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On Wednesday, In The Ward Will Case

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Moses W. Field testified that " he and Ward agreed ou the tariff and currenc y questions :" which may break the wül on the ground of want of sanity. The successor to ex-Secretary Delano has not buen announced. When the President gets over the fatigues of bis junketing expedition to the Pacific coast, he will probably run through the list of bis personal frieuds and make a sacrifice of aouie admirer. A LATK telegram reporta President Grant's return to Washington from his stock farm in Missouri. It is said that his farm stock, like his " stock" in the " third term," bas greatly depreciated the past year. Even those persons wbo regret the pecuniary sacrifice in the sale of his "blooded" horses will cheerfully submit to the sacrifice of his chances of re-election. Iowa and Neuraska gave their usual Republican majorities at the Tuesday elections, a Governor being elected in the former State with a Legislature, and educational and judicial oflicers in the latter. As nobody expected any thing else, the Deuiocrats had no tears prepared to shed, and the Republicana would be extreinely foolish to burn any powder. Up at Jackson they talk thut the resignation of Agent or Warden Morris was asked for by Gov. Bagley. This is the way the problem is solved : Bagley has his eye on the United States Senatorship, Croswell wants to be Governor, Humphrey ditto. Bagley provides lor the ex-Auditor-General, gets him out of Crosswell's way, and seoures the influonce of both. At which Ghandler will " swore another swear." All orthodox teachings are to the effect that God aftlicts his people for their own good ; from which we may draw the conclusión that the Denioo racy of this great nation are a portion of God's people, and that he has chosen to afïlict the Ohio battalion by giving them into the hands of the Philistines, for the benefit of the arm y at large. If the Ie8son is heeded good will come from it. So mote it be. The New York Post thinks that tLe fact that the Democrats have control of both branches of the Colorado Legislature will indefmitely postpone the conversión of that Territory into a State. Exactly ' It was only to be adrnitted to bolster up waning Republicanism by two Republican Senators. There bping no consolation of that kind in store, a Eepublican Senate will turn a cold shoulder and deolaro it a "rotten borough." THIS is what the Kalamazoo Gmette waa led to remark jnst before the Ohio election : " We shall not weep much if the Republicans carry the State, nor rejoice excessively if the Democrats are successftil. There is no doubt but that the defeat of Governor Allen would be the death-blow to the inflation moveinent." But, can the Gazette endure the the inflation of its townsman, Julius Csesar Burrows, consequent upon his iraagining that it was with his jaw Bill Allen was slain P The Republican gain in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Coluuibus, and Toledo, the four commercial centers of the State, was more than their entire majority for Hayes. This fact shows that in spite of the school question, dragged into the canvass by the Republicans, Allen would have been elected, had the Democratie Convention taken a Democratie ground on the money question, or even had it ignored it entirely. It was impossible to win the votes of thinking practical men, who cared less for party than principie, on a platform which buried common sense and common honosty beneath a mass of rag money and inflation verbiage. Report, seemingly well authenticated, eays that W. P. Storey, of the Chicago Times, is about to take a long-needed vacation.during which he will travel in Europe. The same report has it that Hon. J Sterling Morton, a prominout Nebraska politician, will assume control of the Times during Mr. Storey's absence. Mr. Morton is a gentleman of brilliant and diversifled abilities and attainments and has had editorial experience. He was formerly a student in the University, and in behalf of his many friends in this State, we may be permittod to expresa a wish that he will divest the Times of some of Storey's " pure cus sedness." Down in Olno "the wbang-doodle mourneth," and just becauao the venerable "William Allen . and the Cinciunati Enquirer people, witb their soft money hackers, " turned tail " to old-fashioned Democratie principies, sat down on the American eagle (the gold one), and atteuipted to compel the Democratie niasses to worship strange (paper) gods. Result : A Eepublican victory last Tuesday, Hayes beiug elected by about 3,000 majority. The Legislature is also ltopublican. The Ohio Demócrata should remeuiber hereafter the wise old proverbs : " Honesty is the best of policy," and, " Discretion is the botter part of valor." The City Attorney or City Counsellor of Detroit, whichever is the adviser of theCommon Council, should cali the attention of that body to the recent decisión ef the Supreme Court on the liquor tax case, and suggest to those nieiabers who make haste to vote for refunding paid tax inoneys to disgusted dealers, that thore íb no warrant in the tax law tbr any such action. The Court more than intiinates that the Legislatura did not make the collection of the tax optional with the local authorities, beeause it ineant to secure uniformity of collection throughout the State. There was no refuuding on the legislativo píate. As well might the Council Buspend the oollection of, as refnnd a tax levied or collected on personal property, beeause of a ale of the ame during the year. A CORRESPONDENT of the Chicago Inter-Ocean, of an investigating tnrn of mind, has boen examining into the reports and fiuanoinl statistios oi' the railroads of the oountry, and has come to the conclusión that while the comiuon or broad gauge roals tmve been, with soarcely an exoeption, losing money the lust year or two, the narrow or three feet gauge roads have made from 20 to 50 per cent, in excess of running expenses. His figures being facts it is certain that a narrow gauge road from this city to Toledo would be a paying investment. What says our "' railroad king 'í" The Frte Presa of Monday last extracted quite largely from the Demoooratic pross of the State oti thu currenoy question, and also gave individual letters. The oditoriiil fraternity, be it remerubered to its credit, is sbown by these letters and extracts to be almost a unit in favor of hard money, and opposed to the innation of irredeemable greenbacks. And we suspect that by this time sorue of the Free Press correspondents of an earlier date would be glad of an opportuuity to revise their financial views, and especially their estimation of the Ohio and Pennsylvania platforms. WlTH a view to aid Supervisors in the work of redistrioting their several counties, the Lansing Hepublican, of the 3th inst,, gives the population of some Corty couuliesas exhibited by the census of 1874, with the vote polled tor Governor in 1874, and for President in 1872. Coinmenting on a few fearfully and wonderfully constructed districts, the work of the apportionment of 1871, the Mepublican says: " But the climax is in the lst district of Washtenaw, where the cities and townships of Ann Arbor and Ypsilauti are attached by their corners, more grotesquely than a pair of saddle-bags." The " saddle-bags "may be disjoined by the board now in session. We shall see whother the new map will look any more picturesque or groteeque. Thos. D. Hawley ia the prospectivo Domocratic candidate for Mayor of Detroit. If he is pledged to the Sunday liquor-selling interest, or is not dead-set against wholesale Sunday desecration, he ought to be "scooped"' in to-morrow's oonvention. If not, he will be " scooped " by the people in November. And the same for any other candidate, whatever party trots him out. - Is there anything in the business of saloon-keeping that specially fits a man for alderman, or that gives the champions of free liquor traffic seven days in the week, claims to the highest municipal honors ? The fact is that there are seven keepers in the Detroit Comrnon Council, and that the Detroit saloon men demand Mayor candidates in their interest, or in the interest of Sunday selling, would indicate few fit men in other callings, in Detroit at least. And other large cities are under the same rule. In THE Supreme Court of this State, on Tuesday, a decisión was rendered in the liquor tax case. The opinión, written by Judge Cooley and unanimously concurred in by the other three judges, sustains the constitutionality of the law on all the contested points, holding that the tax is a local specific tax, though levied by a general law and therefore uot wrongly applied ; that the objection as to inequality or lack of uniformity is invalid ; and that taxation is in no way a liconse, and confers no special privileges. The discussiou of this point ought to open the eyes of those ultra temperance men, known as prohibitionists, who strike hands with the saloon men in opposing the tax law. Another week we shall publish the decisión in full. Suffice it to say now, that it will be concurred in by nine-tenths of the bar of the State, and that it clears the way to a business-like regulation of a traffic which under prohibitory legislation has had free and full swing. What would the business or commercial world think of a banker, ïnanufacturer, or merchant who would " buil and bear" his own paper in the market places and on the street corners ? And yet that it is just what the government of the United States has been doing ever since it cominenced selling its gold coin - the only legal tender it ever had any conatitutional authority to créale - for the purpose of purchasing and retiring, not its over-due and depreciated greenbacks, but its long-time and preniiuin-bearing bonds. Every gold dollar sold by the Secretary of the Treasurer or under his order, at a premium, is the act of a worthless parent in discriminating against a portion of his progeny, recognizing the one as legitímate and the other as a bastard. It is national disgrace for the government to provide two grades of nioney, one for the custom house officer and bondholder, and auother for the common people. Instead of pursuing longer the dishonest and insane policy of selling its surplus gold, let the tinancial oflicers hoard it a little while, and thon commence the redemption of its greenbacks. Such a policy would soon bring its greenbacks to par and restore the gold and silver - now only a inerchantable commodity - to circulation. Another way toward the accomiilishment of the samo object would be the amendment of the revenue or tariff laws so that a portion of the eustom duties, such a portion as will prevent the accuinulation of surplus gold, may be paid in greenbacks. There should be, thpre must be, but one standard or tneasure of values, and ! gress and the government are traitors to their duty and to the interests of the country if they do not keep thie end in view, and either retire the greenbacks or stop discriminating against them, both by iegislathe trickery and a shystering systom of streut brokerage. Honest and economical administration nd judicious legislation will accomplish Uie desired object without bringing on any financial crisis or matérially disturbing values, and that done let Congress keep hands off. It knows nothing of the volume of currency demanded, and it is not safe for it or the executive department to be given the control of it in any way.


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