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NEW AJDVERTISEMENTS ITotice. THE Treasurer of the Township of Ann Arbor is prepared to receive taxes at the cheap, oneprice Clothing store of Joe T. Jacobs & Co., on each Friday and Saturday during December, 1875, except on Christmas. CHARLES BRAUN, Treasurer. Ann Arbor, Dec, 1, 1875. T E. IHcFARMND, Surgical and MeM A chanical Dentist, corner of Main and Hurón streets, (Jackson's oíd stand. Ureat pains taken in all operations entrusted to ïny caje. Priccs to suit the times. All work warrauted. Teeth extracted wil hout pain. Office hours: 8 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 6 p. M.; 7 to 8:30 l. M. THE ANSÍ ARBOK SAVIltfCS BANK Ann Arbor, Michifiati. Receives deposits of One Dollar and upwards anc' allows Five percent, interest on all deposits remaining three months or longer. Interest Compounded Scmi-Annually. Also buys and sells U. S. Bonds. Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, aud New York, Detroit and Chicago Exchange. Also sells Sight Drafts. on Great Brttaiïj, Ireland, Germasy, or any other part of the European Continent. This Bank is organized under the General Banking Law of this State. The Stoekholders are individually hable to the amount of their stock, and the whole capital is security for depositors, while with Banksof issue, the capital isinvested forthe security of bill-holders. This fact makes this Institution a very safe depository of monies. Married Women can dtíposit subject to their own drafta only. ffloney to Loan on ipproved Seturities. DIRECTOES : S. Smitii, C. Mack, W. W. Wines, R. A. Beal, W. D. HarrimaN. IX HlSCOCK, W. Peuijel. OFFICERS: R. S. Smith, Pres't. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't C. E. IIiscock, Teller. 1HDAPEU 11 A N IHL CHEAPEST OLDEE THAN THE OLDEST ! His shop was first start ed in 1842. WANTKD- 1.000 cords of wood, 1,000 bushels of first quality of cor, In exchange for Saddles, Harness, Trunks, Traveling Bags, Robes, Blankets, Whips, and Backskin Gloves and Mittens. will sell single liarnesses from $8 to $100 ; halters rum 20 cent to $2 00 ; trunks and satchels, for the exi 30 daya, at oost. S" liarnesses, Trunks and Bags repaired at Nó. East Huron street. J. VOLLAND. Ann Arbor, Nov. 18, 1875. 1557m3 CLOAKS.I Neweal styles at lowost prices. 2-l{utton$lKi(i Gloves Kvery pair warrauted. BLACK SILKS New stock. Examine it. Prices low. lilück Cashmcres, IWohalrs aud ]!i illiantiiics. New Stock of Shawls. CAE PETS, 01 L CLOTHS, New and bcautlful dt"i trits still arriviiv PiUCES LOWER, JAS. ML1 JH. & Cü. 8T Woodward Ave. Detroit. G. W; HAYES, formerly of this city, is conneetM with this house. oitizensíTnn Xrbör I have juut reeeived a large stock of BOOTS AND SHOES All Grades ! All Widths ! All Sizea ! Aud Low Prices! I have now the larpfest stock of Ladles', Misses ami Chlldrena ftueshotK in Ann Arbor. .Ii.--vs' and Chfldren'a School Shoes made a sp'Tialty. An eutirely new thlxtg, a T-adiea', Misses' and Child's Calf "ButtoQed Snoe, whieh will certainly outwear all otbexs. Plt-aM' givo maa cali before going elsewhere and satisfy yuurseli' as to shocs and prices. JOHN BURG. Nó. 48 South Main Street. 1547m8 ITotice. riIIE Annual Meeting of the Germán Farmers' X Fire Insurance Company of Washtenaw County wil] ho luid at the School House in Lodi, opposile the Germao Lutlieran Charch ia Scio, on Mondav December 6th, 1878, at 10 o'clock A. M., for the pnrjwse ofeleoüng officers, and lor the tnuisactiun ut' such other business as may legally come before said meeting. A general attendanee of the uiembers is exju'fted. Dated Nov. 2d, 1875. 1555 WM. F. BUSS, Secretary. I


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