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A Jilted Lover's Revenge

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In the happy coming time, when the sexes shall stand npon a footing of perfect equality, the dupes of fair flirts -will, doubtless, find twelve good women and trae ready to make defaulting damsels pay for promise-breaking. A jilted lover will not need to take his revenge in au irregular way, like the gentleman who advertised in the London Advertiser : "Whereas, on Sunday, April 12, 1750, there was seen in Cheapside, between the hours of four and live in the af ternoon, a young gentleman, dressed in a light colored coat, with a blue -waiatcoat trimmed with silver lace, along with a young lady in mourning, going toward St. Martin's near Aldersgate : ThiB is, therefore, to acquaint the said gentleman (as a friend) to be as expeditious as possible m the aftair, lest otnerwise he should unhappily meet the same disappointment at last, by another stepping in in the meantime, as ayoung gentleman has been lately served by the aforesaid young lady, who, after a courtship of these four months last past, and that with lier approbation, and in the most public manner possible, and with the utmost honor as could become a gentleman. Take this, sir, only as a friendly hint."


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