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BUSINESS NOT1CES. JOB T. Jacobs & Cq. keep th beet fcaeortmeat o men and boys undarweiu Ln t íie county. All those wearing toeth of little or no um t thein art; invited to cali upon Dr. McFarland, as he has never failt'd to product Ihe bi'st f tits, botfa in natural expression and adapta tion. Croakers about "hard times" would change their tune cuiil'l itu-y .ser the quantitv of clothin being so Id al Joe T. Jacobs & Co.'s. Their imuirne stock and low priecs does the business. It will pay you to cali at lr. Mi-Farland's den tai parlors (Jack son 's oíd stand) and get hls p rices before going elsewhero. Dr. McFarland has had twelve yt'ars' constant practice in his profession, and all who favor hini with their patronage wilí get the finest eperations at the lowest possiblc priues, as he uses none but the best of material. That oíd and roliable firm of C. Bliss A Son have aj;ain bonght an ununual largo stock of goods for the holidays. In KxdElng over their stock we could not help hut admiro their beauttful silver ware. It Ís way beyond olir description ; so all we will sfiy is just step in and look at it yourself, and if you don't admiro it, then we are no judge of that kind of goods. 8ee their advertisement in another coluiun. II i- !!■ In Vuur Life Worth 1O Cent. Sicknes4 prevails evcrywhere, and everybody complains of some distíase dumg their Ufe. When sick, the object is to get well ; now we say plainly that no person in this world sufFcring with Dyspepsia, Ltver Coraplaints and its efleets, such aa Indigestión, Costivencss, Sick Hoadache, 8our Stomach, Heart Bxirn, Palpitation of the Heart, Depressed Spirits, lïilliousneas, etc., cannot take Green's Auoust Flower without gettiug relief and cure. If you doubt this go to your Druggist, Eberbach A Co., and get a Sample Bottle for 10 cents and try it. Regular size 75 cents. Two doses will relieve you.


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