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People Will Talk

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You may fret through the world, Tut 'twlll bo vry slow, If you listen to all that Is sald as you go; You'Jl be worried, and fretted, and kept In a stew- Formo.'Viinsome tongues must have somethlngr Ut do, And peoplc wlll talk. ir riulet vdS modest, you 11 have lt presumed il' il yoir Immble posltAon Is onlyassumed- You'ré a wolf In a slieep's clothlng or else you're a fooi ; nut don't get exclted- keep porfectly cool- For people wlll talk. And then, lf you show the least boldnesi of heart, Or a sil glit tncllnatlon to talce your own part, They wlll cali you an upstart, concelted an4 vntn, But keep straight ahead- don't stop to explaln- For people wlll talk. lf thrrawlbare your dreas, or old-Iashlonea your hat, Some one wlll surely take notlce of that, And lilnt rather strong that you can't pay your way ; But don't get excltPrt, whatever they say- For people wül talk. If you drnss In the fasiiinn, don't thlnkto escape, For they crltlctse Uien In a different shape; You're anead oí your means, or your tallor's uuButmtnd yourown business- there's naught to tjr nuide - For people wlll talk. Now, the fi"st wáy tö do Is to do as you please: For your mlnd, li you have one, wlll then be at Of eoiCr you wül meet wlth all sorts of atrases But don't Uilnkto stop them- lt aln't any qaerFor people wlll talk.


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