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Subscribe fob thk Arous. - Heury W. Rogers, Eq., hns been spendiug some time in Iowa. - Other towns in the county than ours are having a little taste of the apple trade. - J. Webster Childs, the " boss" granar, has raised over 8UU barrels oí apples this year. - The masous are nearly through plasteriug the audienoe room of the new Congregationa Church. -Messrs. J. M. Swift ifc (Jo. are again pushinfr business forward. They now turn out 100 barrels of flour duily. -The Ypsilanti Light (Juard will organizo next Wednesday evemng. New officers will be chosen at the meetiug. -The old roadway through the platform 9 uth of the depot has been elosed up by a. coutuiuation of the phittorm. -Charles McOrober has removed his store from the old stuud to the atore of O. M. Martiu, No. 33, South Main Street. - The morning exercises in the public schools at Ypsilaiiti are now held in the separate rouins and not in the chapel. - Jerry C. Knowlton and wife Ieft on Wednesday evening for Louisville, aud will spend a portion of the wiuter in Kentucky. - l'rof. Estabrook, of the State Normal School, says Ue has ouly been " comt'ortably sick," and that lie will be about again soon. - The removal of Maybee to the State prisoii last week lett Sheriff FlezniuK without auy boarders. The "dull season" lasted a week. - Our forraer fellow-citizen L. B. Sluwson, aíter spendiug a week or two ainoog his old lriends here, retunied to Bay City on Tuesday. - Clareuce W. Case has been appomted township treasurer, of Manchester, to fill the vacaucy cauel by the death uf Emanuel Case. - Several improvemeuts have lately been made in aud about the Leonard House, arnon-j which is the addition of fivo uew billiard tables of latest style. - The barn of James Smith, situated three quarters of a mile north of Chelsea, was burueJ last Friday, while the owner was in this city. Insured for $2,000. - Of cour8e C. Bliss & Son would be the first to get on a new stock of goods, and those they are now receiviug are pertectly elegant. S.ep in aud take a look at them. - il. J. Ü'Boiüy w:is brought before Justice JlcMülbm last week, to say why he ahouldu't pay his city saloon hceuse. He waived argument and forked over. - Geo. W. Hayes, late of this city, is now counected with .) ames Xall, Jr., & Co., ai dry goods and carpet dealers, Detroit. See tlioir advertisment n auotlier column. - Charüe Milieu departed for New York yesterday, aud will select a large stook of choice aud seasouable goods, which will be sold at bottom figures on the cash priuciple, - Bev. Mr. Hall will preach ou Sunday inorniug at St. Anurew'a Church on the subject : Christiau Idolatry" In tlie ovening, the subject of the discourse wili be, " Soul Rest.' - Delaney & Hüt, of this city, have the contruct lor building a new hose cart for the fire company, to accoinpitny the new fire eugme. Tliey will construct a " vehicle" worth $150. - " Look out for the engine when the bell rings !" Not on the Toledo, Anu Arbor and Northern Bailroad. No necessity for that, as the traína come to a full stop at every crossing. -The pastor of the Presbyteriau Church of Ypsilanti will receive but $1,000 instead of ll.UUO the coming year. The organist, too, has been aaked to play for $00 less than last year - Joatiph Heudersou quarreled with his wife. She arreated him for threats agaiust her life. The law prospectivo brought peace to the distnrbed home and the court was robbed of a OMA. - Our former foilow citizeu, Col. C. B. (iiant, has been speudiug a few days in town, and one of the fruits of his vidit is a sniall diviuund to the creditors of the estáte of E. M. Uiegory. -The subjects of discourse by Eev. C. H. Bngham at the Uuitariau Church on Sunday uext are : Moruing- " Ciiristian Fidehty." Evoning- "The Belation of the Jewish Beligion to the Ohristiau." - Fathtr Heuuessey, the founder and pastor of St. I'atrick's Church, Detroit, aud foruerly au assistant of the late Father Culten, of this city, aieil on Monday afteriioon last, alter a long aud severo illness. - Kandall Schuylei, of this city, and Daniel McDowell, of Ypsiluuti, have been drawn as traverse jurors for the November term of the United States Courts, aud will be required to report at Detroit on the '2d prox. - Bev. Dr. Brown will be installed pastor of the Presbyterian Church of this city, by the Detroit Fresbstery, next Thursday evening, Oct. 21st. The sermou will be preached by Rev: Mr. Laidlow, of Detroit. -The New York World of the 4th inet. had a fair aud courteous review of Dr. Cocker's new book, " The Theistic Conception of the World," although the reviewer does uot seera to accept all of the author's couclusions. -Bev. Samuel W. Duffield delivered the inaiversary address before the Young Peoples' Associatiou of the Presbyterian Church, on Suuday. evening. The subject of his very interesting address was " The Higher Lile." -Bev. Dr. Brown will give a course of Sunday eveuing sernions Dn the " Sacred Mountains," at the Presbytenan Church, commenciug uext Suuday evening. The subject of the firet of the course will be " Mount Ararat." i - The day that Theodore Thomas carne, : a down-town gentleman revealed his understauding of the useiulnesa of a coucert troupe, ', by inquiring at what hour Theodore would appear in his band wagon upou the streots. - The old Uougragational Church (now Zion's, (Jerman Lutheran) ia beiug repaired and improved externally. I'red. Schmid, Jr., seems to be superintending the job, and says " it will beat your Yankee Churches." Good. - The Courier man tried hard to " curry favor" with the homeopathiats last week, by torturing an ABGU8 allusion to Dr. Morgan into au insult. Nobody but a flat would have put suoh a constructiou upon the facetious paragraph. - Send applications tor space to exhibit articles at the eihibition of all nations (Centenmal) to F. W. Noble, Sectretary of State Centeunial Board oí Managers, Time is drawiug to a close to secure space. No charge for space. - Uwen McEntee, of Lyndon, who m over 106 yeais of age, attended the fair at Chelsea H9t week. He is probably the oldest person in the county, aud yet he is hale and hearty. He ia of lrish dement, aud ia not able to read or write. - The last ligature was removed from the neck of Henry Ortman last Friday, so that all ordinary dauger is now past. He rose from twd the same day and seemed to rejoice in the feeling of a well man. His eyesight is periectly vestored. - The Congregationalists will hold their services next Suuday at 3 P. JI in Zion Church. The sermón will be preached by the Bev. Mr. Trowbridge, a representativo of Aiutab College, Turkey. Suuday School will be held iuimediately after service. - Hon. A T. Metcall, of Kalamazoo, was in our city on Tuesday and Wedneaday, in atteudance upon the meeting of the State Dental Association. He seemed to amile aa pleasantly as during the Chandler cam'paign last winter, at Lansing, notwithstanding the depreuing utiwi ïroin Ouio. - Hon. H. J. Beakes has removed his lar?e and Taluable law hbrary to Detroit. The members of the bar, who have been accustomed to forage on it freely, will be greatly inconvenienced by the change. We suggest " a bar library" with a " pool" of books. -The Chelsea bae bnil club lm been doing wonders. Last week they gained victories over the Star club, of Stockbridge, the Pinckney club, and wouM have treated the Uuadilla club in the same way if the ram had not interfered. They took a $10 prize in each case. The first annual meeting of the Woman's Temporalice Alliance of this county will be held at Saline, Oct. 28th and 29th, 187Ó, at the Presbyterian Church, commencing at half past ten o'clock. It is expected that every iuion in the county will send delegates. - The Common Council has authorized the City Attorney to compile the charter and compile and revise the ordinances, with a view to reprinting. After the "revisión" and before printing the Council should re-enact or the new volume will be as worthless as the present one. - Thos. O. Ward, formerly of this city, and for a short time local editor of the Courier, was found dead in his bed at Kalamazoo on Saturday, after an illness of one day. Mr. Ward was for several years pubhsher of ths Paw Paw True Northerner, and inventor of ;lie Ward air-break. -Will J. Bennett, son of Henry D. Bennett Steward of the University, left for Califoruia on Weduesday evening. He will bring up in the San otebrielie Valley, near Loa Angeles, where his brother Henry has been for two years, working up a viueyard and fruit plantation. -The stormy weather dimiuished the. successs of the Chelsea fair last week. Yet the showing in stock and vegetables was good. ?remiums on stock twere taken by Chas. Whitaker, of Lima; Boyd Bros., of Sylvan; Warner and Jones, of Dexter ; and Mr. Wood, of Lima. -The Supervisors and " City Fathers" helped to swell the Can-Can audience on Wednesday eveuing. Some of thetn took ront seats and then failed to have their exectations realized. We hear that the Sheriff charged $3 in his " bill," for accompanying and acting as guardián to the Supervisors. Cheap enough. - L. W. Bodwell, living on West Liberty treet in this city is some as a potato grower. On the 18th of May last te planted one lb. each of the Eureka and Snowflake, two new varieties, and on the Hth day of September dug 327 lbs. 8 ozs. of the former variety, and 323 lbs. 2 ozs. of the latter. Who is the man o make a better report. ? The Ladie8' Library Association resumed ís reading and conversational meetings on donday evening last, at the residence of Mrs. Israel Hall. These meetings have been kept up tor a number of years, with stoort and infrequent interruptions, and the ladies have considered them both pleasant and profitable. They are to be held monthly hereafter. - Misses Fannie P. Andrews and Luella Lee came to this city on Saturday from the Sandwich Islands, to prepare for and enter the University. They carne via San Francisco and the Central Pacific Itailroad, having left thnt city on the Monday preceding, and the Islands two weeks previous. Mírs Andrews is a sister of S. C. Andrews of the firm of Sheehan & Co. -Farmers bring in your apples. You can get eighteen ïhillings a barrel, if they are prime. No less than a thousand barrels a day are being bought by the different buyers, who are Messrs. D. Henning, S. Wood & Co. and J. Faust. The last named gentleman is from Milwaukee, to which city he is shipping what he buys. The other purchasers ship their fruit both east and west. Mack & Schmid don't sit down and bewail the dull times, but are now receiving thoir second stock of fall and winter goods of the very latest styles, which they offer at greatly reduced prices. Black dress goods, silks, alpacas, mohairs, and brilliautines are thoir specialty. They sell every thing cheap and we are satisfied will meet the wants of the ladies, in quality and style as well. - A happy wedding took place at the residence of Mr. John W. Thompson, one and a ha!f miles south of this city, on Monday. The parties were Mr. Porter Lathrop and Miss Ida Thompson. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Cocker. The whole affair was very pleasant, and numerous friends were gathered to congratúlate the newly wedded. The day was also the 27th anuiversary of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson's marriage. - A large and appreciative audience greeted the Theodore Thomas ürchestra Troupe on Friday evening last. We noticed a number of Ypsilauti people ín the audieuce (who didn't come up on Bro. WoodrufFs street railway), and cloae observation failed to indícate taat they had a better ear for good music than the average Ann Arboreiau. But perhaps, at the ir distance froin our station, we failed fco discover their full development of ear. - The Abous oftice has been headquarters for the Board of Supervisors during the week, or for a number of them. They have been examiniug the Abous real estáte sale reporta, with a view to a companson of assessments ín the several townships with absolute selling prices. If each of the Supervisors not now on our Ust8 would subscribe for the Abgus, they woald themselves constitute a rauch more enlightened body at the end of another fiscal year. - Mrs. Ann Eliza Young, ex-nineteenth wif e of the prophet Brigham, head of the "latter day saints," and possessor of numerous other titles as well as of numerous other wives and innumerable childreu, is advertised for a lecture at the Opera House in thie city on Saturday evening of next week, Oct. 23d. Mrs. Young is reputed an interesting lecturer, and will probably dish up her Mormon experiences, and dissect her late Mormon friends in a right lively manner. , - A joint meeting of the Boards of School Inspectora of this city and of the townships of , Aun Arbnr, Lodi, and Pittsfield, has been oalled to be held at the office of Bach & Abel in this city, on the I6th iust., at 2 o'olock p. m., to consider an applicatiou to detach certain territory from fractional school district No. 3 of Aan Arbor, Lodi, and PitUfield, and attach the same to the city district. The school board of this city has given the necessary consent to the alteration. The territory desiring annexation adjoins the district on the South, lying both sides of the extensión of State street. -On Thuraday last, at Manchester, Hon. John J. Robisou was presentad with a magnificent granger pipe, in honor of his position as a member of that noble order. The presentation was made by Mr. Nathaniel Schmid, Superintendent of the finn of Mack & Schmid in that village, in an effective speech, and an equally happy response was made by the recipiënt. This " pipe of peace" will probably go the rounds hereafter among the fraternity at the opening of their (Jrauge meetings, and the rising clouds of smoke will undoubtedly diffuse peace and harmony in uutold measures. - On Wednesday evening last, Bev. Mr. Hubbell and wife were the unconscious victima of a most friendly conspiracy on the part of the ladies ot the Benevoleut Society of the Congregational Church. In the absence of the pastor and hia lady, who were designedly detained at the house of a f riend, the ladies took full possession of the parsonage, and spread the table for a uountiful repast. After the en" tertainment had been served, Mrs. D. S. Wood, on behalf of the Ladies' Society, in a few appropriate remarks, presented Mrs. Hubbell with a beautiful and substantial token of the esteem of ttie church, in the form of a handtome black silk dress, and also souie thirty dol lars in money. There was sung, " Biest be the Tie that Binds" with full hearts, as pastor and people reviewed in grateful memory the blessiugs uud wuilt of thu past aix


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