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Iron Versus Wood On The Farm

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"As I look at my iron field gates," saya tlio celebrated English farmer, J. J. Mechi, ' ' iron wire f enees, iron sheep hurdles, supplied to me by my friend Garrett, tliirty odd years ago, but all perfect now, and when I compare tliem with the rotten gate posta and other wooden matter of an equal age, I can only wonder tliat agricultura still ruus in tho oíd wooden rut. Iron tubs and iron barrows stand alike Leat and eold - no cooperage and carpentering. The posts wJiich support our sheds should, if of wood, have their feet jílaced within the sooket of an iron pipo driven in the ground. I saw this admirably done at the Earl of Essex's, Cassiolmry, where tho lower end of unpíaned iir polos rested in tho sockot of iron pipes (5s. eaoh), firmly einbedded in the soil. Pig troughs and driukingtroughs for animáis and poultry appear to be nearly everlasting, while the water in them is always aceejjtablo. We find the largo circular pig troughs very convenient in tho sheep fold, for their weight and form prevenís their being upset by the sheep, and tho water lost. The tomperature of the water is also slightly raised by the hcated iron. I have seen lambs injured by drinking water immediately taken from a spring, at a temperatura of about 48 deg., in hot wcather. My twelve-iron riek frames (Garrett's patent) are worth as much as they were thirty odd years ago, when first put down - no rat. By the by, this reminds me that my practical friends saroastically suggested thirty years ago that I should want no sucli frames, for I should never grow up enough to fill my uew great barn. Wo evidently, on the I score oí profit, should pass more rapidly from the oíd wooden age to that of iron, coal and brick, with steam as a motive power. Who would hnve tlunight, forty years ago, of building iron sliips V


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