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Sufferings O Poor In Germany

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A recent Berlín dispatch says : " Tho depressiort of tradc is feit so keenly by tho industrial classes that the governmcnt has been requested, íis a means of proventing acato distress, to resort to the mensure successfully adopted ín the last two wars, namely, tho establishment of loan banks. The government has not as yet shown much inclination to accede to the request. Serious distress is anticipated among the industrial working classes during tlie coming winter, uní apprehensions are also entertained of a crisis in financial circles." A contemporary, cominonting upon the above, portinently remarks : " Whilo Franco is more prosperous thiui she has been since the empire, Germany is 011 tho extremiticH of distress. Tho propositiou í'or government aid to tho peoplo ehows that howeyor vigorons and masteríul Bismark is in war, ho doesn't equal hisFrench rivals in peaee. It is a singular commeut on the lack of governng faculty in tho Germán nation - that s to say, the stimulus and upholding of ndustry - that in four yenrs from the oeption of an indemnity greater than j her national debí, Germany is the poorest country iu Europe. " A VAiit of canarios last week made the trip from Nebraska to Biobtnond, Vu, They carne by expresa, uid attached to the cago was a tig bearing an appeal to passengere along the route to care for thern.


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