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JJon t insult a poor man. His muscles ; mav be ■vtUl iloveloped. Dou't fret. The world wjll move on aa uBiial when you aro erque. Don't oolor mccrscliaums Cor it living. Ifc ia simply dying by inches. i)uii't say "I tola you mi." Two to o;í r yon said a word nbout it. Dou't throw dvist in your tt'ucber's oyes. It will iujuro tlio pupil, lon't tm-ii yonr lioso at slight tliiugs. Tlunk of bread and taxation. I in't boast of your pudigree. Mauy a íool luis liad a wiae áuoestor. I 'dii't buy i coaoh to ptease your wife Betljeg mako Iw.r i Ktflo milky. Dpn't write loní oWtAttriéS'. SaVe Borne of your kind words tot tlioso living. J) líi't, toaüve i.lnit; cví rytbing is wcukeiiing. Butler is wtrong in the market'. Dpn't priblttfi yrfiiï acts of oharity. The Lord wi!l kocp thé account all ' straight. : ' 'ïi'f nioiirn ovor fauoied griovaiu'K. Sidej your time, and real .sorrow will .com. Don't put on aira in your uew clothee RemBMber your tailor is suft'eriug. Don't bo (oo s"ntii'nt:d. A dead heart properly cooked will niake a savory meal. Don't linfcer wlwro your love lies dreamiug. Wake her up, and teil her to gut the breakfast, and jon get off to work,


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