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The Diocese Of Michigan--missionary

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ilie eighteenth of the Diocesan Missionary Meetings, uuder resolution of the Conveution, will be held (D. V.) durmg the week followiug the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity, on the 17th and 18th of November, in St. Andrew's Church in thie city. The followiug will be the order of services Wednesday, November Vlth, raorning 10:30 o'elook.- Divine Service and the Holy Communion. Sermón, ad clerum, by the Bishop of the Diocese. Afternoon, 3 o'clock.- Meeting for Informal Discussion. t Evening, 7:30 o'clock.- Dmne Service and Missionary Sermón, by the Eev. Richard BrassP Rector ot Zion Church, Pontiac. Thursday, November, ISth, morning, 9 o'clock. -Meeting for the discussion of General Topics. Subject : " The best means for ïnforming the people on Míssíods." Opened by the Rev. W. W. Raymoud, Rector of St. Peter's Church,. Hillsdale. Afternoon, 3 o'clock.- The children to be addressed by the Rev. Augustus Bush and the Rev. H. J. Browu. Evening, 7:30 o'clock,- Missionary Meeting, with addresses - 1. Missioaary zeal, the great proof individual and parish life, by the Rev. C. H. W. Stooking, D. D., Rector oi Grace Church, Detroit. 2. The necessity of teaching the children the principies of the Cburch as the safe guard again6t this day's heresy and iufldelity, by the Bev. L. W. Applegate, Rector of St. Jude's Church, Feuton - and Latimer Hall. 3. The cali to prayer on St. Andrew's Day, in behatf of Misaiona - this iutercossion by the whole Church a joyf ui sigu of Christian uuion and Missionary success - by the Rev. Wyllis Hall, Rector of St. Andrew's Churoh. i. Conclusión and lienediction bo the Bishop. An invitation to attend is extended to the public.


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