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How $50 Was Lost And Won

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Our friend, the old Colonel, is continually making investments on a sraali scale, which disappoint liim in their results. He has a spendtl ' of a ycrang nephew, who wrote to him f rom St. Louis the other day, saying: "Dear Uncle: ïhere is a fellow dowii here who offers to bet me a $100 greenback that nobody will lond me Hbei amount ot money. Now, I have tftkeu the bet, and if you will write me a lette inclosing a draft for $100, sayiug yon lend it to me, I will divide with you equally the $100 that I will win from the feilow. I will send the $50 by the very lirst mail - sure. " Ho sent the young scapegrace the $100. We happened in his office when he opened the return letter, a day or two af terwards, inclosing $50. The Colonel shook his fat sides as he read the nephew's missive, which ran thus: "Hurrah ! We've won the fool's ey, dear uncle. Here's your $50. Much obliged. Yours, Tom." _ "He's a reckless rogue, the boy is, remarked tlie Oolonel, "but you see heis honest. He does as he agrees- all our íamily always do that." "But, Oolonel," we remarked, "you aay vou sent the boy $100. "Yes - a draft for $100, and here, yon see, he sends me my half prompt as the clook." "And you say that nephew is honest, and has done the fair thirig ?" "Certainly- don't yöu see ?- here's the $50." "Yes, but where is the $100 you sent him?" The Colonel's smiling face suddenly beoame grave- he scratched his head - then pulled his moustache - then looked at us for a moment with eyes and mouth wide open. "Sure enough," he muttered: "I hadn't thought of that. He ought to have sent me $150. The young rascal has done me out of $50 as clean as a whistle ! Well, well ! I am an oíd fool, that's a f act." And the old Colonel pocketed his $50, tore the nephew's letter into little bits, threw them upon the floor, and stamped his right foot upon them -with savage


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