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Subscribís fob tuk Akous. - A promising revival is iu piogress at Yp silanti. - Bobert Collyer will teil what he know about "Salt" next Wednesday night, at Uni versity Hall. - Mr. Strong, pioprietor of tlie Washtenaw House, nf Ypsikiuti, tried to eominit suicide on Tuesday, but autidotes saved his life. James Corrigan was sent to the House o Correction, at Detroit, on Mouday, by Justice M:iMalion, for sixty-five iluys. Cause, drunk and disorderly. -The Chelsea Ilerald says that Dr. Gates slipped down a small embankment a iew days ago, and 'broke the smaller bone ot his left leg, just above the unkle joint." - The burning oí the barus of J. M. Congdon, reported in last week's Arous will cail upon the Washtenaw Mutual Insurance Comjany to shell out over Í1,UUO. - The house of Eilward Ryan, six miles north ot this city, was burned Suuday. Loss, $1,500; partly iusured .n the Washtenaw Mutual. Supposed to be the work of an inceudiary, - The Dexter Leader gives it to bo understood. that Judge Craue will, at the expiration of hia term, " open a law ofnce either in Lansiiig or Aim Arbor," the luw pastures of Dexter not being worth grazing. - The Ypsilnnti Musical tlnion will bring out the opera of Martha on the evening of the 9th and lOth. Beenee, of Jnckson, takes the ieading part, and the Detroit Opera House Orchestra will do the instrumental. - About fiity rods ol new plank walk hns been laid oü the University grounds. A jMirtion of it leails trom the eiitrance east of I'rof. Frieze's house to the nmin walk, and the remainmg portion from the nuiin walk to the Homeopathie building. - SubjecfS of discourse of Rev. C. H. Biigham at the Unitarian Church next Sunday : 41 The Genesis Legeuds." Moruing Service at 10:30 A. M. "Fear as a Motiva to the Religious Life." Evening lecture at 7 p. M., " The Religión ot Phoenicia," Student's class at J:30 A. M. - The whip aosket mauufactory of Worden Bros., Ypsilanti, was burned on Tuesday. The building was oue of the oldest in the city, and henee not very valuable, lut the maclunery was of considerable worth ; owing to its WeigM it could not be removed. Loss, $i,000, with no insurance. - Our DtíXter cotemporary is getting decidedly stuck up. Hear him : " The English language is barren of words forcible enough to expresa the eoutempt we feel for the man wlio oiïered us six bushels of turnlps fov a year'É subscription to the Leader. We had as ieave diet on cistern water, aloes and wrapping twiue." An ecleetic diet, that - The Rev. Augustus Bush, rector of St. James' (Episcopal) Church at Dexter has been trausferred to Detroit, on the grouud that being Secretary of the diocese it was desirable to liave him near the ecclesiastical headquarters. The Leader says that he is to minister to the two mission charges ; ono on Woodward avenue, and the other on the Gratiot read. Barnabee with his concert troupe, was favored with a good-sized auilieuce at Univergity Hall on Tuesday night, but in return he iailed to favor his auditors with a ñrst-class concert. His fun was of course well received, but the singing was at best only aecond rate. After hearing Camilla Urso with her violiu, we could not not perhaps give Miss Bell all the credit she may have cUserved. - Tlio young peiiücmau (?) who got upa corner in turkeys last week, in this city, has been engaged in some aisgusting practices Hh siiiali boys, and ior the nefarious busineas he was brought beïore Justice Beahau, on Wednesday, and tiued ten dollars and costs, the total beiug sixteeir dollars and seventyflve ceuts, with the requiremeut added that he should leave the city for ever and ave. - The new fire engine for the Fiith wanl has made its appearance and has been safely houned in its new qu liters. It was tested on the day of lts arrival and round to be up to all of its pretentions. It ig a very fine engine, in tact, and will undoubtedly be able to check the fiery element in lower town to all satisfactiou. It will be aceumpauied by a new hose cart soon, which is uuder process of construction by Delaney & Hill, of this city, and by five liundred f eet of Lose. It will be rememtered by our readers that this engine was niannïactuied by Button & Son, of Watartown, K. Y., and that it cost (1,150. -Tor the past few yeurs tliê Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company have been "triedbyfire" most severely. The members have been jjilligently seeking for the cause of it, and hare come to the conclusión that the maiii iucreaae in losses have been on over-insuted rifika. The company have coneluded to make use of the knife vigorously, and determiued to cut down all over-insurance to a twothirds standard. They have adopted an amended Charter, which has niet the appioval of the Attorney General, chosen a competent Board of Directors, who are now engaged in preparing forras of applications and policies, by laws, &c, and we have no doubt the comPiny will be placed ou a better foundation than ever. Esperience of the pist fifteen vears has shown them whcre lie the dangers, and we doubt not this compauy will soon assume ïta old time popularity amoug the larmers of Washteuaw. -On Saturday evening last Mrs. Israel Hall, with her hospitality, threw open her ampie parlors to the Womau's Club and a nuniber of invited guests, who convened to hear dramatic readings by Mrs. O'Byrue, of Detroit, known elsewhere as " Pipa."' Mrs. O'B. is a new resident ot our neigliboring city and was unheralded hy fame. She is a slight, graceful, sparkling wnman, and mude friends of all her hearersjboth by her demeanor and readings. She did not succeed equally well, however, in all her selections, and criticising ui the most triendly manuer we should say that " Lady Clare " was overdone ; King Henfy in the courtship scène, wooed altogether too gently, Ijeing neithcr bluff nor gniff enough; Wt Miles O'Keilly's little comic piece ot the translation of " Orion " was capitally done, -Mle the "Sisters of Charity" touched the hearts of a!l, and " The Jackdaw of Rheims ". as excellent. These Iatter pieces could scarcely have been better rendered. _ We commend Mrs O'Byrne to associations and cluljs '" search of a pleasant and profitable evening's entertaiumfent. Pioneer Society. - The Pioneer Society of Washtemw Couuty met on Wednesüay of tliia week at Goodyear Hall in Manchester. A goodly uumher was present. The old organi'■' ni was dissolved, anda new organization Perfected uuüur the statute of this State. Au elcction unier the uew coustittiou was held, resulting in the election of Edward Clark, President ; Chas. A. Chapin, Ree. Sec'y ; M. H. Goodrich, Corres. Sec'y ; Joshua Gk Lealand, Treasurer. Interesting papers relating 'o the early settlenient of Manchester and Sliarou were read hy Dr. Root, Audrew Robijn, and Cul. Fellows. A good and bountiful dinner was proyided, and the membera from Htis city say that take it all m all it was a very pleasimt inenting, aud that they were highly ratiiied with it. Moasrs. Depew and Almenünger had a yery fine collection of Indian relice, that they exhibited at the meeting wMch attracted much attention. City Taxes. - On Wednesday the several tax-rolls of the city were placed in the hands of M. Rogers, city treasurer, for collection. From the rolls we take the following figures, sliowiug the amount of t-ixes to ho collected, aud for what purpose, by Supervisor district, compared with laat year : , KIEST AND SKCOND WAED3. 18?4. 187.5. State tax, $3,950 06 2,lör 90 C.iuiity, 4.69 38 3.7Ö5 4 City, 10,107 97 9,Hió 17 School, 10,022 77 1Ü,417 00 Rojected, 63 87 117 38 Total, 9,334 06 20,257 29 THIUD AND FOURTH WAEDS. State tax, 2,116 14 $1,160 2 Couuty, 2,501 69 2,012 87 City, (5,494 10 6,274 74 Scliool, 4,772 02 4,801 13 Tvro-mill, 855 00 7(6 80 R,)jected, 168 85 599 38 Total, $16,907 50 $15,605 12 IIFTH AND 3IXTH WAEDS. State Ux, $1,246 83 $667 70 County, 1,474 00 1,186 02 City, :,497 93 3,543 68 School, 2, Sil 94 2,828 83 Two-mill, 502 00 451 80 Rejected, 12 67 18 13 Total, $9,545 37 $8,706 16 Total in city, $55,786 92 $50,568 57 PEE CEKT. OP TAXATIOJf. The following showa the per cent, of taxes for the past four ye;irs, the basis being 100 oï assessment : 1872. 1873. 1874. 1875. Firat ward, $3.09 $3.10 $3.17 $2.93 Seoond ward, 3.24 3.22 3.36 3 14 Third ward, 3 45 3.52 3.91 3 52 Fourth ward, 3.34 3 42 3.80 3 53 Fifth wrd, 3.29 3.29 3.45 3.20 Sixth ward, 3.60 3.29 3.41 3.26 Temperance Convertios.- The Woman's Christian Temporáneo Union of the State has beeu holding its semi-anuual meeting in this city this week. The meeting has been very largely atteuded not only by delegates from the Uuions in all parts of the State but by our citizens. The opening was held on Weilnesday morning at ten o'clocfc. The first hour was spent iu devotional exercises, and at eleven a discussion was opened by Prof. Olneyj on the queation : The Constitutional Amendmeut. He was followed by others present. Before the close of the session the following la hes were appointed a committee on resolutions : Mrs. Jane M. G-eddes, of Adrián, Mrs. C. S. Cushing, of Detroit, Mrs. ƒ. M. Chase, of Ana Arbor, Mfs. J. B. Porter, of liansing, and Mis. B. P. Huntington, of Howell. In the afteruoon, the questiou, social means for promoting' teniperunce was discussed, under the three heads, society customs, uvenile and other temperance orgamzations, and Sunday School agency. Yesterday the programme was as follows : )iscussioii in the forenoon on Our Present Laws, opened by Rev. I. N. Elwood, and on Politica! action in behalf of temporáneo. In the afternoon the questiou of Prohibition as a principie was debated, wtieu I)r. A. B. Palmer tollowed with an address upon the eiïects of alcohol upou the system ia health and in disease. A very interesting lecture was delivered, on Weilnesday evening, in the audienee room of the M. E. Church, by Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller, of Chicago, on the subject : " What can a woniau do f" The County House.- The County Superintendente of tue Poor, pursuant to the order of the Board of Supervisors and of the re-fc quirements of the statute, have divided the poor who have a home in the couuty house, not exactly by lot,-but according to theirseveral habitatious and legally acquired residenoea when they became a county charge. The apportionment gives ten to the city of Ann Arbor, and allowiug the pioportion at the county house to remain the same duriug the fiscal year, our city will be largely the financia! gamer by the action of the Supervisors in restoring the distinction between county and township poor. And with due care by the city Supervisors in admiuisteriiig the temporary relief fund the city will also be the gamer :here also. The Superintendeuts are to meet at the county house on Tuesday next, at wbich meeting they will hear any appeal from the order of apportionrneut. At the sugeytion of Supt. DufFy we append the names of those assigned to this city : .Catherine Beahan, Christopher Beahan, Mary Berry, Susan Hawkins, Catharine Walker, Johanna Pickett, Sarah Mount, Thomas Boyer, Don J. Muzart aud Edward Jewett. It is proposed to publish the liste of those assigned to the other towns next week. Fatal Accident.- The Dexter correspondent ot the Detroit Tribune gives the followïng version f a fatal accident which occurred neur the village of Scio, about six milea trom this city, on the 27th uit. : Mr. John Wooster was crushed to death on the farm of his father-iu-law, Mr. Samuel W. Hulmes, in the following marnier ■ it appears that tha erop ot corn raised on the farm was too large fur the corn house, and a scaffold was erected about seven feet above the baru floor to store the balance by stretching two-inch plunks across the floor at the altitude named and supported with boards nailed trom beams above to the centers of the plank. Mr. Wooster had at four o'clock p. M. shoveled up the last load of corn upon the scaffold, staking about 200 bushels, and had got out of the wagon, as is supposed, to piek up the Hnes, when oue of the planks broke, letting down the entire scaffoid with its load of about 16,000 pounds upun his bead, throwing him i'orwaid and crushing him in a fearful niannsr about the head, chest, back, and limbs. His spine was broken, the boues of the left lee above the ankle were crushed fearfuliy and protruded through the skin, the right knee was dislocated, and the thigh bone broken off a few inches abuve. The right shoulder blade wus toru from its positiou. The skull w.ts not broken, but he never regaiued con8ciou8ness, and his symptoms indicated seriona injurytothe brain. He hngered uutil a few minutes after midnight, or about eight hours aiter the accident, when death put au end tij his sufferiugs. Mr. Wooster was about thirtythree years of age, and highly respected by all who knew him for bis inilustry, honesty and moral rectitude. He leaves a wife aud one child, and hosts of warm f rienda to mourn his loss. The willingnes8 of frail humanity to engage in philanthropic work, when not brought to the very doors, was well tcsted last Saturday, by a lady, of this city, who operated on her nearest friends and who are aniong the leading families of the city. It may be unkind to revea) to them thus publicly that they were duped, yet they can have this assurance thiit the characteristics tliey exhibited on this occasion are not peculiar to them, for they have company. But this is what we refer to : The ladv first mentioned, attired in a suit not olten worn by her ia íriendly calis, and with a feïv ciiEinge8 in her general appearance, sallied out late in the aftrnoon of the above raentioued day, in the role of a lecturer who had come to Ann Arbor to attend the temperance conveution. Learning that she had mistaken the date and had come too soou she was iooking for friends in the temperance work, who would be kind euough to entertain her till the meeting opened on the followmg Wednesday. She entered a number of houses and found the ladies after a Htílo conversation, enthusiastic in the work of temperance, and who wonld be willinti to do aiiything in their power to furthcr its interests. But wheu the travel-stained lecturer hinted at a temporary home tor herself in a city of straugers. There were a thousaud legitímate ('() reasons why she could not remain with them. Some member of the family was sick, all the beds were occupied or something of the kind would prevent. Out of the large number talled upon just one was found who would keep the stranger. In the whole course ol her visite the lecturer was not recogmzud, een by her intimate i'riends, so euthusiastiü were tliey at first in doing good, and at last in ridding tliemsclvcs of the opportunity for it. - Maynard's dry goods store will be open until nine o'clock during the month of December, to accommodate those who are obliged to make their purchases in the evening.


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