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■■■■■■■n Fconomy, comfort, looks, al 4 ■ WkM 3 H combino to make faaiTOjJl SILVER TIPPEO ■mUvvVV Shoefl indispensable forchildren Ihfl S K 9 J 3vfl Novcr wear through at tbo loo. SAÍOÍHBH Als., trj Wirf 1,'Olltr .1 Soles. How delightfal to havo dry fret. HHM' Vfc 'M H Farmers, ineclmnics, everybody, raCfiVaj WB SR CABLE SGREW WiRE HggHiafa Boots and Shoes nover ríp or lyJTyyffS eAlso ask for Wire Quilted Solee. Í"""S Have yon ever seen The Illnstrated Catalogue of The F.xctUior Porta&l Priiitinq l'resnes? $3 Pres now roady. i:vr man hi oirn printer. A few dollars buys a press and type fo printing cards, labels, onyelopes, etc.f at qitarter printers prices. iS'fiw vtovey and increane bwnnern by live advertís ing. Send two stamps for catalogue to the Manufactur ers, V. KELSKY & CO., Mcrirtrn, Con. ACTUMA nd OATARRH. Sure Cure. Trial free HO I nlTlH Address W. K. Beixis, Indianapolis, Ind $O O t A MONTH. 100 ARTICL.KS SU AddreesR. N.RAMSEY, Detroit, Mioh 4C f rt ÈOfi ft dy at home. Samples worth $1 sen O í) 9i} freo. Stinsos Cd.. Portland, Me. CinC0( Per üy Send for Chromo Catalogue. [ 41UH4AÜJ.H. liüFFOiiD'a Sons, Boston, M.isi. WANTED AGENTS. Himples a,:i Outfit fret Beller than Gold. A. OOULTER OO., Chicago tfl Por IVOTHld. Aconta Wanted overywhoro. PO Addrees J. KKNNF.DY CO., Riolimonü, Ind. ft) fCn A MONTH Acents wantd. J44 best-sell TKnll inK articles in the world. One sample free (j) J JU Address J. BHONSON, Detroit, Bllch JW Daily to Atrents. 85 new articles nnd tho pVF best Family Paper In Amcricn, with two S" Chromos, free. AM. M'F'G CO., 300 Broadwoy, N. Y nTllTITin All want IT- Thousandsot liveB and A l'uM'rV Milhomof propertysavod by it- ForHlTPIl I 11 tunes madn with it. Address LikinollUllii 1 U TON ROS., New York or Chicago. ,+,_- PKR WEF.K GUARANTEIÏD to Aitents. il'WrJ Male and Femal. in tln-ir own locality. 7K f f ïerms nnrl OUTFIT FRKK. Address Wl I p. O. VIUKKRY (JO., Augusta, Maine. A f% f i A MO1VTH- Agentswanted everywhere. IA "I Kil Business honorable nnd iirst cUss. PartuZlJIl "nlrs sent freo. AddreBs WORTH i UfUVV OO.. St. Louis. Mo AUTtTEf nn( Morphlna habit absolutely and 1 1 U II :a speedly cured. Painless ; no puhicity. Ui 911 f Send stamp for particulars. Dr. CarlV 1VUI toni ]87 Washington St., Chicago, 111. THE WHAT IS ÏT Something new. Sells at sight. liig inducoments t Agents. Samptea, 95 oents and etainn. Agents wanttnl. Si;nd for Catalogue. U. S. SPBOIALTY CO., 7 and 'J Fultont., Boston. a f (VI "TO We havo tho finest and cheapest AtlBNlO niDI ET FiiblLxliod-f.lKW KllCravinCi. DIDLik Jtig Term and Krclglit ïmifl. Western Bible House, SI. Louis, Mo. &"!" tn OKr-ay To Farmers Sons and DiJ LU aJUBi J-'d'.y otheronoreotioyoung incu to Feil an artielp au STAPLÉM Farmera aud cthiTd in thrir uvn neighborhoods. Particulars Frea AJdress- THE CENTENNIAL CO,, St. Louis, Jlo. m s Wm WL% f f% Can make money on Satfll ;■ M I N nrday Ëvcmng Post. #-"1 " Largest Chromo, Best Paper, Biggest Pay. Rekd, Wickf.hbham A Co.,Philadelpliia. Orders fllled from Boston, Balti., Pittsburgh or Chicago 0 J .- _- Hahit ( iiüiI At Home. EB 1 HfiNo publicity. Time short. Tonus r I I 1,1X111 testimoniáis. 5th ■ ■ "'jvarnfoiipar-.lli.ledsuccess.DB. scribe oase. Address Vi. F. E. Marah, Quincy, Mich. CINCINNATI DOIiliA R1VEKKLY STAR. An Inoepeadont Famil? Newspaper. 8 Pages. 4S C.luinns of Heailing. (&- Per TKAR. Specimen Qopj khkk. (Bi l'ree of postale. Addres The " STAK"CO., (indmiali, Oliio. TOD CRIE ChlMRO Snlnirban Its at ÏTOeacb, lUn wHLCütlSdmvnnncl 5monthlyfor balance, wlthln a hort dlstnnoe "f City Limits. ivlth honrlr train and chnap faro. Senil for circulara. IRA BKOWN, 142 LaSalle-st.. Chicago. 111. HQSÏt'IIOMAiVi'Y, or Soul Cllnrining.' H..W . ii.j.-i ■ mi foerhiauj lul tui, ma hiv un.l affectlon ol auj iftrauii tliej nisimit:;. ii:is art all chii JM.S8I-8M, free. bi' mail, Zlwlrra; tojretl t wílli a I ,u, i-h GalOe, i Oracle, Draams. Hints lo LatileB. o. I.0QO.M0 eM. A ,„„■.„! k. AdKiwT. WI1X11M I4C0., PtHi'a, PHlladorphi f1HDS.-'0 white or tintod Uristol. 00 ets. ; 50 Kj Snonflako, Mnrbln, Kp, or Dinmk. 35 ets. ; SO Glass, 40 ets. ; with yonr name beautifnUy printed on them. and iïG samples of type, ageuts1 prloe-UAt, etc., Bont by return mail on reoi'ipt of ni ice. Diaoounbto Olubs. Bestofwork. W. O. (JANNON, 4( linnohind Street. Boston, Rferfi to S. M. Pettengill & Co. EBaHMa Tour Ñamo Klraiitly I'rintt'L iir tA On 12 TRANSrAItENT VlSITINO. waUm Caüps. for25 Cents. Eacll cardcontainï a frene which is not viniblc iintil hfld townrdB the lipht. Nothinsiike themever beforeofTcrpil in America. Iüpinducements to Agente. Koveltt ?K]Nti.o Co., Ashland, Mass 11 -f "V i O TT ' " 1 Hboadway. New York. r . l . 1 Ap-H mannfaotoim-of Kolid Golu J BWK1JBY of oveiy diclpHon. The Btook islnrcc very choko. nn.l is oftere 1 ui retallat wade prioes to kecponr ivorkmcn golnr, Bills nniiír.f 15.P.O. order in advance. Over $i J, U.Ü.D. privilefie to eiamine. Catalogues free. 9i5 SHOT 'GÜÑ. Á obl Oarrrirnn. Iwror frontarUoa lockit; warrí.i'íJ rtoj MootwM tarrcH. ui S"! Bhnotfr, "'FI : towAaod wi-miltrr, Tor ítx Can bwnt H. O. D. wittt privIHso W cxmlt berorep.Tloj Wil. Srnn Stump Urolr-oUr U P. PoVilX 80ET. On Doalor, M3 KbIu 6t-, Clndanatl. O. _ __ __- Vni mint to make Pv 2&Z B.1BH !,arfi' i'KOKIT ■ jk M jk BPAM Snllinu the best article I m BS HWM I everofferedtoAeentn. ZmS9 A4aV ■ vi BS One Agent inaue $15 In three baars. Tiy U. Address, HOOI) A JOSEPH, ïndinnapolis, Ind. trnA o rfi "V Investod in Wall Strfcet. SlO hSÖOO11111'111"1 "" A "■' itrr-- ja.,,age book eiplainlng everythina and giviuK prtoe ')f Btockl OCUT CDCC JOHN UK IKLING 4 CO., Banken OCN I rntt. Btoliers.ía Bioadwaí.ífewyork. GÉ6i 15 Pounfls of Flesü. ,. „ „ Socth Behwick, Me., Jan. 17, 1872. H R. Stevp.ns, Ksq. : DearKir- I have had Dyspepsia in its worst forra for tbolnst ton years, and have taken bnndredii of dollars' worth of medicine withont obtainlng any relief. In Son. tember last I conwiKincod taking the Vehf.tink, since which time my hoalth has stoadüy improvod. My fond diKost well, and 1 have ealned flftcen pounds of flesh There are several others in this place talting the Veoetine, and all have obtained relief. Youra trnly, THOMAS E. MOORE, Ovoreeer of tlio Gard Rooin, Portsmouth Co.'s Mills. DYSPEPSIA. SYMPTOMS.-Want of aopetlte, risinR of food and wind from the stomach. acidity of tlio stomach, heartbum, drynessand whtteness of the tongue in the raornInff.eensi! of distensión in the stomnch and bowels.sometimes rtunbling and iain ; costWeness, which is occasionally interrupted by diarrhea ; paleness of the urine. The mouth is clammy, or has a bou r or bitter taste. Otlier frequent 8,vinptom3 are waterbrnsh, p&lpitfttkm of the beart, heftilacFie, and disorders of tlio senses, as eeeinf? doublé, Ac. There is general debility, languor and aversión to inotion, dejection of the spirits, disturDed sleep and frightful dreams. Feel Myself a New Man. Mr. II. R. Btktb,,.: NATICK' Ml"8" " " J)(ïiir Slr- ThrniiKh th advice and ernost persuasión of Rev. B. S. ]i(-st,oi this place, I have been tnking V KG KT IN K for Dyspepsia, of which I have siiffered for years. I have used only two bottles, and already feel myself a new man. Reflpectfully, DR. J. W. CARTER. A Source of Creat Anxiety. Mydaucliter bas rsceived great benefit from the use of Veíiftink. Her decliaing health was a source of greafc anxiety to all of her ïriends. A few bottles of the VEGETINE rostorod hor hoalth, strength and appetite. N. H. TILDEN. In, nnd Re:tl Estafo Agt., 49 Sean' Building. BOSTON, Masa., June 5, 1872. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT VEGETINE. SourH Boston, May 9, 1870. H. R. Stevens: Dear Sir- ] have had considerable experlence with the VEGETIME. lor dyspepsia, general debility and impura blood, the VkgetinE ís superior to anything which I have ever usod. I commenced taking Vegetine aboul the middle of last winter, and after using a fe bottles it entirely cured m of dyapepsia, and my blood never was in so (tuod condition as at the present time. It will afïord me pleasure to give any further paiticulare relativo to wbat I know abont thin good medicine, to anyonewho ■wilï caü or address me at my residence,386 Athens street. Very respectfully, MONROK PARKKR, 386 Athens Street. GEMS OF ENBL1SHS0NG 75 Songs, each a truc Gem and undeniably Popular. Among the attractive titles are : Nmaictli. ItincC on, Swcct Angelus. K. sim i ; ïda . lilttlc M.-iicl of Arcailee. AV"itry. By the liluc Soa. llosc Marie, THE GEMS OF KIVGÏ.ÏSH SONG is a book of 232 pages, all of fuli Bheot-music 6ize. Araong the Anthors are : Lady Scott. Campana, Lindsat, Goünod, HattoH, HOWE, TOPLIFF, BaKNUY, CLARIBEL, ABT. The (KJIS OP ENGLISH SONG will besent, postpaid, to any addreas, for the Retail Prico, which ia, in Boards, $2.50; in OIoth, $3.00; Gilt, $4.00. DO NOT FORGET OUR OTHER RECENT BOOKS, Sono Mosakch, 75 cents, for SinginK Schools. Shinini; RivER, 35 cents, for Sabbath Schools. Hlcu Si-hooi, Choib, $1.00 ; for High Schools, 4c. Living Waters, 3U cents ; for Praise Meetings. 0L1VER DITSON & CO., CHAS. H. DITSON & CO., Boston. 711 Broadway, N. Y. d1O íi day athom. AiïPnts wanted. Outfitandtenni J I í freo. Address TRUE 4 CO., Augt ta, Maine. I (i ..',_.'j.. A ten-dollar bill of 1770 sent fre h I lll'lilïltïï ft Stamp. Address O. HUBST 4 il UllllUullj, CO., Ï5 Nassau St„ N. Y. THIS Paper Is printed with Ink made bj O. B. Kan Oo-, 121 Dearborn Street, Chicago, and for sala by us in Urge or small quantitieg. DHIOAGO NICWSPAPER UNION, 114 Monto Straat, Chicago, 111. WANTKD !MMEDIATEL1# 1 i:t More Young Jlen to Learn ■■ KGRAPHY. (Jood situatinns guarantaed. AddreM.with stamp, UPBRINTENDENT UNION TlíLKíiKAPU ■ COMPANY, UBBRLIN, OHIO. od Now nnffalo 1J!11 RcvolverKf U 1 VV WithldOCartridires, $2ÁH): 20,(KV) sold ; everyoneAv; : Kjitisfac! ion guarsnteecl. Wtittrated Catalogus Frre, AVEüTEUÜI GUN WORKS, (hiiiiïo, 111., . 00 Doarbom-st., (McCormickT31ock). m-T V] IJAIYWITfiESS for 50 cents ■ I from to lst Janu.lry on trinl. H H Merchants cannot afford to be with■ ■ ont Daily Market Reporta of Pro■ H' du01' Oattlo, Stocks, etc. Everbody Hl wants to hear of Moody and Sankey's wnrk. Subscribe at once. Office, Ü ■ A Spruce Street, New York. 111 .11 JOHN DOUGALL. E USE THB fS% XCELSIO K LAMP CHIMNEYS. Tliey are made of tfte heat ï-ral GlassRin vrili Stanl Heat ïctit r thnn ny o.hrrs. S. H. HAKRIS' ImpiovcdCliicngoPÍRK nnd BlIROWR SAF ES nml VA11LT DOORS are tlie ÜBST onl CHBAPI5ST. j'.'iuiOictoiy :iml Salcsniom,Z3&'í.'}EallniitloiiiIi-t., Chicago. I3XTC?XTI3E=l"EÏ FOR W.A.DROWN&GOB UMBRELLAS. PIIII.VnEL,PHIA and JVEW YORK.- The qnalltles marked with their name are confldeutly recommended. Si AGENTS WANTED FOR THE ( EIMTENIMIAL HISTORYoftheU.S. The great interest in the thrilline history of our conntry makes this the fasteat selling book ever pnblished. It cuntains 412 fine historicnl engravinfíB and DÍÍ5 paiïca, with .1 fnll account of the apprnachinK rand Centennial Bxhibition. Send for a fnll dttscription and extra terms to Agent?. National Fublishing Co., Chicago, 111., or St. Louis, Mo. MgHKBSBte,. This nevr Truss la worn # BVbBSlSSB. with perfect c&mfort nicht LPV T a e -TJndday. Aiïapti itself to ■ iíLAol 11 MM e very mot ion of the body, fpt T R TI S S . JSfretainlnKnipturcunderth TViM-nnn TiiwiwiinrfíTy hftrdestex'rciseorseTere8t ■raHHOHBtf strnin until pormnnnntlj py EÍisticTfnss bC'7 NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sent by inail. Oaïl or ond for Circular and be cured. MRxpInnatorF Cireiiliirh 1 ni. in Stoeli Privileges, baBi] pnid and will noy l,arKe Y L U lU iro(i(.s. UuilroiMl 81 Es. TTnTlTI Bond and Gold boufiht ""hnnfl li Uil I! Margin. Interest SixU'UM pnnn IVr Cent. nllmvod on deio-i! II 1 HJLlJj eits subject o sight drafts. yUUUi BVCKWALTBR fe CO., Banken and Ilroker, Vo. 10 "Wall Street, cw iork. IPP- -- - Ilri.eoU, (hnicli & Hall, CSEfcl "TIip d(jm.'inl fov ynur Sea Foam iii■Ugr -XMK cicneesr.ipidly. Neveracomjilüint.1' rí'i'f Jone, Ftnner&Co.. WWtes. y lOfA harre, P"., mi:- " Havo fiold jour ItituuKl I ''ea Ioflln to all classes of tralie. It lAXrwi ƒ y never fítiled to írive sattBfaction.'1 IMjiiffi Aíá ííifcprMthinstoraiseyoueversíiw. BVsï-? Groatest tbinff toral] yon ever knew. luklil Many v.Tlunl'ic cookinK recipespent LffïVKklJ freo. Sf nd r.t once for (!ircul:ir to jfué' 170 Uuime St., New York. Solootod French Bnrr Mili Stenes i ■ in - dl' n!l i.cs, iind Bupcrifi . .HÜliWis, v.orkiM.'ulup. I'ortubli ;.iitIiii;rMill. ui . i-.-i ■ y ' : tder inniii'is. M-'iiriii ' A ir 6rrclian worJ. IXlK-ll .l- lirBolliii!r'lolt. "It'i.'l ! ■llki. Curu .Sheller iniii ■ - ■ ■- ?Kay rn'nipVdet" Strftnb Wíl %EkS&L :L l.W omiMiiiy. Itox I t:so, ■TiHMiln if i iiKiiiiüili. !■:. r HORSE#Wfe [5CE1TCTI. J- ■ -s- - - SS ..' . " -. III AGKNT.S WA.NTKD tor on; new book on MOODY and SANKEY ■ r Work ,, K ■ l, nf the Sea, By ;ui r.MiNi.s Chica ■ kihöhbor of Mv, illoopY for oirp, and im j;vr.-w i ph i bs oi aud paiiïicipANxin hiero-it revival meetings In Knoland, i ml nd iippioveil by eminent Chrüftians. Saya Pino icent li-,si BB .'i th ' NOB ■ ■ ' 'Mn-i i,) ('!: iêt." Nend for cireuljirs to AM ÍMPANY, !l i ■ . ■ 111. I SAFE ANP REUABLP Have You Weak Iaings ? " Have Yon a Congh or Coiri 9 Have Yon Pain in Your Breaste Have You any Throat Piscase') Have Yon Consumption ? USE De. L. Q, C. WISHARTS PINE TREE TAR CORDIAL Are You Wcak and Debilitatefl ? Do Yon Snflcr from Indigestión"? Do You require a Tonic? Have You No Appctite ? Do You need Building Un? ro You wish to Te Strong and Healthy? USE De, L, Q. C. WISHARH PINE TREE TAR CORDIAí. Bold Ty nll Drnggists. Principal Depot. tío. 232 North Second St„ Phila, OPÍMlRlig ing. Prof. D. Meekcr. P. O. Boï 475 U$X Ui WBFE WW BY ANN ELIZA YOUNG, Brighnm Young's Kfbelllous Wife. The only completo Expone of all (he SECRETS tí BR.ICHAM'S HAREM ever writlcn. IlomlnMo" rnonism, AÑN ELIZA noff expofoa to the world. A3 NO ÜTHER WOMAN CAN, n.= SECRETS MYSTERIES nnrl CRIMGS of the horrible ystn of Polyjrnmy, from the very bc-ginnin-. Nonrly 200 New ilitHtriitiona Ivnutify the w&ii. It U the best noning book Íublislicd. 10,000 more Afronta, mrn and women,a ave employmont n;il mnïtc fmm $3 to $ O clailv. ALL LIVE ACENTS are for lllu-traM'Ciroirara with LARCE TERMS. Bent free. ixnotdelay,bu1 mdürfps at oí c DUSTÍN, GILMAN & CO., IlARTFORlJ, CT-, ClIlfAUO, ll.L., OT ClBClKW ATI, OaiO, OnlyThinkofÜ A LAKGIS 48-COL, WEEKLY NEWSPAPER Will be sent three months, postpaid, for Twcnty-Five Cents. Addreas CRAMER, AIKENS & CRAMER, Prop's of Weekly Wiscoiisin, Milwaukee, Wla Tliis offer open nutil Dec. lst ■Vlien the Blood Rnshes with rooketllko rto. lence to the head, causing hot flushes, rertigo and dimness of sight, it is a cortain Bign that a mild, calubrioül, cooling and equaliclng laiative is rcanired, and Tarranl'.s Effervescent Seltzcr Aperieat Bhould be at onco nisorted to. SOI.O ÜY ALL DRUGGISTS. 8IVEN AWAY To Bvory reader of Tiic Faiuily Jouinal! GENTENNIAL AMÉRICA A $10 Tiiiíod Engravíni; sizc ai28, Our Ijiuci; anl ReautifulTinted Blngiaving, oontatatag ovor XOU Historical Views nnl Purtrnite ot all leadmg events and personaRAe, trom the landing of Oolnmbnsto the present tim, {noïnding ji magnifice-nt and perfect view of theOenttmninl iïi:ililint;s in Ffiinnoant Parkat PhfUdelphia, will be iven T The Reader -ƒ Our Gra IAteraryand Fashion Pupm Tht Wtekly Family Journal, Contutninp Three Splendii Continned Storits, togethw with sbort sketchos and a large amount of miscellaneons reading. Sent four months on trial, including the Engraving, postpaid, for $1.00. Any Neusdealer uillgm you a roiif , 'nnr address The Family Journal, 4vm Broadway, N. Y. Agents Wanted Everywhere NEW aml BEAUTIPUIi ÏWSTRÜJKEMTi THE Piano-Harp CABIFET OEGAN. An exqnisite oomblnation addlng to thn capacity nf the organ much of that of the piano-forte and harp. With double-reed organ, complete nmï perfect in erf-ry respect, iacombined a new instrument, the PlAN0-HAfïr,tD8 tonesof which are urodaoed by steel tongaes or DM rifiidly set in steel platea ntïixed to a Bouiwlins-box,na strnck by baminers, as in the piano-forte. Thetonesw of apure, stivery, beñ-llke qaaUty, vnry beautiful incombination (ir alternation with the organ tonea. ïheorwn mar be used alone, and is in evory rospeot .is completo and perfect anortan as without the PJANO-HARP. maybeuscd with tuo PIANO-1IAKP; tholatterinajba, nedseparatelyorinoombinationwlthanjoralltbe_g of the, to which it adda greatly in viracity, lifeana Variety, adapüng it to a much wlder ranpe of music. Upon its inventiim and Introduction, about iew since, thifi new instinment wurecefved with so mncn favor that the demand greatly exceeded tlio mamUMiurers' utmost a bil it y to soppry; so tïiat they have had no occasion ty advertiré it cxtt-nsivoly. Havinu now perfected facilitfos for a large supply, they offer it to ttt public witb cntiridence. . Circular, with drawings and full descriptlons, ffl MASÓN A UAMLIN ORGAN (XX. ï."Sïï BOSTON ; Si.1 Union Bquare, NEW YORK; 80 and HL Adams Street, GUIGAOO. Burnett's Cocoaine Prevente the Hair from Falliog. Burnett's Cocoaine Promotes its Iloaltby Growth. Burnett's Cocoaine Is not Groasy nor SUaty. Burnett's Cocoaine Leavos no Disagreeablo Odor. Burnett's Cocoaine Subduea Refractory Hair. Burnett's Cocoaine Soothos tbo Irritated Scalp-SWn. Burnett's Cocoaine Aflbrds the Richest Lustro, Burnett's Cocoaine Ia not an Alcoholic Wasi. Burnett's Oocoaine Kills Damlruff. Burnett's Cocoaine Gires Nw Lif to the Hair. Burnett's Cocoaine Kemains Longcst in Effect. Prcpared only by JOSEPH BURNETT & CO. 27 Central Street, Boston. And Sold Everywbere. Ka 0 O. N I In tliis paper


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