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Military Establishments

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In compliance with a law passed by the National Assembly the territorial army of France will ├╝nmediately be reorganized. It is to consist of 1,200,000 all born between December, 1835, and December, 1846, and will comprisetroops of all arms. At first, however, the government will devote its attention to the formation of 156 infantry regiments. The military establishment of the French Kepublic exceeds $100,000,000 per annuni. The expenditure of England for home and colonial service, is $72,500,000 ; of the Anglo-Indian Empire, $80,000,800, and of Germany, $80,012,500, There are 1,200,000 soldiers for France, with a population of 36,000,000 which makes one soldier to every thirty inhabitants ; 1,337,698 soldiers for 44,000,000 in Germany, or one soldier to every forty inhabitants ; 242,600 soldiers (regulars and militia) for a population of 22,000,000 in Great Britain and Ireland, or one soldier for every 132 of the population ; and 187,700 soldiers, British and native, in British India, for 300,000,000 inhabitants, being one soldier to every 1,641 inhabitants. In contrast with these numbers and costs, the United States army consists of 30,000 men, and the estimated expenses for such an establishment is $38,000,000, for a present population estimated at 42,000,000 souls. Thus, compared with the great European powers, the regular army of the United States is comparatively the costliest of all, besides the expense of militia and volunteers.


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