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Col. J. W. Forney comes to tlie rescue of Americana wlio are ridiouled by Englishmen for their nasal twang. He ■writes in one of bis London letters: " Let me admit at the start that there is nothing more delightful than the conversation of an educated Engliahman or Englisliwoman ; but the moment you pass from their cirole you are assailed at every quarter by a mingling of dialeots, and in many cases a most incomprehensible jargon. I often flnd it diflicult to understand an English clergyman, and it is the common remark of Americans ■who visit the theaters that they lose a large portion, of the play in consequence of the rapid and indistinct ennnciation of actors in subordínate parta. The same observation may be made with jnstice of me st of the speakers in the House of Commons. Take out Mr. Disraeli, Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Bright, and a few more, and it is next to impossible to oomprehend what nearly all the others aay."


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