl!cd to orJcr !y Mr. L. FiSIit, v!io actuJ as oí thc mreting, nnd J. Bingn sccrclay. After tlic object of ih meelini; ms expl&irid by H. Bibb, of Uetíoít, ír. lticliardson proccdeil na follows : " Dcar Brctlircn, I nm truly happy t o moet vith yóu on Britisli eoil, (clicern.) wlicre I aiu íot known by ilic color of my ekin, bul where lie Goveiniuom Unowö meas aman. But atn í frccíroin Anuricnn slavery, after wcaring ilic jollitig chainson my limbsú:5 yenrs? 9 of which t has been my unlmppy Iot to be thc shve o( Flcnry Cloy. I' has bcen said by sonic ttia't C 1 y's slaves had ratlicrüvc wiih iiini tlian be l'rce, but [ had rather this day, havo n millstonc tied to my eek, and bo eunk to the bottoni of Detroit rivr, ilian to go back to Ashland nnd bo his siavc or liio. A8 lateas Dec. 1845, H. Clny hnd me stripped and tied up, and onc hundred and fifty aöhes given me on my naked bnck: thc crime 'ur which I was so abused woS, I failed to reiurn íomc on a visit to seo my wife, on MunJny rjiornigjbefore 5 o'clcc'í. My fu was living on unnhor pinte '.I miles ofl' from Ashlnnd. Durtríp,hc 9 ycars living with Mr. Clny, ho has not givJn me u hal nor ca' t wcar, nor a stitch of bod L-lothes, cxccpt one sinnll coarto blnnket. Yo: lic has 6nid pulilicly bis elavcs were " fat nnl slick " l Bui I say f thcy arcT it it, not bccnusc thev nrc so wull uscd by him. Thay hava noihing bul coarsc bicad aml mcat 10 eat, and not eboagh of tiiat. Thcy are nllivnnccd every wc6k. For cach fijld hand is allowcd one peck of coarse corn meul and mcat in proportion, and no vegetabU-s of my kind. Sötth 9 the trc.ituu-nt tliat Heiry Cby's slnvcs reccive from liim [ can truly say that 1 have only onc thin to lument over, and that is my bereft wifo who isyei i:i bondage. II 1 only luid her witli me, 1 ehouh: bc happy. Tct think not thnt I am unhappy.- Tliink not that 1 regret tho dioico ihat I have made. 1 counted tlio cost before I slarïcd - Ijctore 1 took lenvo of my wife, ebe wept over me, and dicssed tlie wouiula on my back causad by ilio lash. I then gave her the parting hand.nnd Blarted lor Canada. 1 expccted to bc puröned ns a folón, as I had been beforc, and to hv. liunicd as a fox froin tiiountain to cave. I wél) knew f I con nucd much Iongcr with Cl;iy, ilint I should lic killed by euch iloggings and abure by liis cruel oversecr i niy oíd age. I wantod to be freo bc foro I dioJ- and il" I sliould bc cauglit on the way to C.mnda and taken back, it could bo bui dcath, nnd I niight as woll die wilh the colic as ilie fever. With llicso cousidorations J starled for Canada. Such usage as tliis cautcd mo to ilee from undcr llio American cagle, and lake theltcr nndii the Briiish crowu. (Cheera.) Thanks be unto Ileavcn tliat 1 have got huro at last: on yondci sidc of Detroit river, I waa recognized as propcriy; hut o;i ibis de. I am on freo soil. Unil Hniunial Sharne, Ameiici! (Chccre.) A Republican despulís!, holding lineo nnllionsot oui fcllow men n slavery. Oh what a contrast between blavcry and lilicriyí JIcrc I etand crect, wiihout a cbain uou my limbd. (Chcers. ) He deeined, cmancipated, by tho gencrosity of G uat Driinin. (Cheer.) [ no w foel" as" independen í as ever llcnry Clay fclt when he was Tunniri for the White House. In fact I feel bctter. J1-Ins been dcleatcd four or five times, and 1 bui once. But ho v;.s running lorslavcry, and I for libcrty. I tliink 1 havo beat liini out of sighi. Tlianks bc to God that 1 ain electod to Cañada. and if I don't live bntono night, I am deturmin cd (O die on freo soil. Let my d.iys be few or niany. let me die sooncr or later, my gfovo shall bc made in freo soil." A Kong by II. lïibb - "The Fugitivcs Triumph." A reply y H. Bibb: Dear Iriend, in behnlf of the citi.ens of Canada, we bail you with joy - vo bail yon a9 a brother - wc bid yon welconio to all tho privileges and immuniiies of a citicn of Canada, atnong which nrc lifo, liberty, and pursuit of happincss. You are no Ionger a slavc - no loner tlirce-lifilis if a man - ihc vcry inoinent that you set your fopt on soil, thft fetters feil friiiii your linibs. You ate now ui a new country, atnong slrahgors, nnd far frotn yvm friendd, and wc cjii symputhizo wnh'ou. Wö know how yoü love whnt man hold nofrt denr - lus párente, relations, wifo mul cl.ilreil - and heart-rending as it is, wc must give licm op, !iw wc wili ever pray. And now, i:i ;..m lu.sion, niy advico i, g tó wo:k for yourself - ihc liind is riCli and ieriile, nnd lot us prove 10 lloiuy Cl.iv and 10 the world, tiiat we con tnkc r ol rturselvos, and Ie: hüiitaiy and inwgrity jo öüf motto iiow and foicvor. MoVöJ liy M. Needlmm, Miai ihe proeccdinys f the inteiiiig m p:i!lis!icd in ilic Siynal I Lib■ny, uud all oiliur pajicis fricudly to tho oppressjd. Aduux'J.