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Advice To A Girl Who Is "finishep."

Advice To A Girl Who Is "finishep." image
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Josh Bülings gives the following : Gertrude - Yu teil me that yu have been 2 years at a boarding skool, and tiav just finished yure edukashun, aud waut to know what yu shall do next. Listen, uii gubhing Gertrude, and I will teil yu. Git up in the morning in good season, go down into the kitchen, seize a potato by the throat with one hand aud a knife with the other, skin the potato, and a dozen more just like it, stir up the buckwlieat batter, look in the oven and see how the biakut are doing, bustle around generally, step on the cat's tail, and help yure good old inother git breakfast. After breakfaüt put up the yung children's luncheon for skool, help wash up the dishes, sweep suiu, put things in order, sumtime during the day nit at least 2 inches and a half on sum of yure brothers' little bluu woolen stockïngs for next wiuter In other words go to work and ruake yurself useful now thut yu have bekuui ornamental, and if you have enny time left, aftpr the beds are all made and the duks have been fed, pitch into the pianna, and mako the old rattle-box skreain with musik. Do this for one year, and sum likely yuug fellow in the naborhood will hear ov it, and begin to hang around yu, and say sweeter things than yu ever heard before, and finally give yu a chaiiee to keep house on your own hook. Yu follow mi advice, Gerty, and see if he don 't.


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