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The Board Of Supervisors

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The Board of Supervisors ot this county met in animal session at the Court HouBe, on Monday last, Ootober llth, at 11 o'clock a. m. The County Clerk, Peter Tuite, oalled the roll, when a quonn was found present. Ou motion, S. W. Shurtleff, of Ann Arbor town, was elected temporary chairman, after which an adjournnient waa taken to 1 1-2 o'clock p. M. At the afternoon aession, the Board proceeded to eleot a permanent chairman, the vote standing, for W. Irviug Yeckley, 14 ; for Dauiel LeBaron, 11. Mr. Yecklsy was declared elected. He has served in the same capacity in tqrroer years, and his experience will enable the Board to do business rapidlr. The Chairman was authorized to appoint the standing committees, and the Board adourned until Tuesday at 10 A. M. The Board is constituted as follows : L, D. Balt, Webster. Hiram Batchelder, Ypsilanti City. Wilson H. Berdan, Saline. Benjamlu Brown, Ann Arbor City. Jacob Breining, Freedom. Horatio Burch, Manchester. David Depew, Pittstield. Antou Eisele, Ann Arbor City. Patrick Fleming, Dexter. Freeman P. (xalpin, Superior. Egbert P. Harper, Lodi. W. F. Hatch, Sylvan. Step hen Johnson, Scio. Con rad Krapf, Ann Arbor City. Daniel LeBaron, Bndgewater. Emory E. Leiand, Northfleld. Audrew J. Lettel], Ypsilanti Uity. John D. Oloott, Augusta. Hiram Pierce, Lima. John J. Bobiaon, Sharon. Selden W. Hhurtleff, Ann Arbor Town. Jesse Warner, York. George S. Wheeler, Salem. Thos. Young, Lyndon. W. Irving Yeckley, Ypsilanti Town. Mr. Wheeler moved the adoptiou of the rules ot the last Board ot Supervisors for the government of this Board. Which was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Brown, the Board adjounied until halt uast nine to-morrow morning. TUESDAY, OCT. 12, 1875. Board met pursuant to adjournment. (Jalled to order by the chairman. Roll called, present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read and approved. The chair announced the standing comroittee8 as follows : On Redistricting the County -Ocott, Robison, Brown, Berdau and Breming. On Equalization-Shuiüefi, LeBaron, Pierce, Batchekler and Young. On Criminal Claims - Wheeler, Leitch and Hatch. On Civil Claims - Krapf, Burch and Johnaon. To Settle with County Officers - (xalpin, Robiaon and Krapf. On Salaries of County Officers - Brown, Harper and Leiand. On Apportionment o State and County 'Vates - Leiand, Eisele and Warner. On Public Buildings- Berdan, Fleming and Depew. On Rejected Taxes - Ball, Depew and Pierce. On Per JDiem Allowance - Hatch, Burch aud Fleming. On Vnfinished Business- Johnson, Warner and Q-alpin. To examine accounts of Superintendents of the Poot- Harper, Eisele and Ball. On Stnall Pox Claims- LeBaron, Batchelder and Krapf. Mr. Pierce offered the following resolution which was adopted : Resolved, By the Board of Supervisors of Washteuaw County, that the basis of equalization be fixed at $9,000,000. Mr. Brown moved that the County Treasurer be requested to read and explain to the Board the communication from the Auditor Qaneral's office. Which motion prevailed. In compliauce with the above request, Washtenaw County account current with the State of Michigan was read, and, on motion of Mr. Robison, was referred to the committee to settel with county officers. On motion of Mr. Krapf, the Board adjourned to halt-past one o'clock p. M. AÏTKRNOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Roll called, present a quorum. On motion of Mr. Leitch the time for visiting the County House was set down for tomorrow niorning at 10 o'clock. Mr. Shurtleff moved that Mr. Robison be appointed as a committee of one to procure proper conveyances for the Board to visit the Poor House. Carried. Mr. Robison moved that Mr. Shurtleff be appointed as a committee of one to ascertain the most favorable terms for publishing the proceedings of the Board. Mr. Shurtleff moved an amendment that Mr. Robison be added to the committee. The amendment prevailed ; the original motion was then put and carried. Mr. Leitch moved that the board adjourn until to-morrow morning at half-past 9 o'clock. Which motion prevailed. Wednesday, Oct. 13, 187-). Board met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by the chairman. Roll called, present a quorum. Mr. Robison, from the committee to procure conveyances for the board to visit the County House, reported that necessary conveyanoes from Messrs. Robison & Baxter and Pol he mus would be on hand at 10 o'clock A. M. The committee to whom was referred the matter of publishing the proceedings of the board, reported that they had visited the AbOU8 and Courier offices and that they could have the same published for $25 each. Mr. Robison moved that the sum of f 2ó be paid to each newspaper published in this county which shall publish the proceedings of this board, within one mouth after the final adjournment of this boord. Which motion prevailed. Mr. SburtlefE moved that a Reporter be appointed for the board, at a salary of $25. Which motion was lost. Mr. Hatch moved that that f 25 be allowed the Clerk for furnishing a copy of the proceedings of this board to some one newspaper published in this county. Carried. Mr. Hhurtleft moved that the board resolve itself into a committee of the whole, t visit the County House. Carried. Mr. Robison being called to the chair, the board resolved itself into a committee of the whole to visit the County House. The coramittee having returned, after visiting the County House, Mr. Shurtleff moved that they rise and report. Which motion prevailed. Mr. Robisou, chairman of the committee, asked until Friday moruing to report, (iraiited. Mr. Robison moved that Mr. Burch be excused for the balance of the week. Carried. On motion of Mr. Leiand, board adjourned until to-morrow laoining at half-past 9 o'clock.


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