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mevement of soiue kind is contomplated on the western border of Texas, as an additional forcé has been ordered to the Rio Grande. The Pacific disaster is direct] y traceable to whisky. The proof is indisputable that the Captain was so drunk when he went aboard that he required the assistance of others. All the circumstauoes that have come to light in conneotion with the calamity are of such a character as to iudioate the grossest incompetency, or the most criminal recklessness. It is stated that the President has determined to remove E. F. Dunne, Chief Justice of Arizona Territory, for the reasou that he has taken ground in favor of a divison of the school money with the Catholios of the territory. This would be in accordance with the President's recent Iowa speeoh, that tampering with school inoney should not be tolerated in any quarter. Notwithstandino the manner in which the clerks of the variüus departinents at Washington have hitherto been overworked, by being compelled to be at their desks until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the Cabinet has decided that they must work an hour longer. In future thpy are doomed to work until 4 o'olook. This is bad, indeed, but we do not apprehend that the resignations will be numerous enough to cause a stampede, or to créate a panio. President Grant in bis message suggetts that the sectarian school question be settled by an amendment to the Federal Constitution prohibiting the teaching of religlous, atheistio or pagan doctrines in the public schools, and the control of funds raised by taxation for the support of schools of any religious sect, or the división of such funds among sects. And still another suggestion is that of requiring the churches to bear their proportion of taxation. In Boston the public scnools have a session onSaturday morning, the Jewish Sabbath, and the school authorities are expelling Jewish children whose parents will not permit them to attend the public schools on that day. Eeferring to this matter the Chicago Tribune well says : " 8uch a disregard of religious scruples will not meet popular approbation. If the freethinkers got a majority on the Boston School board, opened the schools on the first day of the week, and expelled any pnpils who were absent on that day, how would the orthodox people who are so oaref ui of their own Sabbath and so careless of the Biblical one, the seventh day ia the week, like that V" In a recent interview with Seoretary Chanbler by tl representativo of the New York HeraUi, the third term question was brought up. He said with an ingenious laugh, that he was for the third term or any other term that would give the county the best and Btrongest man. He made no secret of uuiUrlluouto. llo obuulll WUTit IXfl the man whom the people want. Whatever the National Republican Convention agreed upon he should sanction. The President's name was then mentioned in connected with the third term whereupon the Seoretary's sruiling faces ohanged in an instaat and he became serious. He said, courteously and frankly, that he never alloud himself to to bring Presidents Grant's name into a discussion concerning the next canvass. It was not for himjto say. However, it mattered not what he said. If he were to make a speech against the third term some of the papers would accuse him of advocating it. He did not purpose to step outside of his Department, but when the time come to nomínate a candidato he would go ■with tho people and their choice should be his choice. The nomination of Mr. Kerr, of Indiana, for Speaker, is a favorable result for the public interest. It is a pledge of faithfulness to the traditional principies of Democracy, in which, at the present crisis, our only safety lies. It is a guarantee that the House will be organized for the winter's work with keen discrimination and honest purpose. It is a promise of retrenohmeut and economy in every departmeut of the public service. It is the denth-knell to all sohemes for Government subsidies in aid of private enterprise. It is a warning to all monopolies that the partnership with government which they are enjoying is soon to cease. It is an indication that the true theory of finance íb to be maintained by its natural defenders. It is a portent of close scrutiny into past misgovernment and of condign justice for those found guilty. Mr. Kerr has a high standing as a man and will command the respect of the House and the country to a high degree. While the warden and deputy sheriff were out driving with Tweed to give him au airing on Saturday they allowed him to cali at his house to Bee his wife, and after waiting a short time tor hia return they discovered that he had taken Prench leave, and gave the alarm. If the officers are not Hars and accomplicea in his escape he had only a few minutes start of his pursuers ; but if they aided him he may have had several hours, as considerable time intervened between his leaving the jail anc the alarm of his escape. If the officer were bribed to connive at his escape they are scoundrels, If they were so silly as to trust him out of their sigh in a house with an open yard in the rear, they are too stupid to watch thieveB. It seoms hardly possible, how ever, that he can avoid capture, as h is an oíd man, quite broken down, am fat besides. Whether he is captured o not, it is said his property will serve t satisfy the judgments against him in 1he suits to recover the plunder taken f rom the city. The officers who hat him in charge are liable to a fine o $1,000, and one year'B imprisonnxent i the prisonor is not fortheoming.


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