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Dnring the viait of one of the recent touring parties in Mammoth Cave, says the Nashville American, a scène was witnessed that was not down upon the programme, and which from its peculiar nature has just now leaked out. It was in the Star Chamber, the star of all the sights to be seen. As soon as this división was entered, there was an unusual cry of Lights Out ! and with a few exceptions, all eyes were turned to the vault overhead to witnesa the grand spectacle. These few eyes that should have beon looking upward were of an inquiring turn of mind, andglanced to observe the manner in which the light was thrown on the ceiling. As they did so, they saw distinctly outlined between them and the light beyond the forms of a gentleman and lady. She was standing npon a rock which brought her within easy reach of his arm which encircled her waist. Gently he would draw her to him, press his lips softly to hers, and then he would draw hastüy back. One and another of the party were nudged and ceased from the contemplation of the stars overhead to observe the tableaux below. When the lighte were reproduced, the lady was flitting upon the rock where she had lately been standing, and both she and her affectionate escort looked as innocent as if "they hadn't been doing nothing." It served the party no little merriment, and the climax was reached when some one, after they had left the cave, approached the swain, asked him, in the presence of the party, which scène in the cave did he enjoy the most. He promptly replied, "The Star Chamber, of course." The loud laugh that followed causee! him to turn red as a beet, and explained to him the frequent allusion thereaf ter to lights out.


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