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A Mr. Gbaham accidently killed hiinself wliile lranting near Yorkville last week. Work on the Chicago, Sagina-w and Canada railroad is progressing favorably. The State Prison at Jackson has now 787 convicta - the largest ïmmber ever confíned thero. Kent county Grangers have openod a general store at Grand Rapids, with a capital of $60,000. Ex-Auditor-General Homphkky lias accepled the position of Warden of the Jackson Stato Ptison, tendered him by Gov. Bagley. Edward Barbón, a freight coe ductor on tlie Detroit and Bay City railroa.l, WM killed by the cara at Colnmbiuville last Thursday. Harrinoton, who -was accused of killiug hia wi'e last spring, has lately been found drowned in the wfll in hls own cellar, at Bed Jacket. Prof. Jamks O. Watson, of tho Michigan University, lias reached Aun Arbur on the return from his trip to Chiaa to observe the transit of Vsma A beceüt decisión ét the Michigan Sïipreme Court is thought to save Kulamazoo S167.000 in a Ruit with the Continental Improvement Company railroad bonds. The Lowell Journal says Mrs. Kuby Jones, of Chicago, and Mrs. Buby Temple, of Nebraska, are visiting Mrs. Kuby Sunderlin, in Lowell, whose little daughter's name is Ikiby. John Schnkideb, of Detroit, a bigamist, was lately killed by a railroad train, just as his niimloinga were getting him into trouble. So they didn't get sucli a " big thing on Sohneider" as they anticipated. E. J. SteeiíIno, of Marquette.'aged 50 years, has been held in bonds of $1,000 a answer in the Circuit Court to the charge of ravishing a little girl of 12 years. The details of the affair are peculiarly disgusting. John Morris Ixas resigned the position of Warden at the State Prison and Williani Humplirey, of Laneing, AuditorGeneral and well known as a gentleman of fine executive talent, has been ap-pointed and has accepted. The death of Miss King at the burn ing of the Herndon Hotel at Marshall is ascribed to an overweening feelmg of modesty, which prevented her in her unclothed condition trom stepping upon a ladder upon which a flreman stood waiting to rescue her. A steong eftbrt is being made by the friends of Hillsdale College to erect the f ourtli building of the group, which is to be a building 52x72 feet, three stories high. It is to be ecoupied by the commercial aud telegraph departments, and aleo to be used as a dormitory for the gentlemen. Geobge Williams and Dave Kelley two roguea of Eaton Eapids, managed in some way to procure blank telegraphic letter heads and envelopes, fllled them out, addressed them to various farmers, and delivered them at the rate of $2 to $3 each. Kelley is now under arrest, but Williams has managed to eludo tha offlcers. Wamer B. Hül, of f Battle Creet, ■who -was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Barber in Grand Eapids about three weeks since i'or forgery, was arraigned for exainination before Judge Wadleigh last I'riday, and in default of $800 bail ■was committed to the Oounty Jail in Marshall to await trial at the November term of the Circuit Court. The residence of Joseph Robischung, at Kalamazoo, was burglarized one uight last week. The robbers extractad only $20 in money from the premiso. Mr. Bobischung claims if th-y had po-tponed their engagement vvitu hini tweuty-four hours they could have &ecure! a handsome compensation for thtir trouble. It ia thought to be the same .vang that attempted to tap the American House tül the night bef ore, but weie foiled in their intentions. A HORKIBLE outrage, aud one which -will probably result fatally, was committed upon Mrs. Annie M. Forrest, at Bay City. About midnight lust Thursday night she was awakened by somethinf? dropping on her nose, creating a bnmitii? sensation. Intense agony followod, and a physician pronounced it acid. It issupposedit was intended f or a girl who resided in the famüy and had been in the habit of sleeping with Mrs. Forrest, but was absent last night, and against whom some grudge was held. The outrage is suppoeed to have been committed by a man who had been Jilted 3y a girl who lived and slept with Mrs. Forrest. The following po3toffioe changos wero made in Michigan during the month of September : Established - Ferryville, Mason county, 24,015, Monroe to Ludington; Elgin, Antrim, '24,385, Elk Bapids to Otsego Lake ; Churchill, Ogemaw, special from West Branch ; Glad win, Midland, special trom Juenrille ; Pradenville, Boscommon, special itom Roscommon ; Vestaburg, Montcalni, special from Elm Hall ; Fewsville, Baraga, 21,410, Marquette to Hancock ; Portoge Fork, Jackson, 24,161, Heuriettato Jackson. Dlseontinued-Geddee, Washtena-w county, papers to Yps:lanti. Name CAanferf- Headache, Midland county, to Bradford. Thebe are rumors of murder and fonl play at Albion, the particnlars being au foUows- names Avithlield : " The partiei to the case were husband and wife. Uw supposed victim is the latter, who dieil suddenly about two weeks ago, and wal inimediately interred in one of the city cemeteries. Tlie act of laying out tbs corpse and placing it in tlie coffiu wni performed by the husband individv.allv, andimmediate interment made. Froia facts and incident developed in the fainüyand the circumstance attendirK the interment suspicions of foul plu were aroused, henee the exhumation an.l innitest. The deceased was about 40 yeai-sof age and the inotheï of a lara family. It is alleged she was subject 10 fits, in one of which she feil hoavily on the stove, which caused her death. To this theory Üiere are grave objection;'. The evidence points to other violent means, based on the faut of eevere injiiries to tho brain, which, Dr. Smile asKerta, could not reasonably result f roía a full aud oollisiou with any hard sirstance. A f urthor mvest.gatiou is bcing made."


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