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ií K.ssit.s LOditors: - Some Detroit respondent of last week, nolicing the doings of our "Gothnm," ligliis upon the { St. l'atrick temperance celebralion. - I think I perceivc a Üttlc misapprehenplon ofqe in his notico. The celcbrationisnot, as is generally supposcd, a religión' one : it is purcly civil : as like ris possible to our 4t!t of July : commemorative ofihe introduction of ühristianity, and civil blessinga to I rel and. In lreland all secls celébrate the day. The most bitter anti-catholic, is or rather was bcfore the Mathewile cm, oftcn found the truest pj.ddy, with shamrock in hat, and the in hand, in which todrown his shamrockship. In fact it is country and not sect which speakson this day. - St. Patrick was not a catholic. At his time the only sects were christianity and pnganism.11 is era was the era of Ireland's glory. Sho was then independent and was refined and learned beyond the rest of Europc. A few centuries later iound her in the hands of the Danes, aud then of Kngland, the scat of oppression and woc ; unbroken and unmiligated, from that to the present pcriod. lier peoplo now turn back to this season of her glory, and ns the dispersed Jew looks towards his temple, and in his misfortune rccalls the splendor of hisSolomon, so oppressed, and colonized Ireland looks to this bright era in her nation's historv. The St. Tutrick's day is