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A prominent Democratie raember of Congrcsa, who claims to havo carefully looked ovor the ground aml canvassed the matter thoroughly, says the cleetion of Mr. Kerr to tho Bpeakeiship of the next House is " as certaiu as any evont of liko cliatacter in the futuro." Thebe is a degroe of f-atisfaction iu ho news that tho wretch LaPage, arrested for the murder of Josie Langmaid, in Now Hampshiro,hss beeu identified. A blaeker scoundrel never crawlcd npon the earth. The murdor was ono of the most heartless and horrible in the long catalogue of crime. How many Amerioans know that the United Suites and British American boundary line in tho Northwest is being marked by cast-irun pillai-s, eight feet high, set in th! ground four fect, at distances of a milo from each other ? It is so, tho English and our governments setting the poste alternately. The following stanzn from a poem iu ono of the November magazines is supposed to bo a delicate tribute to Francis E, Spinner, lato Trcusurer of the United States: He wrote and wrotn, Imt coultï not makr a name ; ïhi'ii curscd hisl'utc and calli'il Ine worldto bhuno- The world, that kuow not genius when it eamc. The Interna! Kevenue Department ia constantly bringing to light fresh frauds in the distillery btisiness! The discoveries of fraud among the old records that are constantly being made is the bost possible_cvidenco of the eilieiency of (he systom at present in operatiou in this brnnch of the special service. .Let tlio good work go on. Lieüt. Fred Coilins, of tho United States Navy, commauder of the expedition that mado the recent survey of the route for tho proposed inter occanic canal across tho Isthmus of Darien, has reported aml furnished somc estimates of the eost of tho work. The distauco of the canal m a straight line is thirty miles, and the work will cost a total sum of $105,000,000. The dispatch from Lima, Peru, giving the rcsult of the Pcruvian electie ns illustrates the growth of telegraphic facilities. That dispatch was tho first ever sent from that city, and it went a long diütanco to reach this country. It crossed tho Andes, passed onder the Atlantic from Brazil to Portugal, and retumed to this continent by way of London and Newfoundland. Louis and Wm. Henk, two young wretches, aged 17 and 15 years, treated their inother inashamoful andunnatural marnier, in New York city, the ofcher day. During the absence of their father they drove their youugcr brothers into a i room, and. after locking the doors, I sentod pistols and dirk knives at the old lady, and robbed her of her jewclry and pocketbook. They then threatened to kül her and their brothers if they temptcd to prevent them from innking their escape. They have been arres ted. The Herzegovinian rebellion is again assuming a grave aspect. The defeat of the Turks at Zubci, and tho report of the Consular Commission that the Porte cannot restore order, attest tho strength and vitnlity of the insurrection. The significant attitude of Eussia calis forth from tho London Times a declaration that England is not prepared to engago in armed intervention. It seems probable that Turkey will be obliged to grant to tho disaftectcd province somothing more substanüal than the promised 1 forms. John Kikg, of Tennessee, is very busy asking questions about what has taken placo during the last thirtoen years. He had a farm in Tennessee in 1802, and the soldiors of both armies made themselvee cordially at homo on ! his premisos. So he removed with all hia produce to a ave in tho Cumberland Mouutains. A storm threw down a rock whicli closed the mouth of the cave. Therein he lived for thirteen years, in the dark, catiug from Lis produce and I drinking i rom a spring. Tho other day a railroad company, blasting for a tunnel, blastcd him out. Two MuiiDEKEKs, Sfeuulerman and Dolan, are] to be executed at tho Tombs, New York, Dec. 17 - tho first named for the killing of Miss Siedenbaum, who rofused to marry him, and Dolau for the murder of Noe, a brush merchant, whose storo the prisoner broke into ono day morning about throo months ago. On the 17th of December three colored men named Wcston, Thompson, and Ellis, will be hangod at the namii place for the murder of a poor peefttttf ui West Farms, in Wesloheutor oouuty, N. i Y., a few woeks previous to their arrest and conviction. Evidently hanging is not played out in New York. The official total net revenue of the govemment for tho last fiscal ycar was $288,000,051, distributed thus : Cnstoms, $157,167,722 ; intomal revenuc ; $110,007,410 ; land, $1,11:3,010 ; miscellaneoua sblirces, iflü,lll,195. Tho total netexpenditures were $274,023,392; dividod thus: Customs, SI 9, 713, 707 ; interna! revenue, $5,188,513 ; Interior Department, $1,957,535 ; Trcasury proper, $33,G13,2tí2 ; diplomatío, $3,199,220 ; quartcrly salariea, $5(')1,517 ; judiciai-y, $3,803,9(5 ; net civil and niiscellanoous expendiüires, $71,070,702 ; War Department, $41,120,015 ; Navy ! Department, $21,497,026 ; Interior Department, $37,810,873 ; public debt interest, $103,093,511. The Jews as a class are proljably tho I most pcaccftble, non-combative poople in the world. There are, however, i ïoop tions, among which are to bo classod j Josoph Goldman and Moscs Pifikall, i partners in a New York jewelry store. Thia duo of ehivalric Hobrew.s bad a i quarrel about B hwninnnn transaotion, and, being unable to settlo tho dispute amicably, had rocourso to tho code duello. The meeting hada most f r.igio tormination. Tho parties met in the loft of a building in Delancey sheet, j armed with revolvers, and proceeded to peppor each other iu genuino Búllalo Bill style. Goldman recoived two bullets through the head, and vras instantly killed. Tiskall was shot throngh Öxe right oye and mortally wounded. Thero were no witnesses to this singular and terrible combat. Somk days ago a npeculativc Peimsylvaniw wrote to Assishuit PostmasterGeneral Barber, oflbring to give him $25 a qnarter providcd ho would sond Iris partoer, a country Poetmaatez $100 in postage ertamps ovcry thrco mcntlis to be sold ontsido of tbo office, so that tlio Postmasier could, 1y au increasod salo of stamjis, inórense he salnry of liis oflioe. ïIr. Barbel cmsidered tho temptiug proposition, but conoludod to re.maiu true to bis oatfc.and be giüded by his convictions of duty, so ho positivoly refused to accept tho fabulous bribo, aud sent the tempter tho follong : "The department can mako no arraigomenta, for or witliout a bounn, to s])p]y you with BtauinH for sale oitlier by yonrself or your liartner in bupinetis, the Poetmnetor, and if tlio lattor ia diucoverod selling stampa iu tho muner you euggeet, his official temiro wül be of very short duration. Tho innato dishonosty of yonr proposition suggestfj tho propriety of kooping watcli on his aclioiiH. I incloso oopy of the rogulaüom rogarding the salo of stampn.'


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