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The Disasters Of 1875

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The year 1875 has been a fruitful one n oaeualties and disasters. In April, Jshkosh, Wis., suffored a loss ot' $2,000,00 bv fire. ín May ocourred tho inost isustions shipwrock of tho year - that f tho steamor Scliillor, off the Scilly slands, by which 350 lives wero sacri ■■ i - I n the iiuiii' month the oxtenivo forest fires in Penusylvania iuolved a los of #.',000,000 and the toradoes in the Houtb 1500 lives. June wa marked by terrible disasters. An artliquiikt! in New Grenada swallowcd up 16.000 persons, nnd the disastrons lood in the south of Franca dostroyed loarly 3,000 lives and $75,000,000 of jroperty. Theso floods were followod )y yery disastrous floods in July in ■Switzerland, BíIunís, Hindostán, Eugand, and agaiu in Krance, by whioh several hundred lives and vast ainounta of property were destroyed. In the saine month Ruisia was visited by a long succession of incendiary tires, kindled by discontented serfs, whioh destroyed 18 towns and villages. In Augudt cholera broke out in Syria and swept away "),000 people. In Septoinber the coast of Texas waB devastated by tiood, whioh destroyed 400 hves. In addition to these casualties, famine during the year swept away 26,000 people in Asia Minor, and an epidemie of rneasles carried off 15.000 Fiji Islanders. It is within bounds to say that nearly 120,000 lives have boon lost by the great casualties of the year.


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