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The following transactions in real estáte ave been recorded iu the office of the Begia;er of Deeds during the past two weeks : Samuel Aldrich to J. S. Lapham, land on ection 11, Manchester, $1,500. Beu). F. Herrendeau to Henry Housey, 25 eres off section 12, Salem, $1,125. Jas. M. Drake to Charity E. Drake, 80 acres ff section 22, Sylvan, $1,600. John W. Henry to M. V. Cook, lot 25 Clarkille addition to Ypsilanti, l,000. Oatharine E. James to Edward Bycraft, 40 eres off section 31 Northfield, 2,200. D. J. Kockwell to D. D. Dixon, 4 acres off eetion 15, Lima, $325. Geo. Binder to C. Lindenman, 20 acres off ection 27, Lodi, $750. Catharme Winters to C. H. Kemp, lot in Chelsea, $550, Jacob Hasalschwardt to C. Hasalschwardt, 00 acres off sectiou 10, Sharou, $4,000. W: H. Gray to J. S. Lapham, part of lots 5, and 7, block E, Torrev'a addition to Mauhester, $900. J. S. Laphim to Orisia Ide, lots 12, 14 and 5, Torrey's addition to Manchester, $2,000. Jerusa Wygant to Helen A. Peach, 14 acres ff section 8, Scio, $450. Lorenzo Haight to Cornelius Parsous, lots 10 .nd 11 in section 9, village of Saline, $1,800. Jas. Renwick to Geo. Renwick, 80 acres off ection 27, Northfield, $5,000. ü-eo. Reuwick to Jas. Renwick, 80 acres off ection 26, Northfield, $5,000. John Hill to Phebe W. Bostwick, lot 3, block 28, Dexter, $1,200. F. D. Cummings to G, Haug, 25 acres oft section 16, Sharon, $1,130. Philip Bach to ümicron Literary Association, part of lot corner of State and William streets, Ann Arbor. $400. Jas. A. C. Hollis to David Roberts, land off section 11, Salem, $400. Jeiome Ide to J. S. Lapham, part of lots 14 and 15 Granger & Morgau's addition to Manchester, $800. Uhas. Fitzpferald to Oatharine McNeil, half interest in 120 acres off sec. 17, Dexter, $600. Susan M. R. Spence to C. H. Holland, house and lot on División atreet, Ann Arbor. Jas. W. Hiuchey to Matthew and Chas. Klager, 20 acres off sec. 30, Ann Arbor, $1,500. Abram Kittle to Emma Kittle, south store of Exchauge block, Fifth ward, Ann Arbor, $2,500. D. W. Allen to Seth Hardy, lot in Hunter'B addition to Ypsilanti, $1,000. C. Z. Chipman to Daniel Bale, lot 1, block 18, Congdon's addition to Chelsea, $250. Wm. Cross to M. C. Brooka, lot on Summit street, Ypsilanti, $300. David Day to Harvey Bennett, 20 acres off section 11 and 19, Saline, $800. P. S. Palmer to F. W. Cleveland, lot 11 and part of lot 10, Ypsilanti, $1,100. Wm. H. Dru8e to J. G. ond G. G. Hoyt, the flouriug mili property at Saline, $10,000. Arnold Hanlin to Jas. Hanlin, 130 acres off section 12, Seio, $6,100. Robt. J. McCardy to John W. Barr, 6 acreB off section 27, Ann Arbor, $1,925. Chai H. Benz to Jacob Troutwain, 10 acres off section 30, Webster, $530.


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