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An Evasive Female Brought Up Before His Honor

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" Susan Wall, do you plead guilty to the charge of disturbiug the peace?" inquired the Court of a long female in a brown dress and a solernn looking bonnet. "I might, to-morrow," she replied, " But you won't to-day ?" "I shan't say that I won't." " Well, did you strike your husband with a club?" "It wasn't a stone, air." " What started the fuss?" "Ididn"t say tbere vraa a ftiss," she replied. "Did you have any trouble with your husband, Mrs. Wall?" " I didn't say I had a husband 1" "See here, Susan, I can't have any more fooling. I want you to return plain answers to my qiiestions. Was there a fuss?" "I didn't say there wasn't." "Did you hit your husband?" " I'm not pre pared to say I did or didn't." " I'm prepared, your Honor ! exclaimed the husband, as he carne ward and exhibited a fresh scalp wound. " Here's where slie liit me !" "You had trouble, eh?" " Yes, sir. She wanted a new corset, and I Baya that this is to be a hard winter and we'd better have taters than corsets, aud she saya I was the meanest man in Detroit and hit me here with a club." " What have you got to say to this, Mrs. Wall?" "I may say something pr I may not, she replied. "Well, I'll give you tliirty days in which to make up your mind. Go in and sit down beside Mr. Ferguson and talk about the grasshoppers until the Maria drives up. -


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