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1 i Xnere iz no such thmg az an " aksi dcnt " - acksidents must be tho result uv karlessness on the pai-t ov man or God, j certainly not ov A. phool kan never be liappy, for everytliiiig he gits in tho world he gits from others. Thare iz no hapiness on this parth tiiat korapairs with the delight ov a parent at tho suckeess ov íhe cliüd. Laffing hides az niutch soirow az it reveáis gíadness. Luv will Iiv longer on a poor diet than it will on a ritch one. I hav tlio utmost revereuco for the angele, but I don't beleave the most perfek one in hoaven iz rated az high by tlio Almighty az au honest and virteuotia man on earth iz. (enuine ridikule iz not the ofispring ov morbid and bitter kearts, bul, rather i of the gentle, bnt hily sensitivo oues. It iz a grate consolashun to kno that we are right, but it adds grate sweetness to tliö coiiEolashun to have others adttiit it. Men ov genius are like eagles, they hav no intimates. , ... " The Gods lielp them who helpthomselfs,'.' and men are very apt to do bizzinesH in the same way. Hnmbugs are like bladders- they kan j bo blouu up untill they bust ; but they ! i kant lie niended and bloun up the seki ond time. The thpughts ov manlcind seldom rize abuv the bizness they are engaged in. A cobbler's whoie soul iz in the solé ov ' hiz boote. Good and bad fortune are so evtnly 1 mixt in this life that we frequently draw j them out ov the barrell at the same spiggott. It iz what we want and will have, more than what we need and must have, that makes us all so unhappy. Beath is a doi whieh all adniif, but nono are quite ready to pay. - Josh BUUnát.


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