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The Eclectic Magazine has a very fine bill of fare, including : The Military Future ot Germany, by Col. Chesney, a competent military critio ; Ou Petroleum and OU-Wells, by Prof Owen ; The Place of üeography in Physical Science, by Gen. Stratchey, Cowper, and Bonaaeau, West Iridian Superstitions, Mich. ael Angelo, In my Study Chair, and The Childsnd's Bed-Time and a Lapland Legend - two very beautilui poems. Tlie two seriáis, Her Dearest Foe, by Mra. Alexander, and Jonathan, maiutain their interest, and there is a timely and very readable article on Money, appealing alike to the mahey-headed and the moneyless. The illustration is a fine steel portrait oi John W. Draper, eminent in scientific circles, and the editonal departments are filled with good things. Now is the time to auhsribe for the coming year. $5 a year. E. K. Pal ton, 2fi Bond st, New York. Amoug the readabla papers in Ilurpcr's Magazine for December are : Up the Ashley and Cooper, by Constance Fennimore Cooper, witli twonty-six illustrations; Carricature in the United States, by James Parton sixteen illufltrations ; Richard Baxter, by Hon. W. W. Campbell, with ftve illustrations, beiiiK in his Talks, Walks, and Drives, in and around Lee Castle, near Kiddorminske, England, in the Summer of 1872 ; Barny Coruwall and sume of his Frieuds (concluded), by Jas. T. Fields ; At Windsor Cattle, with ten illustrations ; The First Cenrury of the Bepublic- Scieutific Progress, the Exact Sciences, by F. A. P. Barnard ; (Jarth (coucluded), by Julián Hawthorne ; Mary, Queen of England, by Alfred Guerusey; Legislative Humors (thnd paper) by Hon. S. S. Cox ; with a nuniber ot fine erus, a well-filled Easy-Chair, and other de paitraents full of interest, f4 a year, Har per & Brothers, New York. The December St. Nickolas is a capital number ; in tact ït is always that, aud we can only name a few of the good things that erowd between its covers : Han Christian Anderson, by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, is illustrated by a portrait trontispiece, drawn by Alfred Fredericks ; The Legend of St. Nicholas, poem, by H. H., illutaruted by Jas. Curtis and E. B Beusell ; The Boy Emigrante, chapa. III. and IV., which no boy f ai Is to read over and over ; Something about Railroads, by Fraverse ; One Hundred Christmas Presenta, and How to Miike Them, with twenty illustrations and diagrams ; Bass Cove Sketches- OfF to the Island by J. T. Trowbridge ; A Play for the Holidays ; and, but why try to count the plums and raisins in a Christmas pudding. f,i a year Scnbner & (Jo., New York: With the Aeous The Catholic World has : Mr. Gladstone ana Maryland Toleration, Are You My Wife f Recollection of Wordsworth, Sir Thomas More- a Histoncal Romance, Village Lifs in New Hampshire, The Palatine Prelates of Ki'ine ; Power, Action and Movement; Songs of the People, Pioua Pictures, Tlie King of Metals, with poetry und reviews. Í5 a year. C fitholic Publication House, New York.


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