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- Washington territoiy has an indebtedness of 20,599. - Georgia is the only State where dogs are not taxed. - Montana is collectinr a fine assortment of tin ores for the Centennial. - The Central Pacific railroad Company lias absorbed all the Oregon railroads in operation. - The Library of Congress, Washington, has 4,800 bound volumes of newspapers. -Dublin and Belfast are the only British cities outside of London which support as many as seven daily newspapers. - Oíd lace is the object of the latest fashionable mania, and the factories are running doublé time to supply the demand. - More passengera are transported between New York and Chicago than on any other route in the United States. - A whipping was preferred to imprisonment by Judy Flood, a Lynchburg drunkard, and she received thirty-nine lashes. - The Edwin Forrest "Home for Aged Actors," near Philadelphia, will be ready to receive beneficiaries in a few months. - The material for the ironclad abont being built at San Francisco is f orwarded in sections from Philadelphia by rail. - During Gov. Kellogg's admimstration nine crimináis have been hanged in Louisiana, while only five were exeeuted in the fifteen previous years. - The opinión tliat oranges can be raised protital)ly in Southern Georgia has been fully verified by Mrs. Lightsey, ■who has just gathered a full erop of the golden fruit. On an appeal to a higher court, the Jews of the Cantón St. Gall, in Switzerland, are now allowod to butcher their meat according to their own desire and the law of Moses. - An arrest for voodooiflm haa been made in Central Point, Tenn. The prisoner, a negro doctress, is accused of performing incantations and thereby making her neighbors sick. - Pullman palace cars have been introduced in England, Belgium, Bussia, Germany, and now the turn of France and Italy has come. American inventions are growing fashionable. - Venders of canes and umbrellas in Paris have been forbidden to sell any containing swords or other weapons without a special permit f rom ihe pólice department. - Ttaly is negotiating for the purchase of the island of St. Helena. One of her sons - Napoleon Bonaparte - died there, and she desires to own the grave ; she would also turn the islaud into a Botany Bay. - A bronze group, said to be one of the finest ever imported into the United States, called "TheDying Lioness," haa been purchased by the Fairmount Park Art Association. The original is owned by the Emperor William. -John Frederick Gunter went from Chicago penniless to Australia, twentythree years ago. He now advertises in the Chicago newspapers that he is able and willing to help his relatives, and invites them to write to them. And won't he hear from them ? - There are now five cables connecting Europe with America, three running from Newf oundland to Ireland, one from Brest (France) to Duxbury Mass.,) by way of St. Pierre, and the direct cabla recently laid. The cables from Newfoundland are about 1,900 miles long, the direct cable 3,000 miles, and the French cable 3,330 miles in length. - In the reconstruction of the Hotel de Ville, Paris, a machine is used for cutting stone which does in one day the work of 15 men. It is composed of two revolving cylinders furnished with marble hammers, by means of which the stone is separated with great rapidity and precisión. -There is scarcely a single village in Japan without a school. According to a recent census, the number of scholars between six and thirteen in the empire, is 3,598,596. That is a very fair figure for a population of 33,000,000, and is f ar better than many Chïistian countries can show. - The California Prisoners' Aid Commission paid 2, 766 visits to 1 , 040 convicta last year, secured the release of 56, had the punishment of 51 mitigated, furnished board and lodging to 180, secured employment for 10, clothing for 22, and gave the means to leave the city to 205. - Some one who has peered into the secreta of the green-room has discovered that Southern and Dion Boucicault never sacrificad their moustaches at all while playing "David Garrick" and the "Shaughraun," as everybody supposed. The appendages were simply wafered down and painted over so artiflcially that no one who saw them play ever dieamed of the deception. - As a colored resident of Detroit was breasting the storm, with a new umbrella over his head, he was halted by a friend and brother, who asked, "Is dat your umbrella?" "Yes, sah - cost me $2," was the prompt reply. "Mr. Savage," said the other, very solemnly, "when a man will buy a $2 umbrella to keep the wet oflf'n a fifty-cent suit ob close, what's de use to talk about eoonomy?" - While three boys were playing on Eager street, near Morton alley, Baltimore, on the 29th uit., one feil over a garbage box, which, in tumbling, threw out a pocketbook containing $1,200 in greenbaoks. The treasure trove was handed to Marshal Gray; and the next day Congressman Woodburn of Nevada, claimed the purse, but insisted that when lost, he knew not how, it held $2,200. None of the bys have appeared to ask a reward. An Ypsilanti woman was. married on Saturlay, whipped by her husband on Sunday, robbed nnd deserted by him on Monday, and on Thursday driven out of the house which, throngh the provisión of a former husband's will, she had been enütled to oucupy until remarriage. Bapid transit in Detroit is so rapid that when a man steps off a street car to enjoy "ten minutes for refreshments," he is obliged to run nearly half a block before he overtakes the car, or else wait fifteen minutes for the next.


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