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Untrue To Himself

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He is a second-hand clothier, and holds forth in South Second Btreet. It was about the hour of teD yesterday morning when he reeled into an adjoining establishment, feil into a chair, weayed bis hand into the tangled locka of his gray hair, and, rocking baok and forth, nioaned out : "O dear ! O dear ! I ish ruined." "Vat is der matter, Jacob ?' asked his sympathizing brother in the trade, bending over him. "You remember dat coat vot I paid six bits for on yesterday ?" "Yes, I remembers him." "Just now a man from the country comes in and asks me how much for dat, and I tells him dree dollar ; and, would you believe it, Moses, he puts his hand nght into his pocket and pays de fullprice without a -word.' Here he lowered his voice to the lowest -whisper. "So help me gracious, Moses, I believe he'd paid me five dollar, just the same." "Sacob, how you vas swindle yourself." "Dat vas vot makes me hate mine self so muchas never vas." And the old man limped back into bis own establishment, and doubled all his goods at the first cali.


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