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Execution Of An Octogenarian

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Galveston, Texas, (Oct. 5) correspondence of the St. Louis Globe: "The Galveston papers of to-day coutain . tails of the hanging of Nelson Mitchell , for the morder of two men named Tmitt in Hood oounty, and the death of Joff Mitchell, who was trying to convey poison to his father in jail. Mitohell, who j is a man of eighty years of age, made several attempts to commit suicide on Wednesday night by hanging himself vvith a chain he had wrenched from the door, but his heart f ailed him. He spent the night in cursing the Sheriiï and officers, and on Thursday night a guaní was placed in his cell to prevent sflfdeatruction. On Thursday night the guard about the jail discovered au armed man crawling toward the jail, and, not , knowing how many others there miglit be, lired. In the inorning the lifeless j body of Jeff Mitchell, youngest son of ! the doomed man, aged about twentyone, was found on the ground, the whole top of his head blown off. He wus armed with a doubk-barroled shot-gun, and had a brace of Colt's revolvers buckled around Mm, and all heavily loaded. In his pocket was found a large vial of laudanum, ■wrapped with rags, which he was evidentiy conveying to liis father. The old man asked that the body be brought into the jail, that he rnight seo his son, and was much affected. Near by his horse was hitched, his hat and shoes tied to the saddle. The execution I was attended by 5,000 people. A little l'after 1 o'clock the wagon, containing the doomed man seated on his coffin, proceeded to the gallows, the rope was tied, and the execution gone through with."


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