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The Innocence Of Youth

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The Vicksburg Ilerald has the following : The Vicksburg boy can Rtand np witn any other boy in the world against an accusation. The other day, -when a Vicksburg mother diseovered sugar on the pantry shelf, she called to her boy and said : "Some one has been stealing this sugar ?' "Is it possïble ?' he exclaimed, rolling up his eyes in astonishment. "Yes ; it is possible, and the thief is not f ar away, either !' "Ain't he ? Do you suspeot father ?" "No ; I aon't.' "Couldn't be the cat, could it ?' he inquired, glancing under the table in search of the f eline. "Oats don't eat sugar, young man !" "They don't ?" "No, sir ; the thief is a boy about your size." "He is, eh ? I'd just like to catch him in here once !" "If this sugar is distnrbed again,' she said, as she covered the box, "I know of a boy who will get his jacket dusted." "That's bully ! I wish you'd let me stay out of school so's to see you catch and maul him.' And he went out to devour the other luinps. __


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