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A Central American Confederation

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During the past threc or four weeks Rays tho New York Iterald, rumora havo reachcd us from Central America to the effect that a revival of the old " Federation of the United States of Central America" is soon about to take place. It will be remembered that after throwing off the Spanish yoke and undergoing a mimber of vicissitudes, both foreign and domestic, Guatemala, Costa Eica, San Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua formed on the lst day of July, 1823, a federal republio under the above title. After iifteou years of civel feuil and wrangling among themselves the union decrecd its own dissolutkm in 1839. Since that time nntil now the States which Söquired thcir separate sovereignty have never ceased to rcgret tho disruption of the confederation to which they once belonged. In the present movement, initiated for tho purpose of restoring the extinct fcderation of Central America to its former place amone the nations, Guatemala takes the lead. The figures given below show the area in square miles and tho population of the live independent states comprisod within the limit of the contemplated confederation. Areas, ' República. Square miles. PemUation. 1. Guatemala 192, 1,180 uoo 2. Ban Salvador 1,888 600,000 3. Houd nras 47,093 350,000 4. Costa Rlc 21,4.15 1(15,01)0 5. Nicaragua 58,171 360,000 Tolals 326,970 2,M5,000


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