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What Ugly Toes Women Have

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Canova choBe flvo hundred bcautiful women from whom to model his Venus, and among tliom all could not find a decent set of toes. If he lived nowadays what luck would lic have under the dainty little buttoned boots, with their sharppointed heels. As soon as the helpless baby can pnl its foot on the ground, and before it eau complain in words, shoos are put on it by which the width of the toes aro contracted fully half an inch ; and nsually a stift' counter is ordered in the heel, with some vague idea of " strengthening the ankle. " Trom that time, no matter how watchful or sensible its parents may be iu other respeets, tlfèse instrumenta of torturo, nhvays constitute part of its dress. The toes aro forced into narrower space, year by year, "togiveagood shape to the foot," until they overlap and knot and knob themselves over with iucipient corns and bnnions. Then the heel is lifted from the ground by artificial means, and thus the action of the calf muscles is hindcred and the elastic cartílago of the wholo foot is stiffened at the earliest and most tender period of ita gi-owth. The results aro a total laak of ekstlcity in the step and carriage, and a foot iiievitably distortod. American womon are noted for their crampod and mincing walk. Southern children are more fortúnate in this matter than thüso in the North, aa it is customary, even in the wealthiest classes, to let their feet go micovered uutil tho age oí six. Mothors in the North are not wholly to blame, however, as the climale requires that the feet shall be covcred, and it is almost impossible, even in New York, to find shoos properly made for children, linless a last is ordered for tho foot. As a new last would be required every month or so, very few parents are able to givo the watchfulness and moncy required ; but, if the proper shape were insisted upou by those buying shoes, dealers would quickly furnish them -


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