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Some persou set tire to the breaker at Graneber & Kompel'a colliery, uoar Pottwville, Pa., one night laat week, and before aBsistauce could arrive the breaker was totally deetroyed. Loss, $100,000... .The bobbin factory of the Van Riper Hanufacturing Coinpany, Paskack, N. J., the largest in tho oouiitry, was recent] y burned. Loss, 875,000 The most notable matrimonial event of the season carne off at Hartford, Ct., last week, the high contracting parties being Arthiir Murray Dodge, of New York, and Miau Josephine Jewell, eldest daughter of the I'ostmaster-General. A large assemblage of notabilities were present. Geoeöe J. Aixbn, of Fall Eiver, Mass., bas been sentenced to four years in Uie Penitentiary for eloping with a girl aud making a false affidavit as to her age Jobn Gorhatn, President of the G-orhain Süver Manufacturing Company, of New York, bas failed. Speculatiou in real estáte did it. His embarrassment does not affect the credit of the company. George W. Pemberton was Üung at Boston on Friday, the 8th inst., for themurder of Hrs. Bingham, in March last Messrs. Moody aud Sankey wül begin their revival work October 81, in theBrooklyn (N. Y.) rink, wbich has capaoity for accommodating from 7,000 to 8,000 persons. The services will be on the game general plan as that pursued in Great Britain. Dnncan, Sherman & Co., the banknipt bankers, compriuing Wm. Butlor Duncan, Wm. j WattH Sherman, and Francis H. Grain, havs j been arrested in New York, on complaint of one of their creditors, on a charge of fraud and obtainiug money on false pretenses, and held to bail in the sum of $5,000 eacb. A fkeihht train on the New York Central railroad flew the track while entering Iïochester, N. Y., a few days ago, and dashed into the depot, demolishing the walls and causing a general smaah-up of the train. The engineer and fireman were inatantly orushed to death. j John Ryan died at Boston, last week, from the effectB of injuries received in a prize-fight with Michael Carncy j Another civil suit haa been instituted in tbo ; New York courU against Tweed for L983,040. The man Westervelt, charged with being implicated in the abdaction of Charloy lloss, has been senteneed to seven years' solitary confinement in the Eastorn Penitentiary of Pennsylvania and fined .f 1 .... The New York pólice think they have captured the murderor of Mr. James H. Noe. His name is John Dolan. He admita pawning the murdered man's watch. THE WEST. A horrible triplo tragedy wat) enacted a few daya since at Car inville, DI. A young man named Charles Brink murdered his mother-inlaw, Mrs. Oliver W. Hall, and his wife, and j then comraitted suicide. Brink had been married several months, and was of rather a qnarrelboine diapositiou. Last week his wife was i sick, and he failed to givo her that attontion '■ wliich she needed. Her mother inducod her to return homo, where Bhe could have care and attcntion. This seeioed to have sa inoeuséd Brink as to render niru insanc Two j or three days after his wife had left his home he borrowed a pwtol and repaired to hia rnother-in-law's house. What took place there will never be known, as all the parties are dead. The firat that was known of any diiSculty was the two women running into tho street and soreaming, and Briuk after tliem. They fled to a neighboring house, wliere he ! overtook them and committed the triple murder. He first shot his mother-in-law, who ran a hort distance and feil dead. He then shot hi wife, killing her iutantly. Then ho put the revolver to iiia own liead and blew out his brains Tliousande of hort-es in Cincinnati are sick with tho epizootic. A pakty of Black Hillers, who were arrested souo time ago by United States cavalry, while en route to the gold flelds, havo just been reloased at Yankton, anlitisanuounced that thev ! wiü proceed against ths govcrument for falae iuiprisonment. . . .The American BoarJ of ForeignJIiHaions heldits annua! ficaüion in Chicago, last weck, aud was largeïy atUmdod. . . .Many horses in Chicago and elsewlieie tliroughout the West are afflicted with tho epizootic. Thn I disease seemw to be sproading all over the country, fout happily ia not so fatal as it wae fclirce yecra ago. President Grakt, on hia recent visit to Denver, presentid ex-Gov. Hunt with a $5,000 stallion for hin stud faim near that place.... The nog cholera is playing Bad bavoc in some parts of Ohio. In Franklin county alone it is etituated that over 6, 000 have died. Ikformation from Macon, Mo., says that it is now a ettled fact that gold abouuds thero in paying quantities. Au oíd miner from California has just completed a prospecting tour, and in four days gathorod from the Burfaee of the ground i?100. Great excitement prevail over the recent flevelopments, and the hills are covered with prospector, who, in upite of their inoxperience, make fair wages. Tuis new gold región iü on the Chariton river, about SI miles northwest of Maoon, and 19 rnile from the northern branch of the Bt. Louis, Kansas City and Northern road A Salt Lake dispatoh reporta the diseovery of rich gold diggiugs in the Sweetwater and Big Hom mountains .... Capt. Bogardua, the famom pigeon-shooter, was arrested at 8t. Louis oue day last week, at the iuatance of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animáis, for shooting a pigeou match near that city Mr. John McCulloiigh, one of the few really great actors on the American stage, is playing an engagement to crowded house at McVicker's Theater, in Chicago. Pnor. Jennky, of the Black Kills oxploring expedition, reporta the discovery of gold in email qnantities in the Bear Lodge Mountains, in the northweatorn portion of the Hills Snow feil in v&rious portions of the Northwest on the llth of October, the first of the aeason. THE SOUTH. Mork race tronbles are reported from Mlsslssippi. The scène of the disturbances is located at Friar'a Point, the home of ex-Senatcr James L. Alcorn. So far as we are able to judge from the ineager accounts, the trouble was tho ontgrowth of a personal and political feud between Alcorn and the negro Sheriff of tho county, Johii Brown. The Assoeiatod Press dispatches state that the blacks, to the uuinber of 300, armed and equipped, were marchiiig upou the town, when the whites went out and attacked them, and a running fight was kept p for tliree or four miles, Sereral negroes and one white man were wounded. At last acconnta both parties were arming and organiztng, and it is feared there will be more bloodahed. Some weoka ago Joseph Crewa, a prominent Republican politician, and an opponent of Gov. Chamberlaiu, was killed by unknown aasasains in South Carolina. Several colored men now como forward with affidavits implicating Gov. Chamberlain and State Treasurer Cardozo in tho murder. The friends of the latter repel the charge, and deuounee the amants aa perjurers and eonapiratora Dr. Seara, the genei al agont of the Peabody educational fund, reporte that the public achoola of the South are couatantly iniproving in character and improving in number. A diiticdlty occurred Iaat week in Charleston, Tallahatchie county, Miea., between a colored man named Blackwell, the Sheriff, Alcorn, and other officials of the county. Plackwoll was abusing Alcorn and other ïïepiiblican leaders, and was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Stewart. After being arrested, Blackwell shot George Wall, a white man, dead, and was then pursued by the Sheriff and hemmed up in a back room of a grocery store and shot by the Sheriff and aesistaut aome fifteen or twenty times and mortally wounded .... The colored people of Georgia held a convention at Augusta last week, and appointed an Emigration Bureau to gsther information of the best localities inside the State of Georgia for nogroes in the late inaurrectionary counties to emigrate to. An address was adopted stating that tha negroes aro not given their rights in Goorgla, colored men are not allowed to sit on juriea, and do not receive the protection of the rourts. Judge Robeet J. McKinney, for many yeara one of the Judges of the Supremo Court of Tenueaaee, and one of the most eminent juriste in that State, is dead AJvioes from Friara Point, Miss., report no more fighting, but everything uusettled, and the agricultural interest paralyzed. The negroea there tlueaten to hang Browu, the Sheriff, and Smith, tho candidate for Chancery Clerk, if they return, for having caused the disturbance. Reports from other parts of tho State show great demoralization among the laborera, and great danger of a large portion of the cotton erop being lost for want of hands to piek it An indiaeriminate ahooting occurred one day last week in the atreets of Grenada, Miss. , between Sheriff Franck and hi=i eon on the one side, and Stato Senator Price and his aon-inlaw on tho other, during winch some fifteen shots were fired, but no one was hurt. All the parties were Republicana, but belonged to different factions. WASHINGTON. The Comptroller of the Currency lias called upon the national banks for a report, exhibiting their condition at the olose of business on Friday, the lat day of October, 1875 Theintornal rovenue returns for September show an ulerease of receipts of about $1,250,000 over the carreeponding period last year. Gen. H. V. Boynton, the well-known Washington correspondent, ia preparing a review of Gen. Sherman'a memoirs. It will be made up chiefly of the official records of the War Department.. . .It is now claimed that young Fisher, late Assistant District Attorney. who ia in jail on an indictment for malfeaaance, is insane, and efforts are benig made to have him trunsferred from priaon to an asylum. The books of the Treasury Department ahow that for the fifteen months ending September 30, there have been withdrawn $20,000,000 in United States bonds, and depoaitod with the Treasurer to secure nationnl bank circulation. In lieu of these bouda, ninety per cent., or a total of 618,000,000 in national bank currency has beenretired. . . . Indian Commisbioner Smith has resigned. . . . Another party of vagrant redekinH, belonging to the Chippewa tribe, visited Washington last week for the purpose of laying their grievancea before the President. Tliey claim that they have been badly awindled by ageuts and traders . . . . The Cathoiic leaders of Washington, with Mrs. Gen. Sherman at their head, are organizing a permanent Indian Cathoiic misaionary association. Missionary workers are to be sent among all the Indian tribes, to.woo the gentle savage into laying down the tomahawk and scalping implement, and otherwise entitling himself to a life membership in tho motlier church. Attorney-General Habms, ex-Senator Pease, and United States Attorney Wells, of Mississippi, visited Washington last week, and had a lengthy cousultation with AttorneyGeneral Pierrepont in regard to the condition of allairs in their State. They made serious charges against Gov. Ames, and assured the Attorney-General that any departure from the polioy of the administration already indicated by the Attorney-General would be disastroua to the hitereats of the State, and especialiy would its best citizens deplore the sending of troops. The United States Supreme Court commencod ita October term on the llth inst., all of tho Justices being present except Miller. POIxlTICAt. Gen. Bartlett, who waa nominated by the Demócrata for Go vernor of Maesachusette, has withdrawn. GF.HEHAL. In the United States Circuit Court at St. Louis, laat week, the case of Buoll, the Washington correspondent, indicted for libeling Seuator Chaudler, came up, and Judge Treat discharged the priaouer for want of jurisdiction. .... The American Board of Commiasioncra for Foreign Missions held their sixty-aixth annual convention at Chicago, laat week. The meeting was largely attended and the proeeediugs interesting. Some interesting etatiaticaof miasionary work were read A cargo of peachoa has been succeasfully exported from New York to London, where they arrived in good order. Tue air-ship of Schroeder, the Baltimore bulioonist, in which he proposes to croes the Atlantic, is ncarly completod, and be will shortly start on bis voyage. It is conatruoted of pine, three-fcightUs of au inch in thicknettB, and haa a as capacity of 135,000 f eet, The ship will have a carrying capacity of nine men. Schroeder calculiites to reach Washington, a dii-tiiice of 35 milea, in 18 or 20 minutea ; New York, a dintauco of 200 milen, in 1 hour and 40 minutes, aud to sail from New York to Liverpool, a diiitance of 3,300 milea, in 40 houra. Two Canadiau propellers -the St. Audley and the Briatol - were burned to the water's odge at Uamiltou, on Lake Ontario, on the night of tho 7th inst. They wero valued at $40,000 eacb The Poiinsylvama railroad is now carryiug passengere by its fast mail traína between the Eaat and Weet. It is uudei-atood that alJ the other trunk lines will go and do likewUe. The PrcB Jent of tho Huntiugtou (W. Va.) Bank has fully identifled the man receLtly tured in Fentress county, Tenn., as one of the gang who robbod that bank's safes some rime ago. He had in hls posseeaion 44,900 of the stolen mouoy . . . . Sunday, Oet. 10, was the seventh annivereary of iudependence in the Mand of Cuba. The day was appropriately obaerved by the Cuban reaidents of the city of New York. A pkep-IjAid ana well-coneerted plot to rob the Bank of British North America, of Moiitreal, by means of falso lettors of credit, has bccu frnutrated, aud six of the swindlers arrested. The bauk lost $2,700 at Halifax,where the plot was not kuowu. FOKÜHGN. Acvicks from Liverpool report a firmer feeling aud marked rise in the price of breadstuffs and provisions. A London dispatch also states that the English hop erop i hort, and an ad vanee in priee íb quoted. A cable dispatch states that war has commenced at Cape Palmas betweeu Liberia and the aborigines. Tho Libertan government had dispatched troops from Monrovia to the scène of action, and a great bátele waa daily expected . . . . Owing to tho popular outcry, the Britisb adrniralty have suspended the ciroular of July 81, ordering tho surrender of fugitivo slaves fouud on board British vensel. Diplomatic relations between Holland and Venezuela havo beeu broken off because Hollaud refused to iudemnify Venezuela for alleged intervention by Dutch subjects at Curacoa in Veuezuelan interna! aff abs . . . . The cholera bas broken out in the Frovinco of Lyaone, in India.. . .Germany will demand thifi yoar au addition of 6,000,000 mark to the military estimates .... A new Minietry has been fonned in Servia. All the members are said to be favorable to peace .... Disastrous inundatious, attended with losi of life, ai'e reportod in Leioestersbire and Warwiokshire, Englaud. Tue largest hotel in Germany, the Kaiser, at Berlin, has been bumed .... China and Great Britain are still at loggerheads regarding the demand of the latter for satisfaction for the naarder of some of her citizens. The prespecta are not favorablo for a settlement, and the affair may yet culmiuate in a war 8everal engagoments have been fought betweeu the troops of Liberia and the barbaroua tribes with which they are at war, in all of which the Liberian army haa been victorioua.


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