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A 5EW fast mail train on the Toledo, Wabtish & Western Railway iuakes the distance between Toledo and St. Louis in 14 hours and 20 minutes. Novr, Bro. Crane, finish up youi railroad from this city to Toledo and Ann Arbor will be only 16 hours distant from St. Louis. The October number of the Printers' Cabinct, published by that sterling typo and caterer for typos, Sterling P. Rounds, at,17ö Monroe st., Chicago, is beautiful in typography and interesting in contenta, but a little tormenting to printers with lean treasuries. The new faces it shows, and the illnstrations of machiuery in all departraents of the art preservative, so neurly rnake oue vioiate the commandment agaiuBt coveting anythiug that is our neighbors that we drop the subject. The Echctic for Xovember has eighteen papers,besidea an editorial sketch of Holman Hunt (with a fine steel portrait), literary notices and science and art works. The most noticeable papers are : More about Napoleon- Memoirs of Count de Segur ; The Arabs in Palestiue ; An American's Impressions of Eagland, by Horace White; The Pianets put in Leverrier's Balance, by Proctor; Teunyson's " Queen Mary " ; Oceau Circulation, by Dr. W. B. Carpenter ; and the two seriáis, Her Dearest b'oe, by the aut.hor of " The Wooing O't,"- chaps. XÏ - XXII. ; and Jonathan, by O. O. Frazer-Tytler, author of Mistress Judith," ehaps XXXIII.- XXXVIII. E. R. Pelton, New York. Part 20 (or the Oetober number) of the Aidine, rightly named " The Art Journal of Araerica," is rich in illustratiou and beautiful in letter press. The Christening, after Merle, by John S. Davis, is a noble picture ; The Odalisque, by Richter; First Come, Firsi. Served, by Wra. M. Carey, a maguiricent fullpage picture, a nuraber of noble elk come down from the hills to drink at a spring and flnd au innumerable drove of butïalo in possession ; Ondino, by Miss Stark ; The Pentelsteruer Chasm, near Ampezzo, in the Tyrol, by K. Heyn, a full page with uplifting rocks and opening depths that indícate the grand and sublime ; Strasbounr, with a series of views ; and other pintures ereditable to both sketcher and engraver. The Spur of Monmouth is continued, and othor papers, with the notes upon or descriptions of the pictures, furnish enjoyable and interesting reading. " The Aldme C'ompany," New York. The People Want Prooi. There is no medicine prescribed by Physioiaus or sold by Druggists, that carnes such evidence of its success and virtue as Boschee's Gebman Stkup for Severe Couglm, Colds settled on the Breast, Consumption, or any disease of the Throat and Langs, a proof of that fact is that any person afflcted can get a Sample Bottle for 10 ceuts and try its superior effect before buying the regular size at 75 cents, It has lately been introduced in this country froni Germany, and its wonderf ui cures are astonishing to everyone that use it. Three doses will relieve any case. Try it. Sold by Eberbach & Co. The Grand Rapids Eagle says the epizootic coutinues to rage atnong the among the equines in that city, and in some cases is throwing off its mild form. It will result in closing up some livery stables for a few days, if it progresses much in the game marnier it has of late. Ballou fc Co., of Kawkawlin, have shut down their saw mili and couimenced woods operations, proposing to put in 20,000,000 feet of logs, ai figure larger than that of any previous stock. Jeremiah O. Balch, formerly assistant editor of the Marshall Statexman, died at Chicago on the oth, aged ninety-four. His remains were brought to Marshall for interment. The Supervisors' valuation of the property in Kent county is $20,000,000 over one half of which is in Grand Rapids. The popnlation of the county is estimated at 70,000. Twelve persous have boon arrested at Albion for tarring and featheriug Van Wyck some three months ago. They have all been held in $300 bail each for their appearance. There are twenty-two societies of the Germán Workiugmen in Michigan, with a total membership of two thousand two hundred.


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