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TiLTON receives $25,000 for 100 lecj tures. Dr. Bbown-Sequard lias gone to ■ Eugland. Live bears retail at $20 per heau in I West Virginia. Out of 350,000 Chicagoans, only 50,000 go to church. Florida guarantees 1,000,000 pineapples this season. The old-fashioned coaches are being revived in England. G. A. Townsend is writing a play called " Journalisrn. " Buffalo consumed 75,000 barrels of ale and beer last year. Nebraska has produced a cucumber 5 feet 8 inches in length. A bridge 2,100 feet long is being built across Bear riyer, Utah. Delawabe this year will mako 30,000 i gallons of peach brandy. Chicago complains that she ia getting all of Pittsburgh's paupers. A Eeading dog-catcher is curing consumption with oil of canine. William the Coaqueror is to have a monument at Falaise, France. Twenty-one pigs at one litter, born Sept. 15, at Ohichester, N. H. In Wyoming Teriitory there is a barroom to evory 180 inhabitants. The good little bootblack's epitaph- Gone to sliine among the angels. Valttable copper mines have been discovered in Randolph county, Ala. Claek county, Ky., boasts of a mulé 17L hands high, and still growing. Hoos are said to be so scarce in Missouri fin to sell for 10 cents a grunt. George Washington WhxiiIngton Bürr is a darkey Louisiana official. The convicts in the Auburn (N. Y.) prison have formed a base-ball club. The Lyons Railway Company, of France, lias 77,000 men on ite pay-roll. The wheat erop of Oregon this year is said to be very large and of fine quality. One of Brigham Toung's sons is studying medicine and polygamy in Paris. The next Werld's Fair, after the Centennial Exhibition, will be held at Rome. Teachers in Tennessee are hereafter to be paid salaries, without distinction of sex. New York city received this eeason 1,401 car-loads, or 2,200,100 baskets of peaohes. Out of 140,000 adult males in Mississippi, 70,000 are dolinquents on the poll tax list.


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