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The Passions That Induce Disease

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The pasions whieh act Biost severely 011 the physieal lifo aro anger, fear, hatred aml grief. The otlior pnsRioiu are comparatively innocuous. WhfltisoaUed the pnssion of love is not injurious uutil it lapses into grief and anxiety; on the contrary, it sustains tlie physical power. What is called arnbition i.s of itself harniless; for ambitioii, when it exista purcly, is a nobility lifting its. owner entirely from himseif into the exalted service of mankind. It injnres when it is debased by its moancr ally, pride; or when, stimulatiug a man to too strennons efforts after some gropt object, it leads him to the performance of excessive menfcil or physical labor and to tho consequonees that follow such eflbrt. The passion called avarice, according to my oxperience, tends rather to tho preservabon of the body tban to its detei-ioration. Tho avaricious man, who seems to the luxnrious world to bo debarring hirnself of all the pleasures of the world, and even to be exposing himseif to the fangs of poverty, is generally plaoing hiruself in the precise conditions ïavorable to a long and healthy exist' 8006. iïy Juk iconomy hc isH.iving him self from all the worry incident to pepary; by Iiíh caution ho is screcning himself from all the risks incident to specultition or the attempt to amass wealth by haziirdoua moans; by his regularity of honra and perfect approprlation of tho suulight, in prefeirguce to artificial illumination, he rcsls and works in periods that prooisely accord with the jeriodicy of nature; by his abstemiousness in living hc takee jnt enough to live, which is preoisely the right thing to do according to the rigid natura) law. Tlms, in almost evei-y particnlar, ho goos on his way freer than other men from the external causes of uil the indnoed disoasos, and tutter proteöted than most mea rom the worst consquenoea of thoso diseasea which spring from OttUSOS that aro uiicontrollable. - Popular iS'cience MontMy for November. Iï is estimated that during the next months more tlian $200,000,000 will De paid out in the West in the porkpacking business. The good effecte of this cannot fail to be t'eltiu every brauch of trade.


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