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State Prison Sketch

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Ex-Warden Haynes furnishes tliis sketch to the Waltham Sentinel : I found amrmg the convicta in prison, in 1858, a man about fifty years old, in whom I soon became quite interested. Upon the theory that "men sliould be whatthey seem," he was deserving of l eiug classed among the martyrs, althougli serving a sentence of seven years as a common thief. In addition to bis protestations of innocence, hisunusual good cónduct and religious professions created a strong feeling in his favor. A part of his duty was once a week to sweep ont the diapol. Ou ono occasion he found concenled in that room, for the pnrpose of esoapins; anotoriousburglar. A fearful Rtrngf.;le betwíen them was the result ; the old man finally succeeded in secnring the man and handing him over to the offlcers. For tliis act he was pardoned. Two years later ho was again convicted witu two of his sons. It appeared that tbey had opened a small provisión store in Boston, in which poultry was the principal article of sale. Thoy Hoon obtainc.d a reputatioii for the low piices at which they were enabled to sell their produce, all of which was satisfactorily accounted for afterwards, when it was ascertained that their store was stocked from the hen-roosts in the vicinity, which they robbed, giving them a decided advantage over the honest trader. On bis recommittal he had the Bame sanctimonious appearance which had characterized him before. Still feeling an unaccountable interest in the old fellow, 1 remarked that it was a sad sight to see a father and two sons committed to the prison, and inquired if his conscience was not touched in consequence. "Yes, Mr. Warden," he replied, drawing down a long face, "it is a sad affair ; buttlien," he continued, turning tome with a peculiar twinkle of the eye, "I flnd one consolation in it - I know where they are nights. "


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