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Interesting To Consumptives

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I remained five months at Santa Barbara, California, long enough to judge of the olimate, and I must say it was tlie poorest one for consumptives that I have ever found in all my two years' travels- damp atmospheres, chilly seabreezes, cold nigbts, sudden changes in temperature, and continnalfoggy weather. On recommendation of those who have never seen the place, or of land speculators, many invalida go there to spend the winter ; but the sensible ones who come for months depart in a few weeks, and those who come for a few weeks are only too glad to get away ii the same steamer that brought them. I know of cases of young men who, after listening to a misrepresentation of facts, went to Southern California only to find their graves. If it should be asked of me what climate is the best that I know of, I should answsr that of Northern Georgia, around Atlanta. The percentage of deaths by consumption in that regiĆ³n is the lowest of the whole Union. The land is high, the soil is sandy, and the nearest ocean is three hundred miles away. There are people to be found there who never saw a boat, simply because there are no ponds or rivers around. In California, however, more people die of consumption than any other disease. Santa Barbara, a place of four thousand inhabitants, boasts of about ten doctors and three apothecary stores, the former all having a good practice and the latter a brisk trade.


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