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BJPECflER 6c ABBOT, No I5, Jifllusoii Avenue, ii.-M ior o Micbi gnn Slato li.-uik, liroii, Jfuvo on linnrl u stock oí DRY GOODS nut fiininiMiiiii,' i 5,000,000 Dollars ,,,,iio - bul nWiiire thcir li! ciilpntcre, nnl ihosc viading 10 Iniy, tlial 1 1 n r y Ij.ivo a well aclcciod asBurlntcni ioi tiio WIIüLI2SA&& KlvTAlLTKADI-:, fovor thufr ftourif iWre md UasenciH. wlm li ilioy will solí on h faviirnblo (ruid a fltry eaiab liehmsni wmi of'üíaiv Vork. WANTfcï)- Pö ij I'imiI VBli.eui foTr-wMdh tlie hiijliOiii ciihii ,nlv.:M(j' s w be hïudó. Mirc-ii ui fa urn! irtliejy will [dciitë f i ■)■ in. Jon. Jb'H'. -'Arfo medical jolí4. rilílí! umlci.-ií.i.-d. in 'i(r-iiii,: dia scrvicci '.. X Wrirtlltuimw iiiitl iliü rilj 'lililí;; CjifMJC6; ns Hohiaiópatliic pliyiciuH. would -iy. t lint alter Iinvmg [iraciic-'ii ineiliuinc on iht! principies ut tttUgïit in ilu: üld iclipol, 'nul ircöicd (lisc:isn ii lbo Imi iwii yonrs rw ■ EÜè law of i f innD'patliy. - '( Siinilia nniUihrn cnruvhn . _ tauglit in Uic new suliogl ol iiíeclicfniá ; ;iiij ha inp conlpnTcl il i c siiccss'dl ihc iwo sj'sienis, 1 unbeticatingly bBeves fro'mVópniliy to bé il ui osl 8 id', cei tñíii ■ 1 1 I sílice -lul riictfiod 'ii eui Di.i'.viscs, Iiiili'Tio inotii'óblc, .ir' uow m im C.1H04. périiiationtly cradientoü ly liuinö)op."filr Affeeiions of ihc epino, In. ui. urerüè, storñnci &c. tS.'O. havo no w their cértnïti rèiiicdics. E i lripsy, iiKtui.i, pnralysis] neiualiii, bronrliiu Wvcr:ind !uiy disuases; scarlci Iimt. cholèr blak ihaslc9 mnllgtiánt soro lhro:it, crysiptil or black tongne, croup. inflnriiftiu:icihá i)f il brain, Bio.-nacli, boWehii iVr. iV c. il re bril y' ;i ii of ilu) nrany Hls, ilnt have been ! i pt of ifie terrors by thu Ü niel y ppplicatjot) of hoina:op;iili m!ii:aiiu'iUB. Wiilioni furilicr cssiiy, t lic uniiqijnci] vpyld lo tvn il to the alllictcd Id n:iy . on if iIi-j reinoilius, wlicilicr IJinu;opatliy ia wllatit claiihb " be r ni. Ho wout'l als. gUuo tj;U lic hns ju'ái rciiirucd (rom New York nnd 'bi.lndclpbúi4 wiiJi :i cnnptoto :is9')i'iinciil ol' MKD1CA M KNTS, jnsl in j)ortcd i'rom Luipaic, tQ ilu. place, wlittfcnv "i" nctoud lo nll calis, ohtl furnisli medi.-.-niM m. bookn, fee. at the loweai I i.nn ilie clouc nuil exclusive nttcotion he is ;ivii)y lo llie Mujy nndpráctico o!' Hoinajopathy to lio 'nblc lo givc e.iiisfaciioii to ihoaé w'ho nny llavor hiin witli thcir patrórrngfl. Comniuriicniions, pst pud. from intients at a diáinnce, will receive prompi attcniion. ThodC wlio mny wiah to pluce ihcinsflvcs under liis treninient (or ;uiy chrpnic diseasc, non obtnin lodgiiiga citlicr ut bis liuusc, or in utlici pluces, ot luw priei 's. TH OS. 15LACKW0O0. M. I). HomtrtpntbRt. Vt.silnnii. QOtli Nrv. tfi45 2 )- lvWaruwcll & IHxoii, IMPOttTJGRS AM) WHQJifeSALE DF.ALER8 IN HARDWARE AND (2UTLERY. fLi'No l, Ced.ïr siitp. -I donrs ;ibovo I'carl bi. IVcw Vork. J. M. Wakkwki.i. Couini.AMi I DfX-.s. V. ii D. are rrwiving a ful! and general as BorlutufU of Lnglish and Aiiioricnn Hardware, conaistina in part of Tciblo and 1'uekct Cmlcry, Uuicliers' Ilazure, Files. Clnt-rU, I'lanc Inms and fcviws, American J3ult s mcl Scicw.s. Ames' Snovt-ls nnd Spndcs. Wm. Rnwliind's Mili and XCacSaWr, Harris'. JMoods'. Dciínjs' ond Taylor's Scythcs - wliich nro oflbrcd on the mus! fuvoraliln icrina for f.-usli or tix nioiiih'scn dit. iNew York. Eob. 846, 2.V2- Gni WOOLEN MACU1NERY. H&. R PARTRIDGH have on Innd at tlicir slioj), a large aninuut of Woolcn Machinery, wliich 'us now rcarljr l'or eah;, colisisting ül Duuldc Carding Maclíiucs. Prcking Machines, llroná and Narrow l'owcr Looms. Nnpping and Teazling Machines: all of which will be so!l al pricoH and n terina tocorrespond wiih iho timos. Thoy nrc also prepared lo inake (o contrací Condensors and Jacks, or nny odier Míichinory tliat na)r be wanted for manufiícirring or cus tom work; nnd all Machines made by tliem wül be warrnmed good, nnd for durnbiliiy and dcspBtch of buino3a are nol cxcelled, ií cquallcd, by ony of tito Fasicrn or Ohio Mnchiots. And as much has been nnd s 6a id by Machine ninkert in geighboring State, of tlie auperioriiy of (huir Mnrhiuery ovor nll oiliarí, we now oli'ui F1VK HUNDRKD DOLLARS il they wül pr.nkicc a Machín' of thcír mak-, ihal vi:h '.he s.inu Oinoañt of poivcr. vill do more and boller work. ii n giveii timo, ihan Muchincs made by ilicm. Tliose wishiny to puicliaeeareinviicd lo cali and examine thcir Mnohinós, and Jearn ilicir prices 11 11 . 1 torms bclorc purchasiug elsewhero. Aun, January 12, 1846. 247 -3m FUÜI FOll SAÏË, OR EXCUANGi: fqk ot.ii:k PROl'l'.RTV. T!1E subscriber ofibrs liis liirm of ül) Acres, wiih V Acres hnprbvcd, nnd a framc lionse. sixteen by twen'ysix, wiih an addiiion ol ciln loot on one sidi'. S;iid í:irm is sitiPUud in the town ol Concortf, Jackson Co.j threc miles norrh ol Concord vill;ie. live oost of. Albioti, iwpivi wust of Jockson. Therc is a ncver-failingstreaii) o f water running across it, and nboul 15 Acres of first quality of natural meadow. For lurthei ))articulars enquire of Benj. Il.ivilnnd, or J. N Swai of Coticord. or the subac.riber at th Thrashing Machino Shop, Lower Town, Ají Arbor. Terina to suit the purchnser. Aun Arbor. T. A. J1A II.AMX January 19, 1846. 247- tf"Steun Foiuidry" TÍIC ünderaigned hoging houyhi the oniir interest of IJ. Sr. 11. Psrtriáco and Geo. I1 Kent in the "Stcam Konndrv." Ann Arbor will manufacture all kinds of Castin3 lo order and willl)c happy to funiith :my kind ol Cnsiing to the old customers ot forns, P.ntiidfro & Co. II. fe R. Parlridgo, iV: Co., und Partridge. Kon A: Cu., and to all otherd wko may favör (hfil vrith a cali. II. H. MARRIS. E. T. WILLIAMS. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 2G, 1810. 2-IJ-if EOUif Y OUDBRS. Til E higliest price patd in ca6ti by (J. V. bew íp, Exchnnge Broker, öppositc the Insurnnco B:ink, Detroit, for orders on nny of the countics in the Slnfe of Michigan; álsoforStnl cántica of all kinds and uncurrcntiunde Cal andsce. Dcc I, 18-15. g-11-cf CLOVER Ii AC MINES. TIIRAS!HC; MACHINES and Scperntors mnde and sold by' thoir -Mi chine Shop, noar the Paper Mili, Lower Town. Ann Arbor, KNAIT& 1IAV1LAND. Jan. 10, 131G. 247 tf To Siortiiicii. AGENERALassortmcnt of Casiccl andlroti Barrel, doublé and single barrel Shot Gun8, Pistóle. Gun Locks, Gamo Uugs, Shot Pouches. Powder Flosks, forsalc !y WM. R. NOYES, 218-1 y 7'), YVoodward Avenue. Detroit. ANNUALS. - A l;ir(TO and valuablc assortment of Annnala for 1816. together with many othcr splendidly bounJ books, suiiable foi presenta, tor sale nt FERRTS B00KSTORE. Dec. 23. 24 1 - tf Flax Scccl ! THE Biibscribcr wishes to bnv 0 qunntity of Flax Sked, forwhich he wül pay rlic high est market price, in Goods or Casii, dclivered at his Millat Mount Pleasant, Gonessco Couoty, Michigan, five miles nortli ol Fenronville. I). L. La TOURETTE. Dec. 15, 184. 2t:{- "un OveGêèsëFëatÜers. O OOO LS" pure Ijivc eesc Fcathers for i'Jv-v-'vy sale by tlte bale or jinglo pound, at L JeíR-Tson A venu. Derrfiit. hy BECCHF.H Si ABBOT. i 23 ieiG. 24-3mb'áBSSSSSBSRSSSi '-?' ' .-■-■- ■■■: ,■ "■' ■ - -.--v-"'.:-.-' LEATHEU! LEATHER! LEATHER! ELDKKD & Ó'O., No. 128. Jüllorsoí) Avemie, "Kldmi's Ulock," Detroit, tnke I lliis opjiuiiuiiily to nfonn their cüslómeréj and tlie public gonorally, timt llicy lili coiilinue to keép on hand a lull absortmenl of {■■pinisli .S.i!c I,t:nluT, Man] J,as:s innv.;s, Cunicrs' Tuu!?, Ac. S!.ni-!it r (I tío Hó'rab :mVJ Coitíir Leaihur, - Hpnifobk lanncfl lipr 'LéiitRpr, Corcfcrvnii do ().(j; í 4i .M;:j Skins, Frouch f.iiit.. .1 ('..!: Skin?. acal iló Onk .uní [Jemlook üuiii.d d' Ouní ÍJimlin, Hwnlock lanncil UaniVts nil liritilo Leoilior, lc;r tím dó ()f;k . n Whilt ;md CuluivJLiiiiiigs. 15.i;r ..„,.! T.p Lcndicrj nuu, üo Skiniii. lJhil.-if!i-l].:i;i "i"l Oluo; Slioe llussot do in'ing ■ nnd Kit ..I íill kmA.. As llio Subscribcrá are now ninmirncluriiip ilioir owni Leather, they aro prcparcd tü solí as low .-..sean be purchn.sed in Ihfe niaiket. Merclianis and manuíactuFérS will faid it to thcir advanlagc lo cali and cxainuu: stock beforc })mchasng elstv.liero. QjCasiand LeaUier cxcliangod íor I lides and Skirts. Detroit, Jan. lSKi. '2AS-UTkïrty Tkousand Persons ANNUALLV liill viciims to Consumpfiun in tiic United States. Tiic cause ol lüe évil s generally overloolud. A short dry coVgh or ncglecicd "cold. i.e the precursor. These aru leeuied uniniporum'. Puin in dip eido.hcctic ever. ond hialii ewcais füilówj and dcutn endS hc Ëcciic. Vyould yrni linda UKMKI'Y 1"OK THK r.VIL 1 lerc it s. Ti!e cxpei ience of moré than 20 ycars n private praciice has proved its cffícacy, o na 6Í.itco its ntroduction to public noiice. aliliougli t lus nnw boon oflerfid bul a few mdnUiB, n.s sale boa been noproccdentcd, and its success boond qucsiion, great- so nnioli so, llmt it is declarcil to bc llie grcaicst remcdy in tho workl. ASTHMA, oo, tkoi foarful and dibtressing m.-ilndy, wludi endérfl lifc burilicnsotm: dming its coiuinuance. ssubducd without diliiculty by ÜiiegrCftt remcdy, nd tbc BUfférrtr is cnabled y its uso to obtain liiiet reposo ; tbc sbortness of lncatb i oycrcoinn. tbecough is allaynd. and boaltli and vigor nke t'bo place of despondency and suffering. Dr. or, Ai.r. IIkuimí !ï.uah. ib thfl r .nu-dy %v!ncli ïas In'cn so etnincnily surcc;cffl'ul i.P RllAVÍaiiBg HHlcuriníí tlieftboyccpiiiplainiw niid,jia I ised by ilie lirst ptiysicnins in lliè city, wlib duclare ii t be nnrivalltd, ïnasmucli s U does nol disturb tbc bowuls in the least by producing c.sliveness, wlnle all oilicr remedies rcfcommeóded for tbc aboyo Uiseañcs invoiiably tlmi un ilio bowds, tbus n;iul.!ring it neccysary to resort lo pur-ántive medicine. Rend the fiAlbwmg cases, wUici h'nvqbcen rcl!evi-d aiul cturcd wiibiri u Few wöefes : DAVID lil.NDr.USON. (it) Laight streel, look a severo cold on the 4ib dny oi Julf, nnd Insb'rouglu vory low by a diistrcing c.hi1i; wbich resiiltöd in frequetil nfa.Ku ui lilei lhin üïé Un,-.?. Alil.ongb líe ried itferjMHirtu in ihc riiape "f remodiea %vluc tauïa be feiuld, Jol bo was not benel'iTtcd, anti by ibe rnojüri ui Oclol).;r was so mucb rcduced by i.i ;liat he úospu'it&i I lifc. One boit'c ui Lolgr s Olósaonun restored Vinií íoln-.-mh'.GKOIUrK NV. BURNETT, ol WMj .ï.. ias 5ufl'eru3 uhdêx ihe ëflecls of n icvcrc Cöld Au more líe Wne rcduved h.tii vb hisc .iii'liam! fjwcarS. lic cnriimeucid foUtflg bloqd in tl:?moiuii lic coinmctKcd uwng die OlÖMoniaii, and by il o mtddle oTiNov mboi lio was ao far restored thai tic lelt lor 1'iiisbiiiah witli .:vcry prospect ol recove riiig b'fS h nlib. Airs. BELL, the wifo.ol ItÖljer! P. Béll,_of Morristosvn, N, J., wnii dreadfully offlictcd with A.sihina lor many years. Her pkysïchina hnd Jeapnirtd of cclïeying her. One bottlo ol t!ie Olosaonian 80 fir restored her thni .he w;w t) gei out oí her bed and dreas hersell'. wljioh slic had not done beforo n nionths, and shc is Dow in fi lair vay 10 bciehcvcd. . Mr. F. LA BAN, 52 Pite sucer, wns so bad Wilh amhma ihat bc had nol slcp in His bod Por ton weeks, whun ho commcnccd tlic use of tliis grxiat remcdy. One botilc cured hjni, and lic hbs nóthnd n return of nis complaint now more (han live nntnths. Mra. McGANN. 20 Walker sfrect. wns also curcd of Beveic asthma by the Olosnoninn. nnd statcs thal slio uever kpew modic-inc givc such iniiiHiünic atu! permanent relio. GEORGE W7. HAVS. oftliis uity. wgivfn ij) liy lus pliysicinn as incurable. Jfi? war cons-upiniion wjd wheri heroimnonccd uáiQg the Oloiaonian. woa so wcah ihat lic could noi walk without bciiijr ns)8ted by a frierttl. lïy strict nltcniion lic was so far restoren in a ícw vocks nfi to be blè to pufeuc biisinops. JAMES A. ('RO.M BIK. 120 NaRsau 3trcet ; J. J. Parflella. II TckiIi strcot ; C. Henson. 'J Bleecker etreet ; Jftinos Uavis, Bfl Creeue irect ; and Mrs. Mallen, ÍJ .Morton sirect.; have )1 öjcperienccd the pood cllectsof ihc Olosaonian n coughs of long standing nnd offections of ihc uns, and prononnce it. with one uceoid. (o o c gréatea reinedy. and thfi tnos: sjiecdy and Hecnial, thnt ihey have ever known. Ronder, nrc yon suíTering frotn the nbove tlisise T Try tliis rcinctiy. Yon will not, por-, npë. regret it. It tnny arrest all üioeejljwgröeble syniptoins which sirike such terror to the ml. anjd prolooe yoor days. Forsnlent IO( Nnsaau Rt, ono door nb'ovo Ann, , ld at Mrs Unys. 1 'M) Fuiton st., Urooklyn. Agent for Ánn Arbor, W. S, &. J. VV. j anl; E. Somatón, Ypsilanti; D.C. Wliitwood. Dcxtcr; Píckford & (.'iíiÍj:. Saline: SmiilnV Tyol. Clinton; }1. Bower, Manchcster; P. Kíirlick j V Co., Plytnouth; D. Grcgory and A. Grant. Vorllivillc. 214-Gmo FEATHERS and PAPER HANGIXGS L may bé foundat all tim8 at tho M vmiati-an roi;r, O.jtriit. V. A. RAYiMOND. l Dec. 25. 1814. 5 1- Gin DISSECTF.l) IWAPS - An irtjstructivë and n:nus:ng articln for the yoirhsf. fur tle 'it PERUY'S BOOKSTORE. Dc. 23, 2-lbtlI'ei'siaift Filis. "Put nul ihc Lighl wulcr Bushei, jut rcad and ponder. TM F, TIMfcjfS COME! n-xl now ii?, iliat tlïe jreat iiiri-s óf ilic pcoiic o' thié atiil the ld world, Knv6 decided tliut ihc '::,' ,S[. f. V AM) l.XDfl.X EXTIIACTS. re ilie most tlV;:iual co.inbtpation of iQcdicjpnl mjiedients tltui ever ha?, pi over eun a lili. Tfïè RKSURRECTION or PERSIAN 'II hS, bcing made ol WgMmblc extracta, are easily ilii'stivc. hecoming a juico jii lite liuman lomadi. Thjs li.qujd Is easify, taken up l tinilisorbcnt y'essels", ard eonveycci throtisjhout all niiñ of ihc tystem, disjléiisibg lifeand aiuinniitni u i!i ilic orgnns. By being assiniilatcd with lie blood, t enters uto i;s conibjnalipn, purifyn ïhe streaniB of life. You sec it wmild natuaÜy :nid readily coml ine witli itie blood and all lic sccreiionB, thus Oi'apting isellto tlic rernoval of all diseasea of inipure blood. wliicll clopr tlio )rgai)s. cuusin puin, dist ress, and Joatli. Ifthe mpurities setile upón ilie orgán of dc btomaeli, t use a bad taste in the moutli. a furred touguc. )ad breath, indigestión, dyspepsia. pain, a sense of fullneis or gonencss, cVe. If upou the lunga or throat, lliey wilt ciuso n cough, tightness, eakne8s, and an unensy sonsatioti in the tliroat. rritalion. broticliitis. liiul consmnption. Ittiiey scttlc upon the livei. they will cause liver coni)laint, jaundice, or sallow skin, fover nnd ugue. dTtoua diseases of all kinds, and irrcjrulariiy of lio bowelsjdïurraliaa, &ci II upon the norvcr-, they will causo nervous weakness, )ain m thi ï, sick headachc, genend debility, low spirits, ïeat in the back, side. or hcad. If in ihc systcin ;tneraUy, it cause general csnaciation, acrofula, tumors, ti'xlii hard skin, pimples, blotchcs, irrita- tiuii. S:c-. &c. You know if any thing clopa the engine. all the machinery becomes retaixlcd in lts inotion, and as it d?Cffin$C8 in strcnptii, tlic motions bccpfne pnralyzed more and more, until llnallyit ceases tó nove. Po with the human sysícm, ap tin; blood bceotnru impuie wilb liumots-, the or;.m Miü'-r crcatitig, pain, mieery, and if not rcinovLd,.dt'atli. A constant uc of luwe Pilla in a fainily. will u'dil yenrs lo each individual lile. For beirt'g made of vcgetnhlc exiracts, tbc) may bo taken Irom yniiili td óli] ac without iajury, biu with di.-citli.-il bejiclijj Weükly, puny cliildren, will rjecpnie lie'althy and ;.iiong with a blow use of ii(?6ri I'diï ■. Thy Bbo'tïrd wenk nervo. suength■il the wik, and iill il)ergany in n niiti mr ubovc lioctünl J'.cin;j CQmj)OUl)d o( juices iIk y poes thrn-!i the áinállcst vcasèls, thu tcncufiïg' disenso Wherécvè'r p'ctit up in the sys u-m. èvin .ii the oyes and biain. We know th;:t t hoy are ihe beet Pili in th world. ioi tfns of Uioi'ü'iiiiIs that h'nyoip.kon ev ei y otlicr pill, lia c dccideil so, and rió'tliiiig coul Biridèr tporrt dom kWpinj? them on hand. - Tüko pittia (rir:ly, ;nd yon will seldoi wam u i ] : - .uil. 'v '!i rvor heard of muc 8icknes9n a aniily whcrè Ij'Qso Pilis ivere take fic-elv ? Tlnn naiñ ihéy cause nó pnin or wenk nrs-i in thi-ir op-.;rn;io!i: ttu' sooilte the bowelt. nml aro a sure cure lor DIAIUtlHi:. OR SISHME COMPLAfN'l lüilric-tü'ii. ci)::ivr;.( r-s. .ind all füseases arisin ;Vom nn iuipuro etowoeh r blood. Tbeic i nothing betler for lover and nguc. or bilious disClises, inci nu Diñéis mcmionru auove. N.'B. Prico mluced lo í?s per box for 3 Filis. Remonther ontli box contains 'M Filis - thorefoie. tluy are I lie chenpcsl ns wollas ili best. Bownrcóf Pilis made of gums, calóme and conreé powders, for thoy will dostróy ili coais of the stomach n lime, and causis dtutli. - Beware, for tlio niostof ilicm coritain calóme] o somcihing ns destructivo to human c_xisrten.c&'. Rehiember thc Resiurrciion or Péraián Pilis :iii-m:nle ol Vccctalilr cxtniclH. Voy tle jo olí ilie principal pinera in tho Un ion - Wtiofcsal'e 'arid rcinil ly 1'. Owen & Co. Detroit; C. Ebefbacli, S. P. Jcweii. Lund fí M'Collunt, Anti Albor. Í2o7-Gm 18467 W II OLES A L E & R E TAIL A. MFAKREN, BOOKSELLEB AND STATIOER SMART'S 13LOCK, 137 JRFFRKSON AVIi.NCK, DETKOIT KIII'.I'S ( on.stnntly for salea completo assort : .! -ut oí' Misccllancous. Schooi and Chissical !5.)oks. liCticrand Cop í'ajicr. ptain and rul cd, Qniüs, Ink. Scaling Wáx, Cutlcry. Wrappiíifi l'apor. Prinüug I5:i[)pr. ot' all sizes; aii( DooTí, Xfusnn.l Cannistcr Inl;. ofvarions kinds J.'LA.N'K BO.QKS, fu!I and lialí bo;ind, of cv ory variety of Ruling, Memorandum Bookf. A.-c Tu Moichaiits, Teaclier, and oihcrs. hiuying n (j'iantilies, a largo discount made. Sabbaih School and 13ible Society Dppositor. W HOEVER wislics (o Ihiv i.hcir goods to good advnntage. must not think of makinj.' llieir purchisos til I ihcy liavc Idukfld over the coods and pn'ccs at the Manhattan Siokk, Detroit. W. A. R VYMOM). Doe. '", 1.8 15. 214- (5m WÍÍ,F,1APH kTOYÏSS7JK, DEALER IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlcry, "iails. Glnss. Carpenters, Cooper's and Hlackmith's Tools. AIpo. Manufaciiirer ofCopper, Pin Ware. No. 7G, Woodward Aveni'c, Doroit. 2-18-1 y PÏaNfëaing' Ilair. 4 QUANT ITY tbr Bale at tho Si.inal Office, t. by FOSTKR & I3ELI.. Ann Arbor, Marrh -2:, Í6491. 2")fitfKOR CO'ÓOÍiS, COI-US, CONSOIPTION VO. i l.Mlul. I AM' TO AÈLTHÓSE AJ-TMCTHÜ WITII 1i-i:asH6 TIJK I.UNGS AM Bit RAST. Il't'7 Mirarles crer etasef More CMÜOHce of it surpasstiig lienlth nsioraiiic virhus!!! ? (? 5 3 3 [Frúm Dr. Ifcikcr, opinií-fuld, Wdsb. Co. Ky.] Hi' i) Ky., .M;iy IJ, l. t.'.. Messrs. Sunfurd & Park.: - Gkm,, - I lako iliis oi)ortuni(y of tifuiininL' I you of a most remarkablu cure perforrnéd upon ii, e l.y ilic uso o! "Dr. WUkatfS lialsum of W.ll Vicrnj." Jn the yc:ir 1840 1 Vfis Cikcn wiili tin lufluna tien o iliu RovvcIb WTifch I íítored under Tor si.x 'vttfjks when I gratluolly rocovorcd. Jn the fftfl of l-'ll I woe .iiicicUimI with q savede cold, wliioli sea teil iisell upön mv íiifhgtf, ñird for the spnee of tlirce yc;irs I w;is conlinod to my Ixul. J nicd qll kmds of modicines ml every vuriciy of nieilical mJinul without bèiKfiV: and tlnia f vveitrieil afong im;il tlte winter t - 1 !. v. Iion lla-nrdoi l-Vis-irn's Bolsam óf Wijd (,'licny." JWy irifíiíls t itíiuulod rnc to givo it n trial. tlipngh I had ei.VÖnqp iU hojiö ofarccoveiy, ffrid hnd'iircpared my8clf for the ctiangc of'unoi Ik i world. 'J'liro'ugh ihcir solicit.ition l wét n'duced In ranke use of the (ienuine VV'istar's Hnlsam of Wild Cherry." 'J'lic cilbct was trulv isionifcliiiiij. Afier fivc ycars of aflliclion. pflin nul BUÍlerin": ftritl oftcr having spcii' foytr or fivr. hviulrr.d dollars to no purpoec, and the best inri most ïespurkiblt'iiliVÉiici.-iMs luid provcd nnnviiilin;. l ir as .-o 71 rot nel lo r.vllrr, licitL'k hij t'if lili:s.iitrt i.J i,' and the uso of -Dr. Wisfm'.t Biilsiuii nf Wild ('lui f ;. I nm uow cinjoying üoo:1 hcahli. nnd sv.r iny nitored oppcárnrico i lint I urn nn longcr know wlicn Í moei my fornici" acquaini;incf3. l have cnihod rapidly in wcigfit, nul my flcsli s llrm and-sol il. I can iiow oa.t osmucli asany 'eiy ;n. iind my tuu secnisto nghec with n.c.-liivi- enten more durinj; the lastsix inoutlis than liad caion for live ycars bclbro, Crtnsidering my crise ilmost a ñiiMcíé, I (Jèêrii t mcjï-siiry for the good of thn afflicled nnd a tui y 1 owc :o ilic proprictors nnd my fellpw men. 'wlio should know where reiiof may bc had) to innkti (his statement public. May iho blcfsinr of God rest upon the pfopfleiors J so va'uiablc a medicino na Wisiur's lalt-uin of Wild Clicrry. Yórufs resprcifully. YV1LL1AM ÍJ. ]3AKi:it. The. fiillmvin? lias just been rrxcc.dfrom Mr. Iliiinird SlfnUan, of LcHngUht, Mo., rrhicli s'iows thtlt C'iiis:imjjio7i 'm i's wortt furvi can bc curcd Inj "'lVistar's Balsam of Wtil Chcirn.Li.xiNtiTON, Mo., Jan. 21, 1845. Benjamin Phelps - Dcar Sir: I RiRe great plensurc in ColumunUialílíg to yon ' wliat 1 considor on cMraorthnaiy cure, eílecied on my [inughtcr.'nbout 14 yenrsof ngc. ly "Wia tnr's Hnlsnm of Wild Cheny. Abotit the Isiof September lust. my daughlerwag ttkcn sick. and was a't'lcn'de'd Ly several physicians, whoSi) preécriptions provcd ineileciunl. or scc.ncd to do no ood-. ëhc wasatiended with a constan; coui;li. and pain in the.brc.'ist. Her physicians mul all who huw ln;r. came to iho couclusion ihat sho was iii a conlirnied stage of C&nstunpliorl. I mude no other calculation tlian for lier to die. - Hut as soon assho commenccd taking the lialsam slie bogan lo improve, and coiiiinucd so to do until lier licnlih was rostored, and is uow cntircly wcH. Wijl) n view uf bencfitting tliose who niay bc simüarly afllictcd. 1 lako plcasuro in rocomiuciHÜng ibis remedy to tlie fconfiJenco of the public. Yourp, witb resyicct, KDW AR D STR ATTON. WlSTAIi'S HALS AM OF WILD CHEIUIY ibat not only relieves but cures! O'PriccSI per bottlo, or aix boules lor s.". Kor sale in Cincinnati only by SANFOltD & PARK, and in Ann Arbor by Maynards. eole Agentsfor thisConnty. 'JUS CAN'Ï BE mlYÏ THE suliseribers woulilinforin the Public, that they comiiiue to supply ibe State ot Michigan with L. B. WALKER'S PATENT SJfMUT MtJiCUlWJESi. 'I'l'o Iniijc numbors ol tlicno Machines that havtlecii eold, and the steadily incieasing demaud for tlicm. is the best evidoiu-e i! thcir n-al vitlue. and of tbeir estiniation vff!i those vho havo bccome (amilinr with thcir mciils. Wai.kbh's Smut Machine is superior to oihcr in the fbllowing particulars: J. As it comhincs the Jh-uting. Stouijtjtg, and Uloring Principies, it cleans tbc siiiutiiftit 'il giaia in tho bost nianner, retainin; all the trio lion óf the wheat. and dischdrging thcsnuttnnd dust ns f;iBt as sepnratei! from the whent. '. It is aijñple in coiifl.ructiun, and is thcrel'oro lens liable to beeoine derangcd,aiHÍ costs Il-ss fo,T ropairs. 3. lt runa very ligkt, and is pcrfectly secure from firc. 4. lt isas durable as nny othcr Machine in ose. 5. It costs considerably lkss tliori othcr kinds. These ünpoitant points óflliHerpncc Invo giv en th is Machine the prefercn'oe with thoee who have iairiy incd it. Ainong a largc nunibcrof Gentlemen ín the Milling lïusinosa who milii bc named, the followjng have used the Machincf:, anIccr;íied to their c.vcellciuy and öiiperioriiy: 11. N. IIowaiü). l'ontiac, Mich. E. F. Cook. Roclicster, toE. 1). DvNFoiiTH. Mosoji, do M. F. Fkink, Binnoh. lo II. II. Co.msiock. Comsiock, do Kcferenccs may also be had to .Ioii.n Bacon, A'ublirn, Mich. W. lx, do do I). C. Vit Ki. imi, Rock, do John Pinrs, Monroc, !o II. Do o sm vn, do do A. Be a ei t, Wntcrloo. do ri.n. Ki.T( uní, Mnrshnll, do N. IIkmknwxv, Oakland, do All orders lor Machine will be prompily a tended to. Adtlross E. O. & A. CIUTTENTON, Ann Arbor. ( i-ower Town) 'nh. Co. Miei A ug. 24, 16452iG-lv "Crockery at Wholesale." FREDeftiCK W KT MOR 1-3. bas consuntly on hand, ihe larcest stock in the West ui Cracker y , China, Glassware, Lookijiff Giasses and Platcs Br i tan a ia [Vare Tras% Lamps and Wicking-, Pa cd Ware, China Toys, M. $r. )I3 stock neliides nll ilie varicties of Crockery nnd China, frotn the iincst China Dinnei aiiil Ten Setts to the most conimon and luw priccd ware - froni the richesi cut glaes to ihc plninest glnss wnro. Rritonnin Cnpiorsol'evory kind. Bruannia Tea Set is. Cofibe Pqts, T?;i Pota, Lamps. Cnndlesticks, iSrc. Soi.ak Lüi) l.AMisof evcry desoription from the mosl costly cut Parlor Lamp to the clicopcsi Stoïc lamp. All the aboye articlcs ore importad by Iiimsell directly. frotn tlic inonufaciurcrs and will be sold at Whólèaftle, ns lovv as at nny Wholesale House, expenses from seoboard addcd only. A liberal discount given ibr cash. Mcrchants nnd oihors are imitcd to cal! nnd examine tho above n-ticlt s at the old stand, No. 1.", Jeilereon Avenue (L'ldred'a Block.) Detroit. 243-1 y TEMPERANCËIIOÜSE. PB. R1PLEY would say to hts friends and the rienda of Teinperr.ncc, thnt he has aken the Tcniperance House, latcly kept by Vm. G. Wheaton. where hc would be lad to vait upon them. Hay and Oats and Stabbling o accommodate teams. Detroit, January 1, 1846. 245;f Wood! Woodü A FEW ConU of Woorj waütod iminaHatdij XTL in piymcnt for tho Signal of Iviherty.TH 'E pTCcedfng fi[iKc is givcn lo represent ihírlnsenuible PerSpiratïön. lt is thé greal ;vucunt'U for ilie impuritics af the lody. It will V . ïKiiiccd ihat a ihidv. cloudy mist issues fj om ■ 11 pointe of tlio urtbcc, which indícalos thai liis pcn-piraiion liows uiiiniemipiudly whèn y?C orv in lic.-ilih. bul cetujeB wlion we are sick. I,i'! (Ui nol boöustained without it. It 6 thrown oil" 'm in blood and otlw r juiees of' the botly. nul disposes ly tliis humus, of ticnrly all the. iinuritics witliin us. Ttic blood. by thiu means )nly. Works it.soll yuro. TW language of Scripure is, J'in the Blood ia :lic Il'it ever lecomes impuro, it may lc troced diiccily lo t!ic tóppngc ol' ilio Jiiscnsiblo ÏVispiniiion. It never cquiics nny ini'ciinl mëcli.ciriea lo clcjnst' it, as t ilways purilics ii8clf by n mni lie:ir andticfion. :md throws oH' a!l tho ofü.'iidi)ig hntiiors. hruygb the Insonsiblc l'erbpiiötion. TIiih jy.e see all tliqt is ncccfsaiy the bloóü stnglant, or inlpcted. is to open the pore, nndit rcleves itsellTrom i:ll iivpuiity iiiMtnntly. Iiyovn icot ;ni(] viliilitv ;ijc anlücieiit, without oiifc p;iriclo ut' medicino, except lo open tho poros iipon lio surfiice. Th.ts wo sfe ilie loliy oftükinijso imch irtiernal remedies. All prnciiticmcrs. lioñ.'vcr, diier! iheir riTirts to restorr. tin; Iiisrnsible K r.-jirati.n, luit jt yret.ib to he not nlwnrys tho ropcr ene. 'l'hc 'Dioinpsonian, lor in.stancc. sfeáñi s, ihc Ilyürop'itliist slnouds nsin wet blankels. the Hotnupaili-fit deals om infinitisbiiiKilf, tlw Aliopaihifit blccds and doses us wiiii mercury,nnd the l)lustoric Cutiek gorges us with püla, pil!s.. pills. To givc sonic idea oftlieninnunt of the filien sihle l'eisi)iiation, we wil! state that thti Icarned Dr. Lewenhock. and the gicnt Boerhaavc. ascertaim-d that iiveeighths of all we reccive into the stomach. passéd óff by this nioans. ín other words. if wc eat nnd drink cight pounds per day. wc evacúate (ive pounds of il by the Insensible I'erHpiiation. 'J'liis is none othcr than tlic u?ed up paniclcs of the IjIooiI, and olhcr juiec giving place to the new and frtit-li ones. To eheck thi8. tlierefore. is lo rolain ín the systetn flv -eigluhs of all the vimleiit matter (hat nattire denmnds fcliould leave ihc body. And even when tliis is the case, the bbod is of so active n principio, that it determints t':oHC particlep to tbc ski 1. wherc thcy frtrñi Bcnbs', pimples, utc'ers, aiid ótbor Bpots. Yly a suelden iransilion Ironi heat to eold, the poics are stoppod, the prrspiration eoosesi and diRease begiiiH at once to dcvclope itsclf. H fin cc. a stoppnge of thia flow of tbc juices, originatcs so nnmy eomplainis. It is by stopping the pores, !int overwliclmí mankind wiih coughs. etilds, and ooiïïuiuptions. Nine-ténibs of the world die froni diseiises induccd by a stoppnge ot the Insensible Pèrspiró. ia cnsily sccn. üiercforc, how nccessary is the flow óf this subile liuinor to the surfacc. t preserve heahh. Il en n nat bc stoped; ii can not bc even chcckcd. without indneing dispose. Let me Dsk now, cvery cándkl mimi. wli conree sccnis ilio most rcaeon.'tltlc to pnrstip. unsiop the poi op, ifter they are eloscd? Wou you givo plysio tounstop tle pores? Or wou yuu apjjly omelhing tlint would do ihis upon tl surface. where the clojging nctu.illy is? Won not ihis be counnon eenso? And y:t I knowof no physician uho makes any cMcrnal npplicntion to eii"e;l il. Thoreason l assiiii is. that no medicino willijn tlicir knowledge. is papable óf doing it. Under thet-c ciieunistances, I pres=-r.t t physicians. and to all others, a prepnration ihai lias this power in is ful lest exlent. lt is,IS.TER'S ALL HBALN.G O1NTME.XT. or the WORLD' S SALVE! It hns power to restore porspiration on the fcet. on the hcad, around oíd sores, upon iho chest. in short, upon any pari of the body, whclher diseased tlightly or M:erely. Il hns p'dwcr tó cousó all e.xiornal sores, serofuloii3 hiimors, skin diseaics, poisonous wouud o discharge iheir putr.d niatlcr. and tijen hea ihnni. ]'. rciiicdy tiiat sweeps ofT the wliole cal l.i ik oj cn'törieöus disrrdors. ñijá restores (lic Ci'itirc cuiicle tn itsiiehlthy hincrious. lt s o u-uu ily ihat foibidi i lic nfcessily of $ uianynnd deletcriuus drugis tfiUcn inio the tt mach. It is a rcmi'dy (nat ncitlier sickeiis. gives in coiivoniiMice. or is dungcrorii to tlie inres'incs.' lt reserves 'and dclcnda -the aiirfaec Oom a lieninyement of its liincliqns-, whiic. it kfeps o pen ilio chnnnc'ls fur the blond to void all iis im piinties nnd dispose of all its Dsëless p'articTê The sniúice is tiio outlet of five-ei'Jiths ol" li bilc and nscd trp mohér wlthih. It is ]'iiór:c wi:h iTiilüotiH ol bortings to relieve tliè mies tincs. Stop up llicrc icnes. and doaih knoei til your door. Il is lilnly ermed All-JIealin-, lor thrtc i scnrpely a dí ex (cirial or inte nal, thatit wíH not beucfit. 1 have úscJ il fo ihe lnst fourteeifi ycars, for all diseaees of tl chest, eonsunipuon. livcr, involvincr i lio utmo Horígeifánd rspffrHHHity; and 1 dcclurc befor HeavtJii and j.ian. Umi hpi in one single case lia it tailed to beiníi'. when the patiënt vfss wi;hi the rcb'ch o!' mortal rjialis. I have had physicians. learned in the profession; 1 have had ministers of the Gospel. Judgcs on the Booch, Aldcrninn and Lawyers. gon tlemen of the highesl eriuüiion and multitudes oí the poor, use il in every variety of way. nnd thfre has been brn mie voicc, one nnited. tinivcrs:il voice, saying, ;;McAlibter, your Üintment ia good!" CyNSPMPTIO, It can hardly bc creditcd tlini a piIvo can have any ejfect upon the lungs, eated i:s thcy are vvitliin the system. Bat wêsiy once for al!, (i,it this Ointment will rc'a'ch the Iu()g5 quickcr than any medicine that can bo given ntcrnally. Thus. i!' ilaced upon the chcst,-it [lenctrates direcdy to the liings, separaten iho poifioílúua particlfis thni are consuming thein, and expela ihcni fförh tlu system. I need not eay tlmt iï is curinc persons of Consump.ioti coirinually, although we nre told it i oolioliness. I c;:re n)t what is said. so long a I can cure sevcral iliuiisand persons yearly. liKAi) Arm:.Tina Salvo has curco persons of tbc Ilcad Adi ol 12 yenrs standing, and who liad it regulnrl ovory weck, so ihat voniiting of:en took )laco. Deafness and Ear Achc are liolped with til like Süccess. as also Aguo in ilic Face. COI. I) KF.KT. Consumption, Livcr complnin:, pains in tlic chest or side. fallinj ofilie hair. one or thc other alwaysaccompanies cold feeit. It ie a sure sin of' disonse in thc systcm to have cold leer. Tlic Salve will k-suhc (lie Insensible Pcrepiraiion and tluis cure overy case. In Scrofuln. Krysipclas and Salt Rhciim, nnd other diseasesof this nature, no interna! remedy liasyetbctn dbcovered tliat is so good. Thc samé may bo naid of Bronchitis, Quinc'y, Sorc Throat, Tiles, Spinal Discases, Ikokcn or Sore Breaet, $tc. And as forthe Chest Discase?, etich íir Asthma, Pain, Oppression nnd the like. it is the most ondornl antidote in thc World. Fr Liver Ccmplnínt ii is equally efficneious: ur I3nrns it lias not hasitsequal in the World; ilso, Excresencea of every kind, suchas Wnrts, Tumors. Pimples, Src., it inakea clean work of hem all. sonr. r.Yr.8. The inflammation and diseaso ahvaye liesbnck of the ball of the eyo in the eocket. Henee the rtue of any medicine must rcach the scat of ic nfla.-nation or it will do linio good. The alve, if rubbed on tho temples, will penétrate irectly into thc socket. The pores will be open d, a proper perspiration will becrcated and the isease will soon pass ofTto the suríace. IJIPí.ES OV THE PACK, VKK( Kl .re, TAV, MA3COMSE SKIN, f.n.;- StTRPAÓSk Ifs firet ncfon utoexurl a!l humor. Jt willuot ccase draw ing lili the face íb frcc froni any matter that niay bc lodged inider the skin and Vefiuently brcaki&g out to ihe surf act, h thcn le.iln. VViicn thorc is nothinglmt grossness, r lull repulsivo surfnet', t bcgins to sollen and aofton uuiil theekin béconiw aaiüoöth and i'elic:uc as q diild'a. Jl tlirows a frtslincss and iliisliinp; color upon tbc now white, trnnspaicni íkiu. 8 pcilcctly e'nchanting. SomO: timos m case of Frockfes it wiil (irst start out thosc hui li.ivc hiin bidden and secn butscldoni. Pursuu tlic Salvo nnd all will soon disnppcur. f Tp a renta knew how fatal inost medicines were to cliijdrcn t;ik:n inwanlly, they would b'è slow Lo resort t thoih. Especrfairy ''mercurial Iozenli s," callèd ''incdieatod lozonges," pills. Ac. 'l'lie tru tli ie. lio oiie teil, invaiialily, whe woniiH mo presrjiit. Now let inc suy tu parentu. thut tilia Salve will akviys teil f a duld has worhiB. It will drive evcry vcsirgc of tliêtn awiiy. 'J'his ís a cüupie and nale eme. Therc is probnbly no modicino on the face of th'e.carih at_oncc sosurè and 00 eaie in tlie ex ;u!sion of frorios. It would bo cruel, nay wieked. to fiivc internal. doulHl'uI medicines, eo long as a harmlcsö, external onc could hc had. to ii.:c. Although I have snul litile nbotit it as n luiir rssiofativotVei I v.ill sták'e tagtihisi ihe World! They may bring iheir Oils lar and near, nnd mine will restore tlio liairiwo cases to their onc. Ol.I) SOUKS, MOHTlI'irATIONíi. (íT.CKHS. KTC. That .soine Sores are an outlet to (hc impuiilie? of the syetem, is becatise they cantiot pass oii" tliroui;h ihe natu al chnnnels of the Insensible Perspiration. If such soros are healed np, the impuritics ïmisthave some other outlct. or il will en dan go r lile. This is tlie rensun why l ie impolitic to use tlie connnon Salve of tlie day in anch ecsc. For ihey hovd no power to open other nvcnucs. to Jet ofi' tbifl morbid matter, and ihe cnsniiuenccs are always fatal. This Salve will oUvoy's pro vide for such emergencics. 1)15i:ai:s if rinr.KKKN. (fow riiaiiy ihousands n're swept ofi' Iy tiving medicines, whon ihrir yoiing bodics umi (onder frames aio unahle tn bear up ugainsl llu.ini YV'hole armies are thu sent to their graves nierely fr,nt poWirtg iiito ibeLr weak stanihcKa powcVful driige ond phVsics! It is to sucli ihal the All-Honlintr OinHiion: téiidèrs 8% stIo. pleasnnt. and harmlrs.s a eme Such caxcs a.s ('rotip. Cholie. Cholera Jnfantum. Worinu, and all Stnnmcr (oinplaints. by whicli so niany childfcn die, ihe Oinimeni will remove so gpendily and suri !v, ha; a pliysictnn wili ncver be ih eded. Mot lier! throuiihoiu all this land. we now soleninly and sacredíy declaro to you ihat ihe All-Healing Qintuient will save your childrcn JVoni nn early riivc if you will use it. We ore not now uciuaied by the least desirc to gnin; hut knowingas we do that vast bodies of infnnts and childréri die carly: which is snppo8ed to be inevitable and rjipo6si bic to prevent, we liold up our vvarninir vöice, and declare in (he face of the whole world. CHILDREN NKED iOT DIE MOIIE TíIAN OTKKRSÜ But it is from the want ef proper' húuríslméni and tbc constant drugging they undergo whieh mows Micin down as the rank gruss falls before the scyihe. Motheis! we repeat again. nnd if ihey wcrc the lost words wn wcre over to tuier, and of past 1 hc icaeh of all interest, we would say, iuso tlie All-lTcalTng Oiiunientfor sickncfs airtong childrèn." iilfKÜJl .T.'-V. It removes ahnost iiiimcdi.itely the inflaniation and swclling, when tho pain ui' cpurao ( ea:s.Tn cfiscö of fcvcr, tbc dilliculiy ics in thc porcs bting lockcd up, so lint the boai aml pnrspirat'mn cnnnot pass olí', if the Ipast moisiiirv could be starled, the crisis ir. passed nnd iluduncr over. Tliè Ali-iíenlíng Öinfnienrwill in al! cases of fevera itFílíost iliétanilj unlock ihe skin and biiiijr forili {hú pcr.piralion. Ff.M W.K CO-HIM AI.VIS. Inunmaüon ol (lie kidnpys, of líio wotnb, nnd itsíalling down, wcnkncss, und irrecnlarity; i" short, nll i!ioí.e diliícuiiir-s wluoh nre frequent frlth Témalos, (mí rrady and poi inaricni n id. Vi havo had aged ladics tc!l us tliey eould ntit li ve six moiiilis witlioiit it. Jim lo íeniales about tu beconui Tnoihcrsí, Cused forsonio weeks autocedent to thcir confinemruit. very feW ofthose bajito and convulsions whicti artend tl-oin ot tliat period will be felt. Tliisiact ouglit lo be knQWn tho world over. SCAI.D in:D. ïïc lirivc cured cupos thnt nctuaHy dtfiedeverytliiiií; knuwn, as wcll ís liio nbiliiy nf fifteen or tw.iuy doctors. Ohe man luid us lie luid spent 5U0 on bis cluldren wiihout any benefit. vbcn a lew boxee of ijic Oititinent cured ibem. ( OKNS. People ncc;l never be iroublcd wiili jh'ctti ií (!ilv will uso it. , As a FA.M1I.Y MEDIGlkE, no mnn can mensure iis valué, tío long as ilic btars rol I ólong over, the Heayens - so lonjx s fnan triadtlie earili. su!ij(u:f t.) aü ilie infirniiiies of ibe llesb - solón hfrdteeoxe .nul sicknéss'Js Itnuwn - jtist so Ioiiíí will ibis Oinimeni be used and Cïtceincd. Wben mnn ceases (roni olí' lite oartb. ilicrTtncdèmand will ccíisq, mtd not iil! ilion. 'J allay all rppii'lieiisions on recount oí iis nL'iediciiis. in pcfse6inp'íuch powcrful properlies, we will átate tbat it is Coiiposcd of soinp oí tbc most conmion and li.inulc.Hs herbs in cxisjence Tlure is no mcicury init. asean !o iéen Iroili ihe fact tbat itdoos not injurc tlie skiininc partido. whi!! ii wíl! Rttite'Hirnüli md pbysic ihc bowels. JAMES MrAI.lSTKR & CO. IÖ8 íHoutli s-ireot. N. York. Solé propricior 6f tiic nbove Medicino, to wbom all coimnitnicntions niust he nddicsed (post aid). Pricc '5 ccmsnnd 50 cents. ITCAUTION.t] As lbo All-llealing Oinlnient lias been rcatly coiifüeileited, we have gïvèn ibis cautíon to tbo public, tbat 'mío Oinimcnt will be '"''ic unloss tbc minies of James McAlisler. or James McAlisior & Co.j are wiiitcn wiib a pen upon JBVófy label." The label a a steel éngroYÍí, wiib tbc figuro of "Jiií-ensibie I'erspirntion" on r 1 1 l'ace. Now wc licrcby oíTcr n rewaitlof $000. lo be patd on conviction, in auy of ibe constiiiiied cuiíiis of t lio United ilutes, of any individual jjqú'iiierfeitfng o:r rió rao and Ointniput. MAVNAKD'S. Aun Arbor, Wbotcsnle ATcnts: Hmidi & 'J'yroll, Clinton: Kelulium & Sniith, Tecumeeb: D. C. Wbitwood, J)cxter: 1(. JJouci. M.iucbesior; Jolm GfvVcn At Co., Detroit: Harmnn Sí Cook, lírooklyn. Déo 18, 1846. '244- IyWOOZ.! WOOL' CLOTH! CLOTHÜ t I ïll K snbscribers will continue to manufac J_ tur1 FuileA Clotli9 or 07J ets. per yard, ntid white flanncl for 20 cents per yard; or tlicy will manufacture tlit wool lor hall the cloth il -.vill inoke. Their FtfCtory is 2i miles Wosi o' Arm Arlior, on the l'unii River. Wool willaiso lc rcccivcd at Scio. Whenscnt by ll,:ilroad it will be attended to in llu' siimc mnnner as il me owners were to,cohie with it. Wool will bc rnanufactured in turn as t comesin as neaily as it can be done with relerence t' t!ic different qualitiesof wool. WOOL CAR DING, vill bcdonc at Scio. by Thomas Iloskins. S. W. FOSTER &CO. Scio, May 1, 1845. '210 E. G. BURGER, Dentist, HAS removed hisofllce to Crane &. Jewett's RIoek, first room on the Sccond Floor, ivhcrc being well j)repared to altend to every ranch of his proleseion, would roBpectfully say o nll who have not had those necessary orgatis. 'HE TEETII, propcrlv attended to, dclny no onger, but cali npon him and expcricncc the asc and dnrability of hisoperations. Terms cconnnodating and charges inno cuec unreasonbic. Ann Arbor, March (5, 1845. 47-tf ABIÍATTI SCH.ODÍ. BOOKS for snlc at 3 rERRY'S JiOOKSTORE. Dcc. 20. 211- ifTry - Try - 'íry Agaín. AFTER you havo trictl ono tliousand and ono kind of l'ills; then try Dr. Ilulslcad's Brisk Filis. pnd you wiil bo iully satialied tlmt tbcy are tt iimch prcfcrablc to cvcry otlier kind as the tun' light nnd licnt is prefernblc. lo bring forwnrd nnd promote a behith'y growth in vegetables to thut d'liich cmnnaics from the itioon. Thcy arejust wliat is wanted in country - a pill that opérales quick, thorough and entv cnrryu.g all impuriiies wi.h ihcin; Jtavjn , Slomacb nnd bowcls der. and clmr a,.„ . ,1 y,,,. 8L0W P1LLS hnt acrSLOÖÏ bliOW , and leavo ihe .systcm in a LJ OW siuk Bilious matter and othcr mpcdiri.omecollec't !' ry inpu! in tlie sysicm when once i,ty -tlin ,c .uxuimilaic- und will increaee as fr.t,i n SI, xv Pilis wil] remove tlicm. h s necefgnry tl.trcforo ko ljavca brièk operation- that wil] áíjodÍt: ali' the oRfiANs from tl.eir torpid slaic, pivcaniM iiii)(!U3 lo the bJood nnd eccretions. Thcn food will digcst- thestomach gnui strengt!. Uie pvs cm strong- tho dun clcar-ihe uppente ood nnd you are wel]-whcn your slow dotrs oU keep you ImgcriPK nlong for monil-„n,j ,],„ perliaps you will end for a Doctor, and whni will l,e do? He will ivb you a ppwful Sil.artic- onc %v,l! t0 yoil 80me } Vegetable Ur.Hk l',ljg „„d grodunJe .}, to suit tl.c pa tent. Towe, pptients ghc mhoII doscs-aUo toch, dren. f,ey èie l.nrn.lcss Hú canbegivontoihc n.oM delioau-but thenthey give lile and nioiion to ihe syütni J)ISKASE isaslow actioñ, el(.pgin up all the Binair vessels-and calis aloml for a remcdy that nv.II arouse Hum ni0 action lefort thcy bccon.e too weak to bc kept in rnoticn- leople do for the want of „ctior.-and fearing thcy shall obtain q lioahhy. natural nctior- thrv preer tnkinq o slow medicinc-ihat thcy iftov doctor slowly for yrars- and at l.:st die with n slow, hnireniig diseasc- the nainral cilect of tuking slow Puls. Away then with this theorv.I! Tuituro wishes to purify the aii. she calis un a lutrry a thnnder showcr, and w'iih it her licht nings (air physic) lo purify, clcanipc. and give i new motion to the atmospliere. and all is Weu. She does not lichten irrmly the year round te produce Ibis motion. Then fqllow nature, when you nrinöut of hcnlth - have a bnd laste in youi cncutli - indigestión - costivenes - fever- 'tolk chills- fevor and apue- dyspepsin- pain in bned or liinhs- taken cold- or in fact out oí order in nny wiy- relieve youriclf immcdiately hyiakinj. the Brisk Pilis. Tty xhrm once nnd you use no otlier. or ]]p for 05 ccntfl# Sold wnolrsnle and refail by J. Owen èt Co. 1). nml; C.!,. S. 1'." JcWttt. LjlA McCoIliun, Ann Arhor. 2:!7-f)m S1CKNESS IN CHILDIIEN. A NI) the suülring wliiclj tho) ndergo from XX 'mvohms" often tc-nd to á fatal tcrninatii)n, while tliecAi'SB is nevcr stmpeclcd. OfTeiifiTo l.i.-aih. pickin 11 ihe nosc. gfiiuttng the :eoth dunnghlcep. Btnrriiig m ftecp wittí fiicht and Ècreaming, troublcsoinecoiigb, nnd fevorishjifcw?, are nnion-r some of tho Prominent %jW 'toma of the prrsence of woiins. A tiniely use of SHEKMAiVS WOlt.M LOZENGKS Will ininiodi.-itely remove all tliose unp]pnf=nnt syrnplojns, and restore to perfect heul tb,. Sister Iunatiug. Superior of the Cülholic Half Orphnn Apylum has nilded her tcéjimqny in thcir favor, to ihe ihouFands wlricfi have gono belbre. Sh fetales that thero iiro erver JOO cbiidren in tho Asylum. and ihat they h;ive been in thchaWtof tisitig Shcrmnn's Luzenges. nnd fhc bas nlwnya (btind them to be nttcndid with the most bcnoficinl eflet'tá. They havebct-n proved lo bo tnfal lible in ovor 400.U00 enses. CÖNSIJMPTION,Influenza, Coiiglis, Colds, Whoopinp Cough, JTigjiUïfjte C ffïó Lmursor Chat mny be eured. Rey. D.'trius Aniliony was vi-iy loyfrom (,'hmumptjon. Jpnnihnn Howard,' the eefebratcd tempcrancu leciurer, wns i educid to the vorgeoi lbo graye by rifising bloot?. ' Rev. Mr. Dutibnr ui New York, the Rcv. Mr. De Fontt, Kvnne' IJ81 in ilic Western part of this state. Hev. Subns'i.-in Strcoior. of IJosion. iho wifrof Orasinns I)ill)lr, F.s(. in Mournvin. .-iml liiimJted.s of, bnVo been rdiovwi and curcd y o proper usc t l SlIEUMAN'S COUr.II LOZENGF8, And no medicine line ever boen more eflccttmll iho iclicf of tlioso disenFes, or vhich can S recommonded wiih more coi,ÍMenec. Thoy al lay all itching ör irrimiion. render thecoúgh cnev, promoeoxpcctonitiun. remoré tho cause nnd produce the must happy nnd l.istiny lübcts. ui:.-DAcnc. 1'Mlpitntion of the Neart, Lownc..s of S.iriis, 5eu sickriess. Dcspondency, F.-iinincfB C'liolic gpinsrns, Crnrnps of the .Si.n.;.ch. Summer or liowuN.omplamis. also nll die dïatrvasiae aynipton.s nnsin-j Irom iree living, or a nibt of di, piiniion ;ire quickly and cmircly relievod by using SIIKRMAN'S CAMITJOR L0ZEHGK8. ''lioy nel .-poedüy and relieve in a very short sspnccol tin.o.g.viiig tone and vigor to tWevatem. nndeniibfón person risÏBg them to underco' grëat mental orbodüy fniiguèï RHEU.MATiSM, Wenk J?aok, puin and wcakne.-s in tlid JIrrasr JJack .Lniibs „ml othcr pnrtsofihn body i,r0 spcejUiy nnd eflectiially rtlicved rv SUFH MA.X'y rOOR JMAN-S PLASTKÏt ihici '.stsonly 12J (x.nis; bnil a within tlic reacli ( f all. íSopent has bfceöme the repm.ition of thi nrticlo tli;.t on.! m.Hion wijl nm begin (-. sunply ibf niinual dem.-.nd. J. is apknowTcdod to bo the beststrenoihrnin l'lasier in dicworld. BEWARE OF JMPOS1TION. Dr . Slienuarr ['oor Mari's Pl.,8tor lia his name with dircciioViê pnnied on tire back of the l'lastcr; nnd a Om: simiíLn or the Doctrr's wriiten name under the direeüons. Nono oiher aro Ocnuihe, or tobo relied on. Shcnnnn'ö WnrcnoHSfi is o. IUÜ Nriu st. New York W . S. ■& J. W. MAYAKD, Agenl8 or Ann Aroor. 04WCheap Hardware Store. TUI E Stilweribcr takcs this inelliod 10 inform lus olcl customcrs and tlio public gcnernlly thal lieatill conmines io koop a l.irgcnnd general nsuortmem of Foreign and Domcslic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Spike Wrought, Cm and Jiorsc Shoo Nnil, O lare. Shccu Iron, lioop Iron. Sheet and Unr Laad, Zync, BrigJ and Ancalod YVire, ftloIrissen Gates and Fasset.ts, Wil! Saws. Cross Cut Suwtf, Haridflnd Wood Saws, Jjack and Kry Hole Saws, Anvils, Viere, Bcllows,Ad7.eB. Coopta 'Jool-, Drawióg Knivcs, Spokc Shavcs, Jnp Borew, Cast Steel Augure, Cominon Augurs, Augur üitts, ilollow Augurs, Steel and Iron Squares, Ground Piaster, Water Limo, CnndStoncs, Potash,CaIdronand Siignr Kettles, Cabio, Log. Trace and Halter Chains, Jirond, IJnndand Narrow Axcs. Spirit ond Plumb Lev. els, logetlier with a general nssortment of Hollew Wort, which will he soldJow for Cash or ;ipproved credit at J23. Jeilcrson Avenue. KU drM's Block. Ji. MARVJNi Detrou. Jnn. IGili. 18-16. 218-1 y JBOOTS AII SÏ1OLS, AT WHOLESALE. A. C. M'GRAV & CO., AVIIOLKSALK AND HKTAJL DKAI-ERS ÍN BOOTS, SHOES, LEATHER AND FINDINGS, Corner of Jefferson and Woodtcard Avenues, Detroit. AC. M'GRAW & CÜ. would respectfully inform the Aierchnnts of Michigan, Jhat ihey hnvo opened a WHOLESALE BOOT AIVD S1IOE STORE, in the rooms over their Retnil Store. Smart's Corner. Their long ocquaintance with the Shoe business, and the kinds of ehoes that are needcd in this State, will cnajIc them to furnish merchants wiih such shoee ns they ncod. on botter lerms than hey con buy n the New York mjirkct, as all their goods are ought from first hands, and particular nttc.ntion 8 paid to the selection of sizes. Detroit, 1846. 248-1 y WANTJED. TWO young men about 18 or 19 yeorsof age as apprentices to the Sashnnd Blind niaking usir.ess. Also, onc JOURNEYMAN, nt tlie bove business. II. GREGORY Ann Arbor, Lowur-Town. Dcc. 4. 7 8-15.