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A Corn-shelling Match

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The tar-heel conventionist of North Carolina knows a thing or two besides making constitutions. He can beat all creation shelling corn. ïhe other evening a strolling pedler had a newly patented corn-sheller hawking it about Raleigh, and was showing a crowd on the street how fast it could shell, when an old member from the mountains walked up, dressed in blue jean, and a cob pipe in bis mouth, andsaidto the pedler : "I can beat the thing shelling corn myself. "Well, sir," said the perller, "1,11 give you a machine for nothing if you doit." "Good as wheat," saysthe conventionist, and he searched over the pile for a red cob, made a boy take it to a fire and burn it a little, and then, squaring himself on the sidewalk, he seized the red cob with a regular old plantation grip in one hand, whüe he held the ear of corn between both legs with the other, and waited for the word "Go" from a little man in the crowd, who held the watch to time them. "Go !" said the fellow, and at it they went. But the little pedler was so excited in the start that his sheller got choked, and while he was scuffling to unchoke it, the old member coolly got up, and pitching his half-shelled ear into the pile, said to the pedler : "I ain't got the time to shell against that thing, mister ; it would make me slow-motioned for life," and he stepped away lively, the crowd sliouting and the pedler mad.


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