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Henry Clay's Slave

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Wc publish in anothcr column, n communtcaon, purporting to bo on account of ihe reception it Ainherstburg, Canada, of a fugitivo from the icrvice of lienry Clny, of Kcntucky. Wc du ïot vouch for tho corrcctncss of ita staiemen'.s.- Wc learn from our exchanges that a pereon reating a similar story has passed througb Ohio ; wd wc presume tho individual ia the same. lf ie bo rcally n fugitive from tho service of Mr. Clay, he is cntitled lo teil bis own story, leaving lIic public to judge whetlicr lic or bis maater is most to be bclicvcd" in tbosc points where they liflor. Om experience leads us to receive statement. of this kind WÏlh conöiderable allovvancc ind qualification. From o narrativo of tbc nllcgcd facta jTtfrnuFiëd the Cleveland American (at second band, bowrver.) it nppcars that tbc flogging spoken of took ploce 'several days alter Mr. Cliiy's departurc for Cuba, and was performed by tbc overseer of Mr. Clay, assisted by tbc uveneer of Mr. Wickliil'e. The wbip having been forgotlcn by thé operators, tbc punisbment was inflicted by osipg an armful of ox-goads. Tbat Mr. Clay employcil an over?cer, in 1810, wlio uscd tbc whip in administcring tho disciplino i)f ihe farm, is certified by a statement of tho ovcrBeér, made to Mr. Fullcr, tbc Quaker of Sknneatelcs, N. Y. But wc are not owarc tbat any evidence tbat Mr. Clay wa9 a htrd .naster. in ibecommon acceptation of tbc phraee, has ever beforc beer. presented to the public. Whcn we reeeive any information confirming or invalidating tbc truth of this inan'a statement, we shall appriso our readers.